Update: Effortlessly Increase Occupancy with Lodgify and Booking.com Integration

By now, you are probably using (or have at least heard of) Booking.com. We know that, in the past, having multiple properties connected and synchronized with Booking.com required lots of effort and babysitting to keep everything running smoothly.

For this reason, we’re proud to introduce our direct integration with Booking.com.

From now on, you’ll be able to keep your properties’ calendars up-to-date by importing reservations and synchronizing availabilities, as well as exporting your rates from Lodgify to Booking.com. No longer will you need to spend hours updating multiple calendars and rates across your Lodgify properties and Booking.com account.

Let’s have a look at how this integration can help you to optimize your vacation rental business.

What is Booking.com?

With over a million properties listed and 1.5 million nights booked per day, Booking.com is the world’s largest accommodation listing site. Listing your property on Booking.com only requires registering an account which is completely free. When guests reserve your property through Booking.com, the website will take a percentage of the total price as a commission. There aren’t any additional associated costs.

How does the Lodgify-Booking.com integration work?

The two-way connection means that all your Booking.com reservations will be imported (with all their details) into Lodgify. Additionally, all of your availabilities and rates will be exported from Lodgify to Booking.com.

Why is the Lodgify-Booking.com integration so great?

Connecting your associated Lodgify properties to Booking.com means that your listings will be open to millions of visitors per day, greatly increasing your chances of higher occupancy rates.

With our integration, you’ll save hours of manual set-up time and maintenance of your Booking.com properties, as you’ll be able to manage all rates and availability from within your Lodgify account. No longer will you need to manually change rates and availabilities across your Booking.com and Lodgify accounts.

What does it cost?

The Booking.com integration is completely free for all Lodgify clients.

Like other platforms, Booking.com will take a percentage-based commission of each of your bookings which will vary depending on a number of different factors. Specific details can be found in your agreement with Booking.com.

How can I set up Lodgify and Booking.com?

We’ve worked hard to make the integration run as smoothly as possible. Follow the steps below to set up your Lodgify and Booking.com integration.

Step 1

Register on Booking.com for your free account.

Step 2

Set up your properties so that they correspond to the properties in your Lodgify account.

Step 3

Select Lodgify as your “Channel Manager” in Booking.com.

Step 4

Contact us and we’ll help you get connected.

For further information about the Lodgify and Booking.com integration, please check out our Knowledge Base article.

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