Make Life Easier with Automated Payment Scheduling

With our latest update, we have enhanced our payments platform to introduce new automated scheduled payments settings. This will make it easier for you to collect payments and automatically charge your guests’ Residual Balance after their booking.

How to enable Payment Scheduling

You can enable automated payment scheduling in Lodgify by going to your Policies’ settings under your account’s General Settings.

To activate automated Payment Scheduling, you need to allow your guests to pay for their bookings in at least two installments.

The Payment Schedule settings you choose will dictate how Lodgify helps you to manage your guests’ residual balance.

If you currently accept credit card payments

For those who already accept credit card payments, by default, we will automatically charge your guests’ credit cards for the remaining balance (we will charge the amount specified in your Policies’ Payment Settings).

You can enable automatic charges for credit cards by going to your payment settings and editing your credit card setup as shown below:

When enabled, your quotes inside the reservation system will indicate when the next scheduled payments will occur.

If you don’t yet accept credit card payments

For owners who don’t currently accept credit card payments, you can set up Lodgify to automatically send an email reminder to your guest with details on their overdue balances and instructions on how to pay for their booking. To enable this feature, visit your General Settings > go to Email Notifications and turn ON the option “Owner requests scheduled payment 3 days before due date” as shown below:

If enabled correctly, you will see when your next email reminders will be sent to your guests inside their reservation details.

What does this update mean for you?

You will no longer need to manually send payment reminders to your guests, Lodgify will completely take care of this for you.

If you have not already set Payment Scheduling options, or if you prefer working with a single installment, your payment settings will remain unchanged.

You can read more about this feature in our Knowledge Base, see: Use cases for payment scheduling.

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