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101 Airbnb Guest Reviews [Free PDF]

When a guest checks out of a vacation rental on Airbnb, they write a review about the owner and about the place they stayed in. Likewise, the host writes a review about their guest after they have departed.

Many hospitality businesses fall short of their competition for a simple reason: they don’t have reviews. As more travelers than ever are taking the time to research and read reviews of accommodation before booking, vacation rental owners can’t afford to miss out.

Both host reviews and traveler reviews are very important – they can help make the difference between securing a booking and the guest looking elsewhere.

At times it can be a bit difficult to come up with a new review for each guest, especially if you rent regularly. That’s why we’ve put together 101 examples to help you review your guests:

In this article, we’re going to take a look at why Airbnb guest reviews are important, how to write them and what to do if you manage your vacation rental remotely. We’ll also provide you a few examples included in the 101 Airbnb guest reviews examples.

Why are Airbnb Reviews Important?

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Since bookings on Airbnb depend strongly on reviews and ratings, it’s essential to write a guest review. Remember that both guests and hosts need to write a review for either one to appear.

These reviews will not only help you and other landlords to better evaluate potential guests, but also it will bring your more traffic in the long run. Let’s take a look at the reasons why should you spend time writing a review for a guest:

1. Increase Bookings

You’ve got an amazing vacation rental, apart from the photos and your listing description, what is the best way to showcase it and increase your bookings? Genuine experiences from guests who have stayed there!

Travelers rely on others’ opinions to make the right decision for their trips. When potential guests are looking at your rental, they will always look at reviews written by people who have stayed there. They want to know if it’s worth booking, and if the photos and listing description live up to the guest experience.

So by writing a review for each guest, you’ll get more reviews back! Not only will writing guest reviews build up trust for future bookers, but also it will give you more exposure. Your name and profile will appear more often on the site so more people will be able to find your property. Overall, it will increase your bookings and build up your profile and reputation as a host.

2. Give a Good impression

Another key aspect is the impression you give to other users. A host that spends time and effort to write a review for each of their guests, especially if it’s personalized, will impress other potential guests.

It will show that you are trustworthy, and then they’ll know they’re in safe hands when booking your vacation rental. An Airbnb host who commits to communicating with their guests, even after they have left, will certainly be attentive to the other details of the stay, such as cleaning, reception and communicating. These small details make the difference.

3. Help Other Hosts

Leaving guest reviews is very important to help the whole Airbnb host community. It enables you and other hosts to browse and see what the guest was like. So as soon as a guest requests your rental on Airbnb, you can see how that guest acted and behaved in other rentals. For example, if you’ve seen a negative review written by a previous host, you’ll know for sure to not accept that guest.

If you’re an experienced Airbnb host, it’s likely that you know the value of relying on other hosts’ reviews when you are making the decision to accept a guest or not. By following suit and posting your own reviews, you are also supporting other hosts who may want to rely on your information before accepting a reservation. Likewise, other hosts are helping you out too!

4. Respond to Negative Reviews

Another advantage is that it gives hosts a chance to do some damage control if necessary. If a guest posts some negative remarks in their review of your property, you now have a chance to give some reasonable explanations to address the complaints publicly. Negative reviews also provide you with an opportunity to showcase your excellent customer service – not only to the unhappy guest but also to the many other potential guests who are reading through your reviews.

How to Write a Review for a Guest on Airbnb

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Think about the actual guest and their stay at your vacation rental and take the following into account:

1. Honesty is the best policy

As a host, you need to make sure that you leave an honest and accurate review of those that stay with you. Ensure that these reviews are based on how they took care of your vacation rental. If you were pleased with them, make it known and let other hosts know they were a pleasure to accommodate.

If you had a negative experience with your guest, you should project this honestly in your review. After all, future landlords will see this and will want to avoid problematic guests. You wouldn’t want them to go through the same thing you did.

2. Would you host them again?

If the guests were to contact you in the future asking to stay in your rental, would you let them? If so, say that in your review. Do you feel comfortable recommending this guest to other hosts?

3. Was the place in good condition when they left it?

How was the place when they left your property? If they left it in bad condition, mention it! Same goes for house rules, did they break any? E.g. no smoking, no parties, no additional guests, etc.

4. Did it go smoothly?

From the moment they booked or inquired to checking out. How was communicating with them prior to check-in? Did they check-out at the exact time they were supposed to? Or were they late? Did any problems occur during their stay?

5. Give them a star rating

Although you are writing some information about them, you can also give them a star rating which shows just how great (or not great) they were when they stayed with you. In some cases, it catches everyone’s eyes quicker than what you write in your review.

6. What kind of guests were they?

You can also write about the type of guest they were, e.g partiers, quiet, honeymooners, and their reason for staying e.g vacation, visiting family, business travel. Mention how well they were to host by using adjectives: quiet, kind, pleasant, loud, messy, etc.

Airbnb Guest Reviews Guidelines

Airbnb has made it easy to create a guest review and there are only a few guidelines that you must adhere to as a host:

  • After their checkout date, you have 14 days to write your Airbnb guest review. Remember to do this as soon as your guests check out and make sure you submitted it on time.
  • Be honest and fair when writing your comments. Remember they will be visible to any other hosts.
  • Write about the key points (positive and negative) that you think may be important to highlight for other owners.
  • If you want to change your review, you can do so within 48 hours of submitting it, or until the guests have submitted their review.

How Can I Write a Review if I Manage the Property Long-Distance?

oversee vacation rentals

If you are foreseeing a long-distance rental property, you should still write a guest review on Airbnb. If you have a property manager, ask them to give you feedback after your guests have departed. You can also ask them to use an inventory checklist to make sure everything was left in place and intact. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, ask them if the renters were noisy.

Your review doesn’t necessarily have to be a lengthy one, it could also just be a response to a visitor’s review and a way of saying “thank you” for choosing your rental.

Airbnb Guest Review Examples

Here are just some of the examples included in the 101 Airbnb guest reviews examples:

  1. (guests name) was a pleasure to host! They left the place clean and were quiet throughout the weekend. We had great contact and I look forward to having them stay with me again!
  2. I loved having (guest name) because they were able to treat the place with respect, have a great time and enjoy the area. They were awesome with renting the space and I hope I get to host them again.
  3. All of my house rules were respected with (guest name) and they were able to come and go with ease. I loved having them there as they were respectful and quiet. I highly recommend them to others!
  4.  (Names) were absolutely wonderful guests to host. I just knew that my home was in good hands with them. Thank you for staying at (name of property)!
  5.  (Name) and his/her boyfriend/girlfriend were brilliant guests! A friendly and polite couple who know how to take great care of other people’s property. I would most certainly host them again and similarly would recommend them to other hosts.

These samples will help you review your guests. Airbnb guests reviews will not only help you and other landlords to better evaluate potential guests, but also it will bring you more traffic in the long run. Build your online Airbnb host reputation and download the 101 Airbnb guest review examples below. 

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