All successful brands – no matter what industry they belong to – have memorable logos that allow consumers, users, diners and shoppers to instantly recognize who they are.

That’s why all companies (yes, even vacation rental businesses!) should have a professional looking logo. Not only will a logo help establish your brand in the wider vacation rental industry, but it will also build trust, attract more guests and allow your rental to stand out from the competition.

Before we provide you with our selection of five free logo maker tools you can easily use to design your business emblem, let’s explore what it is that makes a good logo.

What makes a good vacation rental logo?

There are many different elements that contribute to the effectiveness of a vacation rental brand’s logo. Here are some of the most important things to take into consideration.


Simplicity is key when designing your logo. Think about the places you’ll use it – on your website, your business cards, maybe even some personalized items like toiletries at your rental. You don’t want to overcomplicate things with an intricate design that won’t reproduce well.

So, keep it simple, opt for one or two colours, and make it easy enough to be identified – even at a small size.


When you think of all your favorite brands, their logos probably pop into your head automatically – even if the name has nothing to do with the symbol or icon on their logo. Just in this industry, some of the top players’ logos immediately spring to mind – such as the Airbnb Bélo, the TripAdvisor owl and the HomeAway birdhouse.

While your vacation rental might not end up being a household name like those listed above, you still want your logo to have this memorable effect on anyone that sees it.


Why do some companies rebrand their logos? To stay relevant, up-to-date and fresh. If you start off with a vacation rental logo that’s relevant, appropriate for the industry, and reflective of your brand, you won’t face these types of problems down the line.


Your logo needs to be able to adapt to different situations and platforms which are involved in the running and marketing of your vacation rental. From social media networks to your own website or even staff uniforms – make sure your logo is versatile enough to adapt to them all.

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Free Logo Maker Tools to Get Started

Want to try your hand at designing a logo for your vacation rental business, but no idea how or even where to start? Let us help. We’ve put together this list of six free logo maker tools which will enable you to get creative and start making your logo ideas a reality.

1. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is a great online tool for creating your vacation rental business logo. To begin, all you need to do is input your company name, then you can pick the category it belongs to (we’d recommend going for “travel and hotel”). The site will generate lots of template logos for you to start customizing straight away. Once you’re done, you can save the free logo, or download a high-resolution version for $59.

2. Logojoy

When creating a logo with Logojoy, it first asks the user some questions based on the styles, colors and icons they like. Using this information, Logojoy generates some free logo options for you to start personalizing. A fun feature of this logo maker is that you can preview exactly how it will look on business cards, t-shirts and other merchandise. It’s free to build the logo, but once you’re ready to download it will cost you $20 dollars for the basic low-resolution version, or upwards of $65 for a full package of logos, copyright ownership, brand guidelines and editing rights.

3. Canva

A one-stop shop for all your design needs, the free Canva tool is also suitable for creating fantastic business logos. To use Canva, you’ll need to sign up for a free account. Once you’ve done that, simply click on the button “Create a design”, select “Logo” from the “Marketing Materials” section and sift through the templates. You can customize them by choosing the fonts, colors and icons you like best.

4. Logo Maker

Don’t be fooled by the old-school appearance of the Logo Maker website, more than 3.5 million businesses have used the tool for their logo design. Start by selecting your industry (we’d go for travel & hospitality) then type your company name. Almost immediately after, the Logo Maker will generate numerous templates to choose from. Simply scroll through and select the one that catches your eye. You’ll be able to edit features like colors and fonts, before saving your logo ready for use.

5. Logoshi

Built from the founder’s own frustration at spending hundreds of dollars on a logo he wasn’t happy with, Logoshi aims to solve that problem. Users can quickly make a text logo free of charge, and simply pay to download the logo package once they’re happy with the design. The regular price is $49, however there are sometimes special offers where it can cost as little as $25.

6. Design Hill

The Design Hill free logo maker allows anyone to quickly and easily make a logo by choosing from a range of existing icons and frames, and customizing all the colors, styles and fonts. These logos are free to download, but Design Hill also offer custom logos for businesses, starting from $199.

Having a good logo is essential for the branding of your vacation rental. Not only will it allow you to have consistency across your channels – such as social media, online travel agencies and your own website, it will also be useful offline – on materials such as business cards, guestbooks or even made-to-order merchandise. What’s more, a logo builds trust and lasting relationships between your guests and your brand.

If you still don’t have an emblem for your vacation rental, what are you waiting for?

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6 Free Logo Maker Tools for Your Vacation Rental Business
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    A great collection of the logo maker tools. You can add Designhill logo generator tool to your free logo maker tool list.
    It has a great collection of the rich icons and frames. Easy to use. Absolutely free!

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