Drone Videos: The New Standard in Vacation Rental Marketing?

The evolution of vacation rental marketing

Online vacation rental sites such as Airbnb, TripAdvisor and VRBO have become a breeding ground for delivering destinations to travelers worldwide. Business is booming as more and more travelers choose to rent via these sites as opposed to booking a hotel. According to a report by Research and Markets, the rental industry will be worth roughly $170 billion by 2019.

If you own a vacation rental, this indicates a bright future. A growing industry means a greater opportunity to capitalize on your property. That being said, a bigger market also means greater competition, so creating something that gives your property a “stand-out” advantage over other properties in your destination area is crucial.

The competitive environment is causing vacation rental marketing techniques to evolve. The standard for vacation rental marketing has been photography that shows exterior and interior elements of the property. At one end of the spectrum are glossy professional pictures highlighting all the amenities. At the other end of the spectrum are fuzzy cell phone photos. Whether professional or amateur, these images only give potential guests a basic idea of what the rental includes.

Now there is a way to move beyond the basics.

Drones provide dynamic views

Drone videography is the hot new competitive edge for owners looking to boost the booking rate of their listing. Using drones with high definition cameras will capture breathtaking footage of the property and surrounding area. Professional editing and compelling music result in a movie-like video tour of properties, outdoing even the highest quality photos. Think of watching a movie trailer versus looking at a movie poster – the former makes you more excited to see the movie, right?

That’s why showcasing properties using drone videography combined with interior photography is becoming the new standard for the all-inclusive marketing of vacation rentals.

Property owners and managers are turning towards the drone industry to get ahead of the trend and make their property pop to the top of listing sites, drive more traffic to website, and increase the perceived value of their rental.

The reason behind the trend

The millions of visitors scrolling through listing sites are looking at your property and contemplating a stay there. The information you have on those sites – or your own website – such as photos and descriptions give renters the facts about your property, but it does not emphasize the experience. The best marketing tells a story, and video gives you the power to tell a story like no other medium.

Stories can be tremendously diverse depending on the location and tone of the property. The best part about a drone video? Each one will tell its own unique tale. A Los Angeles property video might bring life to the surrounding beaches and vibrant nightlife, while a Midwest property video may capture that natural aesthetic as shown in this video by Airilo. In each case, viewers are left with a stronger connection to the listing and can more easily imagine themselves staying there.

In our digital world, drone videography is a must to get more people looking and booking your property.

How to do it with ease

The initial questions that many property owners and managers have after deciding they want a drone video to market their property are: where to find a certified pilot and how to ensure a quality video?

Airilo gives property owners, managers and marketers an effective tool for expanding their marketing portfolio by providing full services for drone videos from filming to editing. If you are ready for your property to have that “stand-out” advantage, contact Airilo for more information.

About the Author

Airilo is a leading industry provider of high-quality, affordable drone videos for vacation rental owners. Airilo utilizes a network of licensed professional pilots to film the properties. The footage is then given to Airilo’s professional editors who create a video with compelling music that matches the style and tone of the property.

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