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Airbnb Cleaning Contract: How to Create Your Own (Free Template)

First impressions count and cleanliness is one of the first things your guests will notice about your Airbnb, so this is definitely not something to skimp on. Outsourcing cleaning as a host or property manager is a no-brainer, especially if you own multiple rentals, and to ensure things run smoothly, you need an Airbnb cleaning contract.

Let’s take a look at what a cleaning service agreement for Airbnb entails and how to avoid any pitfalls. There are many companies that specialize in cleaning services for Airbnb but don’t rush into any decisions. Take your time to find the right fit for your rental and enter into a solid agreement before you start an Airbnb cleaning arrangement.

To make your life easy, we also include an instantly downloadable free Airbnb cleaning contract template.

Download it now and simply fill in the blanks to suit your business needs.

What is an Airbnb cleaning contract?

A vacation rental cleaning contract, in this case, applied to Airbnb hosts, is a legally binding document entered into between the Airbnb host or property manager and a cleaner or cleaning service provider which specifies the details of the working relationship between the two parties. As such, it outlines the duties of the cleaning company, as well as the responsibilities of the owner, for example providing safe access to the cleaner for the duration of the cleaning period.

Why do vacation rental hosts need Airbnb cleaning contracts?

As with all legal agreements, the purpose of an Airbnb cleaning contract is to spell out exactly what is expected of each party to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. The more detailed the contract is, the better protected you will be as the host if something goes wrong, for example, if the cleaners cause damage to the property or don’t arrive on time.

On the other hand, it also protects the cleaner in case the host doesn’t keep to their side of the bargain, for example, paying the cleaning fees on time. This will make things a lot easier if a dispute should arise, which is something you can never exclude, not even if you’ve used the cleaners before or if the provider is a friend. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

What are the benefits of an Airbnb cleaning contract?

In case you still have doubts about the necessity of a cleaning contract, let’s explore the concrete benefits one by one.

Resolving disputes

Disagreements are part of life, sadly, which is why clear expectations are very important when it comes to a service agreement. Verbal and email agreements are not easy to recall and even harder to prove and a written document acts as a reminder of exactly what the parties agreed on in case of a dispute. This is not only useful but could also save you a lot of pain and legal costs in the long run.

Better communication

If everything is specified in the contract, there is little chance of something being lost in translation. This way everyone is on the same page at all times and in case of uncertainty, there is a clear record of what is expected of everyone. Nothing is left to chance.

Professional relationship

When you appoint a new short term rental cleaning business for the first time, you immediately set the tone for a professional relationship when you ask them to enter into a contract with you. There is a clear understanding of the professional cleaning standards expected. If a company hesitates to sign a contract, you should ask yourself why and look for another solution. There is no shortage of services offered to Airbnb hosts, and cleaning is no exception.

airbnb cleaning contracts

What to look for in a vacation rental cleaning contract?

Although you won’t find too many vacation rental cleaning contract templates on the internet and there isn’t really such a thing as a standard cleaning service contract in this sector, broader cleaning agreements will contain similar information. So, when drawing up your contract, be sure to tick off the following elements.

Details of both parties

At the outset, the contract should spell out the names, surnames, physical addresses and contact details of the vacation rental owner and the Airbnb cleaner.

The Property

Of course, the contract has to mention the location and address of the Airbnb property or rentals in question.

Contract purpose

The contract should spell out exactly which exact services the vacation rental owner is employing the Airbnb cleaning business to provide, in other words, to clean the property at a specific time as a once-off, or at regular specified intervals.

Contract duration

Apart from specifying when the cleaning should take place, you should also include how long the contract will be for and under which circumstances it can be terminated by both parties. A notice period should also be agreed on.

The cleaning service provider’s duties

This is your chance to include every element of the cleaning process as a list of duties described in as much detail as possible.

We would also recommend that you include a vacation rental cleaning checklist as an addendum to the contract to ensure every task you expect the cleaning company to perform during every cleaning session is listed.

In addition, it may be helpful to include a Standard Property Appearance Guide as another addendum, which sets out details of how the property should be prepared for guests and which are particular to your rental. For example, how exactly the beds should be made or whether the air conditioning or lights should be left on, or the windows left open.

Owner’s duties

As the contract is intended to be to the benefit of both parties, it should also include the owner’s responsibilities. These might encompass, for example, clauses about providing safe access to the rental during the cleaning periods and providing certain cleaning equipment, as specified in the agreement.

Governing law

The contract should clearly stipulate which state law is applicable, in other words, the legal jurisdiction within which your rental is located.

contratto gestione proprieta

Payment terms

How much you will pay for the cleaning service is another key element of the contract and this could usually be an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or per session rate.

Additional charges or the circumstances under which the cleaner may need to be reimbursed for certain expenses should also be spelled out.

Force Majeure

Accidents happen, and even if the property is insured as of course it should be, there are certain events that are beyond our control and for which no one can be blamed. For example, an earthquake or pandemic would qualify as such an event. This clause indemnifies either party for a contractual breach or damages incurred as a result.

Signature and witnesses

No contract is of course binding without the signatures of both parties, as well as the location and date of signature.

Download our Airbnb cleaning contract template

So, there you have it. You now have everything you need to draft your own cleaning service agreement. However, to make things even easier, start here and download our free Airbnb cleaning contract template.

As with all legal agreements, we always recommend that you run the final agreement past an attorney to ensure everything is in order and you haven’t forgotten anything.

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