9 The Book Direct Show Presentations You Can’t Miss

The Book Direct Show is a unique educational conference designed to help you get more direct bookings.

This virtual event spread over 2 days between September 29-30, 2020 is purely focused on delivering actionable direct booking strategies for your short-term rental business.

Learn from industry professionals (including Lodgify’s CEO & co-founder, Dennis Klett) about website design, branding, social media, guest data, SEO, industry data, guest experience, booking conversion, email marketing, and much more.

Everything you need to build a strong strategy for direct bookings to complement your distribution strategy. More than 50 speakers will be sharing their insights on direct bookings and attendees will have access to all presentations for 3 months.

If you’re not sure what to watch, here are some conferences you won’t want to miss:

1. New Tactics To Filling Your Calendar With Staycation Bookings

Staycations are the newest trend in the world of hospitality. Learn more about the different tactics you can implement to fill-in your calendar so you won’t have to rely too much on OTAs.

Speaker: Mark Simpson (Owner, Boostly)

2. How to Build an Optimized Vacation Rental Website for Increasing Booking Conversion

Optimize your vacation rental website with Lodgify

Building your own website is the best way to start generating direct bookings but how do make sure it’s fully optimized? Find out what to include in your website and what you should focus on to increase booking conversions.

Speaker: Dennis Klett (CEO & Co-founder, Lodgify)

3. How One Can Survive and Thrive after Having Your Listings Canceled by the OTAs

Learn more about the growth and pivoting strategies you can implement to patch the holes and come back stronger then before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Speaker: Robertin Nunez (Founder & President, Co Host Expert Company)

4. Seven Stages of Guest Experience

Improve your guest experience

This session defines each of the different stages in vacation rental customer journeys from dream-there to been-there. Practical examples will also be shared so you know exactly how to improve customer loyalty and create lasting relationships.

Speaker: Heather Bayer (Founder, Vacation rental formula)

5. How to Protect Your Direct Bookings Before, During, and after a Guest’s Stay

Don’t let one bad guest ruin all of your hard work. NoiseAware and SuperHog have teamed up to talk you through all the steps where bookings can go wrong and how to manage them correctly. They will also share some funny and cringeworthy stories!

Speaker: Michael Goldin (Director of Business Development, NoiseAware) and Leo Walton (Growth Director & Co-Founder, SuperHog)

6. How Can Otas Be Tapped Tactfully and Become #Bookdirect Sources?

Shift external bookings to direct bookings

Find out how to use listing sites to your advantage and convert OTA bookings into direct ones, or at least make sure your repeat bookings are placed with you directly.

Speaker: Hamid Vosooghfar (Chief Evangelist, Zeevou)

7. How to Get the Most Out of Your Reviews in Your Direct Booking Strategy

Guest feedback is one of the most important factors in terms of branding and conversion.

Find out how feedback will improve your customer trust, SEO & conversion and learn from some tips you can quickly execute to enhance your direct booking strategy on your own website.

Speaker: Christophe Salmon (CEO & Co-Founder, Revyoos)

8. The Importance of a Good Google Ads Structure to Get Direct Bookings

Google Ads for vacation rentals

Google Ads doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds. With this presentation, you’ll learn how to optimize your Google ads account, groups, copies, groups, and much more to get more direct bookings.

Speaker: Sandra Roig (Marketing director, AB Apartment Barcelona)

9. Cleaning Practices in a COVID-2019 World That Can Help Generate More Repeat Bookings

COVID-19 has complicated the cleaning process a lot more. So how do you make sure you earn your customers’ trust right from the moment they’re window shopping? Find out how in this webinar.

Speaker: Durk Johnson (Owner, Housekeeping solutions team)

For more conferences, check out their conference schedule here.

Interview with Dennis Klett for the Book Direct Show 2020

Deborah Labi (Co Host of the Book Direct Show) and Dennis Klett talk shop about the industry mergers, vacation rental technology and his definition of direct bookings. Independence, building your own channel and how luck and hard work play a part.

You can catch Lodgify‘s Dennis Klett at The Book Direct Show on September 30, 2020.

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