Interior Design Inspiration to Update Your Vacation Rental Home

One of the biggest advantages of vacation rentals is the opportunity they provide for the owner to be creative with interior design. Unlike traditional accommodations, such as chain hotels which are generally quite rigid with their design and tastes, alternatives like vacation rentals come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Vacation rental interior design ideas

The interior design of your vacation rental won’t go unnoticed, either. According to new research from, 56% of travelers return from their vacation so keen on the decor of the rental accommodation they stayed in, that they are inspired to carry out some interior design updates of their own. Studies also show that interior design can also influence mood, and it’s important to set the right tone for your incoming guests.

Over two thirds (70%) of guests choose a vacation rental property because its interior design is different from their own home. This means you have a prime opportunity to charm guests – even during the research stage.

If you’re looking for some interior design inspiration which is bound to leave guests feeling artistic, here are five ideas to help you get started.

1. Style chic, local souvenirs in your vacation rental

Travelers have been bringing souvenirs back from their vacation destination pretty much forever. They love having something to remember their vacation by, and what better way than making it a feature of their own home’s interior.

Inspire your own guests by showing off some local souvenirs around your place. We don’t mean tacky ornaments and fridge magnets, but rather wall hangings, independent neighborhood artists’ prints or ceramic collections. These can make fabulous additions to your home’s interior, and great talking points when you are showing your guests around upon arrival.

2. Use a color palette that suits your destination

If you’re looking to spruce up your home with a new lick of paint, have a think about your destination to help decide your fresh color scheme. Take a walk around your local area or scroll through your Instagram feed to identify the top two or three tones that repeatedly appear. For example, many beach destinations will likely use blues and turquoises in their interiors to reflect seaside shades. Countryside homes, however, may use more natural palettes and woody elements to bring the outdoor feeling inside. It’s important to remember not to overdo it with too many patterns and styles.

It’s also a good idea to match your interiors with your business branding and website design, so there is coherence both on and offline!

3. Add pops of color with pillows and accessories

Throw pillows can add a great splash of color and, when made from local or traditional fabrics, tell an interesting story for your home. If your property features a more neutral color scheme at the moment, you can easily and quite inexpensively improve its aesthetic with these kinds of accessories. The contrast will be memorable for guests, and, if they can find these items themselves on their travels, they might be inclined to copy your style at home!

4. Invest in eco-friendly

Eco-friendly options are becoming increasingly popular for the socially conscious traveler. In fact, this is the very reason why many guests decide to stay in vacation rentals in the first place – to have a more authentic experience in that destination. Adapting your interior design to become more environmentally friendly can help you to attract more guests, and inspire them to change their behavior once they return home.

Even small changes, such as adding energy-efficient lighting and offering the right recycling facilities, can help guests to reconsider their own habits. In addition, scattering a few houseplants around your home will help naturally filter the air and create a more green vibe in your interior.

5. Repurpose found objects

With the rise of inspiration source sites such as Pinterest, more and more people are discovering they have the confidence to undertake DIY projects themselves. You can find great pieces in flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, or even on the side of the street!

There is a huge market for repurposed objects, but often, ready-made items can come with a hefty price tag. Plus, half the fun is getting stuck in and doing it yourself! Some ideas could include repurposing pallets as outdoor furniture, kitchen scales as a towel holder or an old door as a master bedroom headboard.

Not only will these touches give your property a unique and original character, they will also encourage guests to think about how they could transform their own homes and give new life to discarded objects.

There are many creative ways to revamp your vacation rental to make it appeal to more guests and inspire them during their stay. Whether you completely change the color choices you use, or simply add a few local artists’ work to your property, you want to create a rental that your guests will feel comfortable, relaxed and most of all, at home in. Use these five ideas for interior design inspiration to help get your renovations underway!

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