Airbnb Welcome Basket: Best Gift Ideas for Your Guests

In today’s vacation rental property industry, the hosts that go above and beyond are the ones getting more positive reviews and therefore more bookings. It comes down to the little details when trying to make your property stand out against the competition.

Leaving a well-curated Airbnb welcome basket at your property is the perfect way to make your guests feel welcome and show them you went the extra mile to make their stay special. This kind gesture has been shown to increase positive reviews and guests rebooking the stay.

It may sound overwhelming to add an extra step to your preparation but you really don’t have to overthink it. In this article, we’ll share why you should be giving your guests an Airbnb welcome package, the best gift ideas, and how to present your git basket to seriously impress your guests.

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What is an Airbnb welcome basket?

An Airbnb welcome basket is a small collection of gifts that you leave at the property for guests to find during check-in. They can range from a few additional toiletries to elaborate baskets of local artisan treats.

What/how much to include in your Airbnb gift basket is completely up to you. It should be curated specifically for your property and area to give the guest a look into local life. For example, if you have a cozy mountain cabin it makes a lot more sense to give your guests some hot chocolate mix and coffee mugs than beach towels!

Why should you give away Airbnb welcome packages?

Here are just a few reasons why you should give away an Airbnb welcome package.

Makes your guests feel at home

The big difference between choosing to stay in an Airbnb instead of staying in a hotel is the “home away from home” feeling that comes with staying in an actual home. Leaving a thoughtful Airbnb welcome package is the perfect way to create that cozy feeling for your guests.

In addition to a welcome basket, you should also consider what other elements make your property feel home-like and capitalize on those (like a beautiful fireplace, super comfortable beds, a cute reading nook, etc).

Shows your guests that you go the extra mile

There is nothing better than booking a stay with an Airbnb host who clearly goes above and beyond for their guests. It leaves a lasting impression that makes your Airbnb property stand out from the competition. The Airbnb gift basket really shows your guests that you put a lot of energy into making them feel comfortable and welcome.

Airbnb Welcome Basket For Guests

Other ways to show your guests that you go the extra mile include responding to messages quickly, answering all questions thoroughly, and giving guests a rundown of important information about the property at check-in (more on this later).

Increases your positive reviews

This extra attention to detail could be just enough to encourage a guest to write a positive review for your Airbnb property who would not have otherwise. As we all know, those positive reviews really go a long way in giving your property credibility and increasing your bookings. It is well worth the extra bit of effort on your part to incentivize your guests to leave you a 5-star review. Travelers rely a lot on Airbnb reviews to decide where to stay, so what your past guests have said about your property could be the determining factor in whether a guest books with you or your competitor.

Increases chances of guests rebooking

Having a beautiful, well-maintained property is one thing. Creating a one-of-a-kind vacation experience is another. And the latter is what will encourage guests to rebook your Airbnb and recommend it to friends. We’ve all stayed in Airbnbs that were nice but nothing special…it’s the Airbnb that leaves a lasting impression that will be memorable enough for guests to want to visit again soon.

Best Airbnb gift basket ideas for your guests

Stumped on what to put in your Airbnb gift basket? We’ve got a few ideas to hopefully spark some inspiration.

A welcome letter

First of all, you should include a welcome letter thanking your guests for booking your property. Don’t worry about writing a completely personalized letter every time…you can create a template as a starting point and then include the guest’s name and a few other personal details each time. You can include your contact information and let guests know that you are available to answer any questions during their stay.

Airbnb Welcome Letter

We also recommend creating a binder with all the useful information about the property and area for guests to look through at check-in. This includes things like how to unlock the beach supplies closet, where to find extra towels, directions to the nearest grocery store and pharmacy, local emergency contact numbers, etc.

Personalized picture frames

If you enjoy DIY projects, you could include a picture frame decorated with your property’s name for guests to take home after their stay. Then your guests can print a photo from their vacation to remind them of their stay at your property. Not only is this just a sweet thing to do for your guests, but it greatly increases the chances of them rebooking your Airbnb property and recommending it to friends and family.

Something local to the area

Take a stroll through your local farmer’s markets and keep your eyes peeled for local gems like fresh produce, honey, or pastries from a nearby bakery. What is your area known for? Maybe there is a local cheese shop that has amazing brie and you could give your guests the supplies to make a cheeseboard. Anything that gives your guests a preview of the area and makes them feel like a local! If you can establish a rapport with the local vendors of these treats, they may be willing to help you out with a discount.

Fruit Basket for Airbnb Guests

Welcome drinks

It’s hard to go wrong with a nice bottle of wine or some mini bottles of Prosecco. Adding this to your Airbnb welcome package is even more personal if you know your guests are celebrating a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday. Tie in the above tip by finding a bottle of local wine and you’re golden!

Family-friendly treats

Know your guests are traveling with little ones? Include some family-friendly treats like individually wrapped snacks, drinks, and card games to entice the whole family. You can easily pick up these kinds of snacks in bulk at Costco and little card games from the dollar store.

Throwing this basket together requires very little effort. Since it can be more challenging to eat out with little kids, consider keeping a few essentials in the fridge so the family can prepare an easy breakfast or lunch. You could even include some gluten-free and dairy-free options to really make your Airbnb inclusive.

Self-care/toiletry items

It goes without saying that your Airbnb needs to be stocked with the essentials like toilet paper, linens, and towels but why not take it one step further? Consider leaving a little toiletries package in the bathroom with things like body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and face masks.

Airbnb Toiletries Gift

Does your property have a nice bathtub? You could decorate it with candles and a big jar of bath salts to help your guests relax after a long day of travel. If you know a couple will be staying at your property you could leave a set of matching robes in the bathroom. This would be the perfect place to put those mini Prosecco bottles we mentioned earlier.

Holiday specific goodies

Help your guests feel the holiday cheer by including goodies specific to the season. Add Christmas cookies and a warm blanket in December or some chocolate truffles in February. Need additional inspiration? Check out our posts about marketing your vacation rental for special events like Valentine’s Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving or New Year’s celebrations!

Well stocked coffee cart

We are all very particular about how we like our coffee so stock your coffee cart with a diverse selection. You can include some different types of tea, a few coffee options, and some different sweeteners. Then, you can include some cute coffee mugs in your welcome basket to draw your guests’ attention to the coffee cart which, if you decorate it well, can be a beautiful focal point of the kitchen. It is impressive to anyone, even if your guests aren’t coffee drinkers!

A gift card to a nearby restaurant

Do you have a favorite restaurant near the rental property? Share a bit of your area with your guests by giving them a gift card. They will really appreciate the gesture and will likely mention it when they leave you a positive review! You may even be able to speak with the owner of a local restaurant to arrange a discount for the guests that come from your Airbnb since you would be bringing them business.

Fresh flowers

Putting a vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen table is a really easy and inexpensive way to elevate the look of your place. No need to go over the top here. Just a bouquet from the grocery store (or even your garden, if you have one) is perfectly fine.

How to present your Airbnb welcome basket

The presentation is where you can get even more creative. Of course, you can put all your treats in a traditional gift basket and set it on the kitchen table for guests to find when they arrive. If you decided to get some local delights, you could pack them in a picnic basket and recommend the best picnic spots nearby. If you went the spa-like toiletries route you could put them in a nice container on the edge of the tub.

Airbnb Welcome Package

The possibilities are endless and you can really flex your creative muscle on this part. You can even include a photo of your welcome basket on your Airbnb listing to peak the interest of potential guests.

Wrapping up

Adding this extra special touch to your Airbnb does not have to be complicated or expensive. An Airbnb gift bask for guests is a relatively simple way to take extra good care of your guests and increase your 5-star reviews (which therefore increases your bookings). The more personalized you can make the gift basket, the better. So spend some time thinking about how you can incorporate elements of the local area and take into consideration any special occasions. This extra attention to detail will help you stand out from the competition which is key to building a successful vacation rental property business today.

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