6 Stellar Suggestions for an Instagrammable Vacation Rental

Figures from 2017 show that more than 800 million people use Instagram, with at least 500 million now using it every day! Unsurprisingly, travel photos are a big hit on the image-sharing platform, and some popular hashtags such as #travel and #wanderlust have 293 million and 72 million tagged posts respectively.

Although there are many reasons why property owners need Instagram, there aren’t many guides to show you how to use it for your vacation rental business. That’s what we’re here for!

Besides setting up your account and finding followers, there are steps to take in your property before you even upload your first picture. In this article, you’ll discover our top tips for creating an instagrammable vacation rental that will be a visual success both on and offline.

Less is more

Browse quickly through interior design hashtags such as #interiorinspo and you’ll notice a key trend: clutter has no place on Instagram. Instagram users favor cleanliness and organization over ornaments and trinkets – and the same applies for your vacation rental.

While your property may be your own vacation home, too, it’s important to remember that when guests stay, they will need space to unpack their own belongings. So declutter any surfaces, organize shelves neatly and keep wardrobes free of possessions.

Throw some light on it

Natural light makes not only makes for the best photos, but also the best guest experience. Bright, airy rooms can instantly make guests feel relaxed – and they translate really well into photographs.

Sadly, no amount of editing will save a photo if it’s poorly lit to begin with. You can encourage guests to Instagram your property, however, by ensuring it’s well lit – either naturally or artificially. Remember, industrial lamps and hanging light bulbs can also turn a dull space into an interesting, snapshot-worthy setup.

Hygge is the word

The Danish concept of hygge has taken both interiors and Instagram to the next level. Having a hygge home is all about coziness, warmth and well-being. There are currently around 3.5 million posts under the hashtag #hygge on the social network and common themes run throughout.

These images capture comfort, craft, color and nature. Make your vacation rental that little bit more hygge with plenty of plush cushions, soft furnishings and blankets, plus handmade details such as local artists’ work, candles and fresh flowers.

Be bold with color choices

Before you stock up on paint to change the entire color scheme of your home, think about how a small (but bold) change could be more effective. You can instantly update a simple palette of neutral colors (i.e. beiges, naturals and whites) with an accent wall, a few statement accessories or even original artworks.

This will make your rental more interesting visually, and, as a result, more instagrammable. Not just for your brand account, but also for your incoming guests!

Bring it to life with plants

As well as providing benefits such as reducing stress, creating a feeling of well-being and improving overall air quality, there is no denying that houseplants are a highly attractive addition to any property.

In addition to this, there are plenty of Instagram accounts and posts exclusively dedicated to plants and their place in interiors. Top tip: if your guests tend to stay for a week or two at a time, opt for lower maintenance greenery that doesn’t require frequent watering.

Convey your personality

Whether or not travelers will see your property on Instagram before they book their stay will depend on each particular guest. As a vacation rental owner, one of the key pieces of advice you’ll hear from agents and other professionals is make your property unique. If your interior looks just like your next-door neighbor’s, but your rates are twice as high – where is a guest more likely to stay?

Adding touches of your personality and your brand’s personality will make it much more memorable and photograph-worthy. It can be tempting to borrow ideas from others – and that’s totally ok (Pinterest is your friend)! Just don’t lose sight of the fact that your property has its own special qualities that should shine for any incoming guests.

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