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What is Dynamic Pricing for Short-Term Rentals? Tools & Benefits

A dynamic market calls for a dynamic pricing strategy, and vacation rental pricing tools take the guesswork out of setting nightly rates for your short-term rental accommodations.

This can revolutionize your short-term rental business. After all, if your rates are too high, you risk getting fewer bookings, but pricing your short-term rental too low means minimizing your profits in the long term.

The key is to find the sweet spot: prices that will grab your potential guests’ attention while still covering your costs and making a profit. However, who has the time to manually adjust prices?

With so many things to consider, including seasonal shifts, nearby events, competitor rates, and more, implementing dynamic pricing for short-term rentals will help you stay competitive 365 days a year—while still making money.

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What is dynamic pricing for vacation rentals?

Dynamic pricing utilizes algorithms to calculate and adjust prices in real time. With this pricing strategy, you can optimize your rates to boost bookings and increase your profit margins. It’s a strategy the accommodation industry has used for decades. It leverages technology and machine learning to adjust your nightly rates based on supply and demand.

For example, if there’s a popular event happening nearby, the demand for vacation rentals may increase, leading to higher prices. Conversely, during off-peak seasons, prices may be lowered to attract bookings.

Dynamic pricing also allows vacation rental owners to automate their pricing strategy. With the ability to adjust your nightly prices with just one click, you save the time and effort of manually adjusting rates in response to changes in market conditions. This ultimately ensures your prices are competitive, fair, and reflective of the current market situation, thereby optimizing your profitability and success.

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How does dynamic pricing for short-term rentals work?

It depends on the smart pricing tool you’re using! However, most vacation rental pricing tools analyze various aspects of your vacation rental booking history to establish your base price. Among them are your operational expenses, your competitors’ rates, or the high-season dates in your region.

This initial analysis phase will be essential in determining your pricing calendar and, once completed, will allow you to apply the dynamic variations you deem appropriate.

What’s the difference between dynamic pricing and revenue management?

Although dynamic pricing is one of the many aspects of revenue management, the two words aren’t interchangeable.

Dynamic pricing focuses on adjusting prices in real time based on supply and demand. Revenue management is a broader concept that includes dynamic pricing but also involves managing distribution channels, controlling direct and indirect costs, and strategizing about different aspects of the business to maximize overall revenue.

Both concepts consider that your rates vary based on a variety of predetermined rules and rely heavily on data and technology to make the most accurate predictions as to what the right price should be.

How does a dynamic pricing tool calculate dynamic rates?

Most short-term rental dynamic pricing tools will use your average base rate as a starting point. If your average nightly rate in high season is $300 and $100 in low season, then your base price will be $200.

Although each tool calculates prices differently, they usually consider the following factors:

  • Seasonality: Vacation rental automated pricing tools adjust your base price according to the season of the year. To do this, they analyze historical trends of vacation rentals and hotels in your region.
  • Days of the week: They also analyze the price of similar accommodations in your area based on the day of the week and apply the necessary increases or discounts.
  • Lead time: This refers to the time between the moment users book your rental and their check-in date. Dynamic pricing tools use this data to offer discounts to last-minute reservations (to fill in the gaps in your calendar) or to bookings made in advance (to guarantee the maximum possible occupancy).
  • Vacation days and important events: Most vacation rental automated pricing tools will determine the most in-demand dates after analyzing the occupation of your local competitors. You can also add a list of the main events in your area to reduce the margin of error.
  • “Orphan” days: There’s nothing worse than having gaps in the middle of your busy calendar. For this reason, these tools will generate automatic discounts to incentivize booking these “orphan days”.
  • Personalization: Ultimately, it’s the owners and managers who decide which strategy they want to pursue. Therefore, you can establish a minimum and maximum price range that the tools will respect no matter what.

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Benefits of dynamic pricing software for vacation rentals

Increase revenue

With dynamic pricing, you’re able to automatically adjust your nightly rate to optimize your overall revenue in the long run.

For example, if the smart pricing algorithm used by the dynamic pricing tool notices all other short-term rentals in the area are increasing prices due to an upcoming event, it’ll automatically boost your nightly rates, too.

These small price tweaks add up over time, which means that by using a dynamic pricing tool to fine-tune your pricing strategy, you can boost revenue and profits over time.

Save time

Working out which rates to charge (and when) can be a major headache, so by letting short-term rental pricing tools optimize your rates automatically, you take the guesswork out of pricing your vacation rental.

To further save time, however, you’ll want to look for dynamic pricing software for vacation rentals that instantly syncs prices across all your connected channels and analyzes data-backed rates for you.

Maximize occupancy and length of stay 

Dynamic pricing for short-term rentals helps you secure as many bookings as possible at the best rates possible. It does so by using dynamic minimum stay techniques to help you better fill the gaps between reservations and achieve longer stays.

When using the right vacation rental pricing tool, most hosts and owners see that their occupancy rates are more consistent and their revenue streams are more stable.

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Outperform your competitors 

You’ve got a distinct advantage over competitors who are trying to work out their own prices through guessing and competitor analysis (especially in an era where inflation has made pricing vacation rentals so difficult to get right).

With a dynamic pricing tool powering your decisions, you’ll have a better idea of every aspect of your business through critical data, which will give your listing the edge over your competition.

How to implement dynamic pricing into your business strategy

Implementing dynamic pricing can be as easy as choosing the right vacation rental pricing tool and setting it up. However, choosing the right tool requires careful planning, and you’ll also want to ensure you have a keen understanding of your market.

Here are two key tips to help you successfully implement dynamic pricing into your vacation rental business strategy.

  • Use a dynamic pricing tool: Market trends change fast these days, and the right tool can help automate and simplify the process of adjusting rates accordingly.
  • Monitor and adjust: Dynamic pricing tools allow you to “set it and forget it.” That’s one of the coolest things about using them. However, if you want to remain competitive, it’s helpful to regularly review your pricing performance and make necessary adjustments to ensure your rates remain competitive and profitable.

Remember, the goal is to balance occupancy with revenue optimization.

What are the best vacation rental pricing tools?

You can implement dynamic pricing manually, but again, who has time for that these days? With the help of dynamic pricing software for vacation rentals, you can automate everything with ease. These tools allow vacation rental professionals to set rules to manage pricing and night stay restrictions and save them hours in the process.

Here are some of the most important vacation rental pricing tools to choose from.

Lodgify Smart Pricing tool

Lodgify Dynamic Pricing

Lodgify Dynamic Pricing is an all-in-one solution that strategically adjusts your vacation rental rates based on hundreds of factors, including demand, seasonality, and days of the week.

As market trends shift, Dynamic Pricing updates your rates automatically, keeping your listings competitive with minimal effort. It offers flexibility to set price boundaries or make manual adjustments and charges a small 0.8% commission only when a guest books, keeping costs low for you.

Backed by over a decade of data and millions of bookings, it’s a comprehensive tool tailored to optimize your pricing strategy. If you’re already a Lodgify user, you can also benefit from the all-in-one nature of the tool, as the price is automatically added to your invoice, reducing the need to juggle multiple software or subscriptions.

Beyond Pricing

Beyond offers a dynamic, demand-driven pricing tool with extensive market data that pairs with OTA distribution, such as Airbnb, Vrbo, and their own booking engine. As a smart pricing integration, Beyond has also partnered with Lodgify to let short-term rental owners and managers use the tool to increase revenue.

Their data-driven tool automatically adjusts prices to maximize revenue and occupancy and can also help you forecast revenue and maximize your earnings through their local market experts.


Pricelabs is another easy-to-use pricing platform to help increase revenues and occupancy for vacation rental owners and property managers.

Using predictive analytics and machine learning, PriceLabs’ data-driven approach helps increase vacation rental revenue and saves owners time when managing their pricing.  the tool is available globally with no geographical constraints.

Customization options layer on top of market data to give you ultimate control over your pricing strategy. The best part? Pricelabs also integrates with Lodgify.

Airbnb Smart Pricing

Airbnb also has its own dynamic pricing automation system. It’s an integrated tool within the Airbnb calendar and allows you to automatically adapt the price of your property based on the demand of listings that are similar to yours.

The platform takes into account more than 70 factors, such as the check-in date, market demand, seasonality, listing reviews or the services offered. Airbnb even values the number of daily visits to your listing and the time that users spend on your page. Airbnb also allows you to select a minimum and maximum price per night, so hosts always have control over their business.

You have the choice of whether you want to turn Airbnb Smart Pricing on or off.  And even if you have this option selected, you can still set fluctuation limits and customize specific nightly prices in your calendar at any time.

While it’s ideal to have a dynamic pricing tool built into your vacation rental software, like Lodgify Dynamic Pricing is, Airnb’s tool does connect directly to your Airbnb management software. After synchronizing your accounts, it will review your prices and issue the necessary adjustment recommendations. Once you approve them (or modify them), they’ll be reflected in your calendar.

Should you start using dynamic pricing tools?

Fixed prices are becoming a thing of the past in the vacation rental industry thanks to vacation rental automated pricing tools that use advanced algorithms to create a fluid pricing system matching market demand in real-time.

But should you use dynamic pricing in your vacation rental business? It depends. Adapting your rates to supply and demand or seasonality will allow you to be much more competitive and increase your profits. However, ensure you keep an eye on the prices and manually adjust your rates according to your business goals.

Learn more about Lodgify Dynamic Pricing to see how it can help you automatically update your rates, ensuring they’re always competitive.

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