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What the New Airbnb Wifi Rules Mean for Hosts

The world is going digital and Airbnb is quick to catch on. In an attempt to standardize Airbnb wifi speed, this OTA has recently announced the launch of its wifi speed test within the Airbnb app. The tool itself isn’t new. In late July 2021, Airbnb announced its new wifi testing tool. As the necessity for fast wifi continues to boom, Airbnb has now made the use of this tool mandatory rather than optional.

Previously, hosts could manually enter the wifi speed without any need for verification. As high-speed internet connection has now become one of the top vacation rental amenities searched for on the platform, Airbnb has since decided that it was time to find a means for standardization so guests know exactly what to expect out of their Airbnb internet speed.

The new rule will be implemented on November 4, 2021. All listings that had previously published the wifi speed manually will now be reset and only changeable through the wifi test found in the application. We’ve covered everything you can expect from these new changes.

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What are the new Airbnb wifi rules?

Beyond the testing, Airbnb has categorized what “fast” really means. As the term can be rather subjective, this major OTA decided to create a segmented system to help both hosts and guests understand wifi expectations.

Airbnb wifi speeds are broken down into five categories. If your wifi registers at 0 Mbps, then Airbnb notes this as having no wifi. If your property does have wifi and it’s still reading at 0 Mbps, it’s best that you check your router for connectivity or any other issues.

If the Airbnb wifi test results in 1-6 Mbps, your wifi is slow. This will only allow guests to check messages and browse the web.

Airbnb wifi advice

The third category, 7-24 Mbps, is a decent range to fall in. Airbnb states that this is a solid wifi speed. At this speed, guests can even stream HD videos. This is a good range to be in if you’re planning to reel in family travelers with movie nights, but it might not be ideal for those who are planning to work online during their stay.

Next up is 25-49 Mbps. Airbnb lists this as “snappy wifi speed.” With this speed, you can confidently state that your vacation rental is equipped with a good internet connection. Your guests will be able to stream 4K videos and even make video calls.

Lastly is the 50+ Mbps category. This is the maximum listed speed for Airbnb wifi. If your wifi is anywhere in these numbers, make sure you give your property and high-speed connection a humble brag in the listing description. Your guests will love that they can stream any 4K video they want, make video calls, and browse the internet on multiple devices. Airbnb was right when they said, “wow!” for this speedy internet service.

How to optimize your Airbnb internet speed

It can be more than frustrating to be paying for high-speed internet service only to find that the actual speed is falling flat. No need to fret just yet! There are a couple of things you can do to optimize your wifi connection before calling up your internet service provider. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your internet speed:

  • If you have two connection options (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz), connect to the 5G network for a more robust connection
  • Check to make sure your router and cables are properly connected and screwed in
  • The router should be plugged into a direct power source, not an adaptor or extension cord
  • Hard reset your modem and router before doing the Airbnb wifi speed test
  • Update your password to ensure there are no extra users connected to your wifi
  • Place your router and modem in a central, elevated, and unblocked location
  • Ask your internet provider for an updated router and modem if your hardware is over five years old

Airbnb internet speed

Some of these quick changes might take you from “solid” to “snappy” wifi just like that! Remember too that you can do the Airbnb wifi test multiple times, so it’s recommended that you take the test a couple of times. Wifi speed varies depending on a number of factors, so testing out your wifi multiple times might help to ensure the best results.

Don’t forget that vacation rental wifi is also a great way to emphasize your brand and collect guest data. This amenity can actually be a perk for you and your guests. They’ll remember your brand if you require a guest login with a branded landing page to access the connection. Better yet, you’ll have the ability to reach back out after their trip ends to offer great deals in the future!


This new change is a great thing for remote workers, tech-lovers and digital nomads. If these are the audiences that you’ve been looking to target, then this change is perfect for you. Your fast internet will now be verified by Airbnb, making it that much more of a selling point. Don’t forget that this change is happening on November 4, 2021, so if you need to make any changes to your internet, make it as speedy as the internet you thrive for!

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  1. What about properties that are somewhat off-grid, say on a remote island, where wi-fi is both spotty and unreliable for anyone living or working there, but guests still expect to be able to log-in at a basic level? Is there a line to walk when describing these conditions, beyond just “The entire island has bad wi-fi, we’re sorry. We make it work the best we can, but don’t expect blazing connectivity as you would in Manhattan.” Perhaps that’s the best one can do. In some ways, it’s a selling point for these locations, or at least less “touristy” accommodations.

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