LGBTQA+ friendly vacation rentals

🏳️‍🌈 How to Make Your Vacation Rental Home LGBTQA+ Friendly 

How LGBTQA+ friendly is your vacation rental home?

Could you be making potential guests feel unwelcome or uncomfortable without even realizing it? To coincide with Pride Month, we invite you to ask yourself how your rental can be more inclusive and welcoming to all travelers, no matter how they identify or whom they love.

What does LGBTQA+ stand for?

The term LGBTQA+ refers to everyone who identifies as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, or Asexual. There are other acronyms, but this is a good starting point if you want to create a more inclusive vacation experience for diverse guests.

It is no secret that many members of this community still experience or fear discrimination and judgment when traveling, and as a host, you have the power to make a real difference in their vacation experience, and their lives.

gay-friendly vacation rentals

Why should you welcome LGBTQA+ guests?

It goes without saying that everyone has the right to feel safe and welcome when traveling but apart from showing your commitment to non-discrimination, there are other good reasons to open your hearts and doors to this community.

Help make your community and the tourism industry more inclusive

As an LGBTQA+ friendly Airbnb host or vacation rental host, you have the power to inspire other hosts to do the same. Step by step, host by host, the industry will become a better, more inclusive space.

Attract loyal guests with spending power

As a vacation rental host, you have to work out who you want to target with your rental. From a purely business point of view, the LGBTQA+ community is a valuable segment of the travel industry.

In the U.S. LGBTQA+ travelers wield $100 billion in travel spending power annually, according to The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association.

What’s more, a 2021-survey by the same group shows that 36% out of a group of 6,300 LGBTQA+ travelers from across the world planned to stay in vacation rentals instead of hotels or resorts in 2021. It is fair to say, therefore, that this community not only travels more than most but also has more cash to burn. So, catering to this niche makes financial sense, plain and simple.

By showing your LGBTQA+ guests a little love, you’re likely to gain positive guest reviews, secure return visits and word-of-mouth recommendations from happy customers.

How to be a more gay-friendly vacation rental?

Be inclusive in your descriptions

Show LGBTQA+ guests they are welcome at your home by using inclusive pronouns to identify yourself as a host in your property descriptions. This immediately creates an atmosphere of understanding and costs nothing.

Most online travel agencies (OTAs) now have anti-discrimination policies in place, but that doesn’t mean individual hosts can’t and won’t discriminate against this community.

List your rental on gay-friendly OTAs

Known as ‘the Airbnb for gays’, Misterb&b, is now the largest LGBTQA+ travel community in the world with 1 million listings in 200 countries, from private rooms & apartments to LGBTQA+ friendly hotels. By listing your property on this site, you immediately increase the visibility of your rental to a whole new audience.

A vacation rental platform targeting the same community is Fabstayzs. We ❤️  their mission statement: “to be the comfort zone for all travelers who want to enjoy a fabulous vacation without the anxiety of disclosure and any concern for acceptance.”

And if you want to learn more, they even offer master classes for hosts and owners who really want to better understand the challenges faced by LGBTQA+ travelers and how to meet the needs of more diverse guests. Bravo!

Show your colors

In your rental property and on your website, be sure to display recognized LBGTQA+ symbols, such as rainbow-colored flags, lapel pins and inclusive images on your website and in your listings. Your guests will immediately know that they will be treated with dignity.

Be respectful

When replying to any guest request, don’t make any assumptions about preferences for beds or rooms or ask questions that could make someone uncomfortable. Keep your replies professional, friendly and respectful at all times.

Use gender neutral pronouns

A gender neutral or gender inclusive pronoun is a pronoun which does not associate a gender with the individual who is being discussed.

In English, gender pronouns are gender identifiers for the third-person singular. In the past, gender pronouns were separated into masculine (he/him/his) and feminine (she/her/hers). This separation of masculine and feminine is called gender binary and only recognizes men and women. Many people identify outside of the gender binary. Gender-neutral pronouns such as they/them or xe/xer/xers allow individuals to choose the pronouns they feel fit their identities.

To avoid offending transgender (a man who has changed into a woman or the other way around) or non-binary (someone who doesn’t identify as male or female) travelers, don’t address anyone as sir or madam. Always keep pronouns and conversations neutral.

If a guest clearly states the pronouns he, she, or they want you to use when addressing them, take note of these and be sure to use these in all future communications.

You may also want to ask your guests, which pronouns they would prefer.

Offer gender-neutral amenities

A gender-neutral restroom is another easy way to make some guests from this community feel less alienated.

Provide info about LGBTQ-friendly attractions

Find out which restaurants, bars, shops, clubs, gyms etc would welcome your LGBTQA+ guests and provide a useful guide or list of things to do near your rental. Include LGBTQA+ friendly ideas in your round-ups, welcome book or in a blog post on your website.

Don’t forget to include details of any relevant support organizations, including the police,  in case anything unfortunate should happen to your guests during their stay. This shows them, that you care and that you are aware that they may be at risk of discrimination, and even attacks.

Educate your staff

Remember, if one of your staff members offends an LGBTQA+ guest during their stay at your rental, the buck stops with you. Be sure to educate your staff and don’t tolerate any discriminatory behavior.

Appointing staff members from diverse groups – not only when it comes to gender or sexuality, but also age, race, religion and ability – must surely be one of the best ways to make all guests feel welcome.

lgbtq-friendly vacation rentals

Treat everyone with dignity and respect

At the end of the day, to be a truly great host, you have to treat every guest with the same level of respect, but as long as discrimination still exists in our society, your  LGBTQA+ guests will appreciate it if you make them feel especially welcome and safe in your home.

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