Let’s face it: most Airbnb hosts are interested in knowing how to better showcase their listings.

On Airbnb, there are several touch points with potential guests where you’ll have a chance to display your property. We’re here to share some trade secrets with you about each touch point to better optimize the attractiveness of your listing.

Before anything else, you have to take note: Airbnb search functions differently compared to Google search results. Unlike Google where it can seem like a mystery how their algorithm really determines page ranks, Airbnb may have clearer parameters. As hosts, we are ultimately the ones in charge of effectively boosting and marketing our listings.

As CEO and co-founder of GuestReady, an Airbnb property management services company that centers on taking the hassle and stress out of short-term rentals, I’ve heard numerous mentions of the challenges in maintaining property listings on Airbnb.

Hosts are often saying that they don’t have time to create and maintain an attractive listing and they just copy whatever other listings are showing.

It is important to grab (and retain) the guests’ attention right at the beginning. What you present on your introduction or overview can make or break it.

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Here are some easy and simple factors that you need to take note of right off the bat.

Attractive, catchy title and pictures

Your listing’s overall look needs to be very pretty.

Tip: when it comes to sites like Airbnb, searchers or potential guests are very visual. And, they tend to want the overview to be short and sweet.

Your listing title is the first thing your guests read so make it as interestingly curious and creative as possible. Avoid the generics like ‘beautiful’ or ‘great location’ and focus instead on the unique aspects and convenience that your apartment can offer.

Next: show them a stunning cover picture – this should be a given for all. Potential guests get wowed by this from the outset so make sure to show the best angle of your property. Do not overdo it though; always manage expectations so create great but realistic first impressions with this image.

Oh, and another tip: make sure to add a few more high quality photos – one will never be enough to please any potential guest.

Very appealing descriptions please

You are always given some space to write something about your property or apartment on Airbnb.

For this, you can tell guests how awesomely convenient your place is. The city center would be the best bet for many travelers. But, if yours happens to be a little off-the-beaten-city-path, you can always tell them how near you are to the subway, the bus stop, a huge mall, a quaint and cute neighborhood café, and the like.

Important tip: Guests who choose to stay in Airbnb apartments for their travel usually want a more authentic and ‘local’ experience.

This is also your chance to present all the wonderful amenities you can offer and show guests how you can make their stay more comfortable. Wi-Fi is a necessity. Do you stock food in the fridge? What about hairdryers, linens and towels? Are there toiletries provided? For many, it’s the little things that matter…

Always remember that when giving things to read online: potential guests want it short and succinct, so go straight to telling them about the unique experience that they can get from staying at your apartment.

Show off great reviews from previous guests!

Airbnb values great reviews from guests – they always prioritize guest experience. Likewise, displaying positive reviews from your guests creates good perceptions regarding your listings and earns you a certain level of trust. Additionally, guests may be swayed if they find good reviews about aspects that are important to them.

Good reviews are a listing’s lifeline and you can collect these by reaching (or exceeding) guests’ expectations.

Tip: Airbnb guests place a lot of weight on reviews before booking – it gives them some peace of mind about staying at this unknown person’s home.

Good customer service plus convenience

Good customer service definitely receives two thumbs up.

Convenience is part of customer service. It covers easy and fast booking processes, timely responses (ideally within an hour), friendly and accommodating replies (asking people about special requests and dietary restrictions will surely put a smile on your guests’ faces).

Tip for Airbnb hosts: Turn on ‘instant booking’ if possible – to make it easier for potential guests because they can get instant confirmation with no waiting time

One thing to always remember: becoming an Airbnb Superhost starts with excellent customer service.

The ever-present factor – price

Price is always part of any filter. Make sure you don’t drop out by being too high or doubtfully low. Do a little research and be competitive compared to other similar apartments in your area, and also take note of travel trends and seasonality when adjusting your listing price.

A basic tip: the better your price matches the ‘Airbnb price tips’, the better the ranking. And if ‘Smart Pricing’ is enabled, then that provides an additional ranking boost

Bonus tip: Trustworthy and complete information

You have to establish trust right at the start.

How do you begin?

By completing your profile – don’t be a stranger, fill in all the necessary information! People need to know who you are, that they can believe your listing, that your property truly exists, and that there is a person on the other side of the listing who is eager to receive them.

We hope you will put these valuable guidelines to good use. After absorbing all the interesting tips on marketing your Airbnb listing (or any other property for that matter), you may well be on your way to becoming one awesome host. Go and get those bookings!

About the Author

Alexander Limpert.pngAlexander Limpert is CEO and co-founder of GuestReady, an Airbnb property management company that helps hosts to take the hassle and stress out of short-term rentals, maximizing their rental income.

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  1. Matt Reply

    Nice post! I would like to add one big one and while this may sound simple it’s so frequently overlooked by Airbnb users (until it’s too late): “Be aware that other forms of short term rental bookings exist” and that you do not need to rely exclusively on one platform (be it Airbnb or otherwise) for your marketing.

    One of the trends we notice is hosts who enter the industry on one listing site, soon diversify by getting listed all of the listing sites. Eventually, they then look beyond the walls of solely listing sites and begin building real businesses online (logo, website, newsletter…etc.)

    In short, Airbnb is incredible and yet it’s always helpful to know the different options out there!

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