4 AI Tools for Vacation Rentals

The vacation rental industry is an exciting and demanding business venture. Not only is it a rewarding and lucrative business for industry professionals, but also a wonderful opportunity for travel enthusiasts to explore and enjoy exotic destinations they normally would not have access to.

Travel has always been seen as a great escape from the humdrum of everyday life. To help inspire travelers even more, and offer top notch service, consider implementing AI tools to help prompt vacationers to pack their bags.

1. Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing

There are mountains of paperwork that need to be tackled in the vacation rental industry. Especially if international property laws are applicable. Every country has different property regulations and tax laws that require documentation. Even if the properties are domestically located, there are taxes, invoices, maintenance documentation and more that need to be taken care of.

Fortunately, intelligent document processing can automate tedious and time consuming tasks such as analyzing and extracting unstructured data from documents. By implementing IDP, property managers will no longer have to comb through documents and review data. Instead, they will be able to allocate time and energy to improving the overall vacationer’s experience, rather than spending time on tedious tasks such as document processing.

2. Chatbots

The vacation rental industry is an around-the-clock operation. People from all over the world from different time zones are looking to plan their dream vacations. Therefore, there are not always going to be customer service agents available to help guide individuals and answer questions. However, chatbots are revolutionizing the customer service industry and keeping business running smoothly at all hours.

Chatbots can act as your digital employees to take care of current and potential vacationers’ concerns. They can provide answers to structured questions and direct individuals to self help portals. Chatbots can help bolster satisfaction and secure bookings by helping to prevent people from leaving your site.

3. Natural Language Processing

Chatbots have their limitations, but their practicality is evolving through advances in technology. Natural language processing (NLP) is helping chatbots be a fully functional and sophisticated customer service solution. Many chatbots are only beneficial when customers ask recognizable, frequently asked questions. However, when chatbots are combined with NLP they are able to recognize and understand sophisticated and unstructured language patterns.

Therefore, chatbots in combination with NLP can respond to more complicated inquiries that may require more reasoning ability. Also, NLP can be applied in many different languages to help customers from all over the world and break down communication silos. There are many examples of NLP applications and how they can help improve business efficiencies today.

4. Virtual Reality

virtual reality

Potential vacationers will want to envision themselves at the property. Bring the tranquil surroundings and the luxurious accommodations your vacation rental has to offer to life with Interactive virtual reality. This technology works through merging advancements in high definition video production and gaming development to create a dynamic, interactive experience. Including virtual reality in marketing materials is advantageous because Individuals can immerse themselves and walk through a property as if they are actually seeing it in person.

Travel enthusiasts can feel connected to your space and can help to make them feel comfortable and confident that your property is the best fit. This can really hook individuals and prompt them to move forward to booking because they feel as if they have already packed their bags and are off to paradise.

If you have been wondering how to grow your vacation rental business, then look no further. AI tools are critical for staying up to date with the latest technology for the vacation rental industry. Especially during COVID times, current circumstances have had businesses relying on technology more than ever to keep operations on track and to better serve customers. Therefore, consider implementing AI tools into your plan to build your business and keep making vacationers dreams come true.


Adding AI tools to your business can be extremely beneficial for all parties. Hosts will be more efficient in optimizing their businesses. For guests, on the other hand, AI tools can help them get their questions answered and help them decide during the booking process. 

In addition to all of these tools, we recommend building a bookable vacation rental website with advanced capabilities to incorporate these AI tools. For instance, there are website builders that integrate with dynamic pricing tools that adjust prices automatically based on supply, demand, and other factors. These types of tools help keep listings competitive without property managers having to worry about making calculations based on market fluctuations.

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