how to share airbnb listing on facebook

How to Advertise your Airbnb on Facebook in 7 Easy Steps

Social media in modern terms extends well beyond “social.” Between famous pets and rocketship landings, everyone and everything is on social media. The world of online networking is for everybody, but it’s an especially great way to let your vacation rental shine. Social sites, particularly Facebook, are a place where you can attract guests with ease. With so much content out there, how do you get yours noticed?

Having a marketing strategy is a great place to start, but you’ll want to get a little more specific once you learn the ropes. Keep your initial focus on attracting potential guests to your site. Once guests land on your page, you’ll need to really wow them! Many of these visitors turn to sites like Facebook to get a holistic view of how your vacation rental runs and what it would be like to stay there.

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When you advertise your Airbnb on Facebook, you’re not only extending your reach but also targeting a particular audience. Facebook users are seeking something different than Instagram or Twitter users, for example.

In order to make your Airbnb Facebook marketing the most effective, you’ll need to devise a plan specific to this platform. We’ve detailed the seven most important steps to follow as well as some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Why do you need to advertise Airbnb on Facebook?

Airbnb already generates a good bit of exposure for your vacation rental business. This platform receives a lot of traffic to their page, so anyone searching for a stay in your city might stumble upon your property. However, if your property is located in a highly populated or tourist area, you might not be well-positioned on Airbnb. If you’re on the second or third page of a search engine, Airbnb or otherwise, the likelihood of your listing getting noticed is slim.

Airbnb SEO is a whole beast of its own, but Facebook can help to increase your rankings. Get more exposure by posting your Airbnb listings on Facebook, too! If guests click on your Airbnb listing through your Facebook page, this will give you more clicks on your Airbnb listing and consequently, more bookings too.

advertise airbnb on facebook

Airbnb favors listings that are popular, highly-booked, and reputable. By listing your vacation rental property on Facebook, you’re proving to Airbnb that your home meets all three of these criteria and therefore should receive a higher ranking.

Airbnb success doesn’t end at social linkings. To get the full rundown on how to boost your bookings on Airbnb, check out our Ultimate Airbnb Host Guide!

How to connect Airbnb to Facebook

Thankfully, connecting your Airbnb account to Facebook is quick and easy. The connection is done from Airbnb, so you’ll want to go to your account on their website. From there, you’ll click the “Login and Security” option under your account settings. Airbnb has a feature called “Social Accounts” where you’ll click “Connect” for your Facebook account. Once you click connect, Airbnb will walk you through all the necessary steps and you’ll have your account connected instantly.

If you choose to disconnect your account, you’ll go to the same “Social Accounts” section and just press “Disconnect” from there.

How to share Airbnb listings on Facebook

Sharing your Airbnb on Facebook is not the same as connecting. When you “share” your Airbnb account, it publishes that information in the form of a post that has a timestamp and doesn’t appear on your homepage.

how to share airbnb listing on facebook

Ideally, you should be connecting and sharing your listing. The connection is something that will always be there, so guests can easily click through to your Airbnb listing from Facebook, but sharing the listing is an additional way to attract new clients and increase bookings.

Let’s say, for example, you have a new discount for monthly stays. To help promote this deal, you can write a post about the special offer and add the listing link inside the post. Publishing a post like this gets your business featured on the newsfeeds of existing clients and potential guests.

Step by step on how to advertise your Airbnb on Facebook

If you’re new to the world of social media, advertising your Airbnb on Facebook can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The important thing is to follow the process below and be intentional about your Facebook marketing. Follow the steps, but make sure it’s catered to your vacation rental business.

Create an account and business page

The first step to advertising your Airbnb on Facebook is to create the space to do so! If you don’t have a business page, where else can you connect? Don’t make the mistake of mixing business with your personal page. By creating a business page, you’re indicating to potential guests that you’re a professional.

If you already have a Facebook account, then you’ll just need to set up a business page within your account. Click “Create a Page” on the sidebar then follow the instructions from there. Facebook will prompt you to answer some questions about your business such as the property’s address and industry. Once you’ve followed their instructions, you’re all set! Your business page is ready to go.

Do your research and prepare your content

Again, this is your business page, not your personal account. Clients can sense when your posts are impromptu or random. To avoid your page seeming unorganized or messy, you’ll want to plan out and prepare your content. Planning your content keeps your business looking professional, but it also makes your life a whole lot easier.

Research what content would perform well for your particular vacation rental. Maybe check out the pages of your competitors or look up other Airbnb listings on Facebook in the town over. Take note of what’s working and what’s not so you can plan your own content accordingly.

Plan, plan, plan!

Once you have a general idea of what type of content you want to post, you’ll have to determine the frequency of posting. Do you have enough material to update your Facebook every other day? Twice a week? Decide how often you want to post and be as consistent as possible.

how to advertise my airbnb on facebook

From there you can start to plan a content calendar with exactly what you want to say for each post. You can either outline the posts by having the posting time, picture, and general theme predecided or you can schedule the entire post. Scheduling apps, like Hootsuite, allow you to plan the post entirely, schedule it, then not have to worry about it again until you need to schedule your next round of posts.

Use Facebook Ads

It’s no secret that getting organic, free traffic isn’t the easiest thing to do. It’s a lot of work and for smaller vacation rental businesses, you might spend the same in labor costs as you would in just paying the price of a Facebook ad.

Facebook ads are a quick way to boost your Airbnb listing without having to spend too much time and thought on how to post. The ads give your Airbnb listing more exposure while allowing you to target and specify who exactly you want to see these ads.

advertise airbnb on facebook

Depending on your ad budget, you’ll be able to broaden or specify your audience, get an estimate of people reached, and set a target location.

By using Facebook Ads in addition to organic posting, you increase your chances of your Airbnb listing getting noticed and booked!

Engage with your vacation rental community

Remember that you’re in the business of hospitality. Guests want to see that your property is welcoming in-person and online. When you interact with your community, older guests, and potential newcomers, you not only build your reputation on sites like Airbnb but also demonstrate that your property is worth it.

So how do you engage with your community without coming across as too “commercial”? The answer depends on the content of course! When it comes to engaging with your Facebook community, you want to appear informative and friendly. Any comments you get on promotional posts like, “What weeks are a part of your Spring special?” should be quick, useful, and kind. You never know what interactions will be the ones to turn potential guests into repeat customers, so put thought into all your Facebook interactions as it pertains to your Airbnb business.

Have a “book now” link on your Facebook page

If you’re linking your Airbnb to Facebook, chances are these bookings are going to be done directly on Airbnb’s site, but there’s still good reason to put a “Book Now” button on your Facebook Page. Providing a “Book Now” button on your business page gives guests the option to either redirect to Airbnb or visit your site directly. Why not use the opportunity of a direct booking?

If guests are on your Facebook site they can use the Airbnb listing as a sort of portfolio to view photos, reviews, and cleaning protocols. If your Facebook page is enticing enough, guests can come back to your page to make the booking. In this regard, Airbnb can be considered a sort of boost to encourage guests to book your property.

Additionally, you can mention your Facebook page in the biography of your Airbnb listing. From here you can offer some sort of discount or offer to encourage guests to book directly from your Facebook page instead.

Track your results

The secret to good social media marketing is tracking. The only way to truly know what is performing well is to crunch the numbers and find out. When you track what posts are successful, you will be more informed about what your audience is looking for and thus post better content.

When your content is geared towards the audience you want to attract, you’ll get more interactions on your Facebook and Airbnb page, which is a win-win! Engagement is good, but conversions are better. Continue tracking and analyzing to see what is getting your property booked.

how to connect airbnb to facebook

To take your analytics to the next level, use some of the tools that Lodgify offers. Our Google Analytics integration helps to track the performance of your vacation rental website while our in-house reporting and analytics tools will give you insights into the actual bookings.

Combine these two tools with Facebook’s analytics and your page is on the path to absolute booking success.


Linking your Facebook page to your Airbnb listing increases traffic twofold. By offering both sites to guests you get to show off double the content! Guests can see how you shine on Airbnb and Facebook. It’s always important to utilize whatever opportunities you can to convince guests to book, but it also helps to build your overall online reputation. By verifying that your property is as advertised on Airbnb and Facebook, you reassure your guests that they’re in good hands.

The Airbnb competition is fierce. By linking your Facebook page, you help your business rise to the top. Get more noticed on major OTAs, while also extending the opportunity for direct bookings. Building a vacation rental website that’s connected to all your important channels, like Airbnb, turns your short-term rental property into a professional business.

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