New Custom Notification Features to Streamline Guest Communications

At Lodgify, we’re continually improving, growing, and changing our product to meet the needs of our customers. We’ve heard all your requests for customizing and crafting messages to send to your guests. The time has finally come! We’re delighted to unveil the new custom notifications and nightly override for owners.

These Lodgify features are entirely for you and your business. Our new improvements help you to streamline your vacation rental operations and ultimately get more bookings. What’s not to love? Let’s learn more!

Custom notifications

This great feature enables you to create a notification from scratch however you want. You can customize just about anything you want from the recipients, channels like Airbnb,, or your website, schedule when you want it to be sent, and the content of the message. You have all the flexibility you need to showcase your commitment to the guest experience while doing so with ease and just a couple of clicks.

Custom Notifications Lodgify

Let’s give an example: maybe you have a different procedure for guests booking from Airbnb than you do from Vrbo. You decide you want to send a welcome letter to each guest but have it be personalized to the platform. Once you make the adjustments and set the notification, your Airbnb guests will get their welcome letter for when you schedule it and so will your Vrbo customers!

Custom notifications allow you to personalize your communication in order to maximize your bookings. It saves you time while maintaining the quality service your guests seek.  Continue reading about this feature if you want to learn more.

Modify Nightly Rates

On theme with customization, owners can now manage all the tailored prices or minimum stay per night for any associated rentals. The primary Lodgify account holder can delegate processes with ease by setting new permissions for the other owners on the account. From there, owners can right-click any of the available days in the calendar; a menu will appear, including the option “Edit nightly price.” From there, you can add a custom price or include a minimum stay per night, change the custom price, or delete it completely.

Nightly Rates Lodgify

The flexibility and effortlessness of the new modification features allow all owners to make smart decisions on behalf of the primary owner and help to scale their vacation rental business. Sometimes, it takes a village to successfully run a vacation rental and that’s why your team should have all the tools needed to make your business run smoothly.

Nightly Rates Lodgify


We’re constantly checking in and listening to our customers to see what features would create success for their businesses. As an echo of the recent feedback we’ve received, we bring you the custom notifications and nightly overrides for all owners.

We know that these new features will help you to improve the guest experience and increase profits. Your vacation rental software should be unified, easy to use and work for you. So, that’s exactly what we strive for at Lodgify. All of our features, tools, and website help can be found on the knowledge base, but feel free to contact a support team member for any additional information.

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