Lodgify Partners with Boostly to Provide Customized Websites

As a short term vacation rental professional, it can be hard to make and follow through on decisions with the confidence that it’s the right move for your business. Escape the cycle of self-doubt and decision paralysis by joining a community of property managers and rental owners to always have access to an expert second opinion when you need it.

Boostly offers just that, a website design service and a strong support system that will advise you on the best practices to optimize your business by driving direct bookings to your own custom website, helping you become independent and confident in your decision-making.

We are pleased to announce our new integration with Boostly, a website design agency and online training academy specialized in driving direct bookings for property owners and managers in the short-term vacation rental industry.

Why drive direct bookings?

The right question is: why aren’t you driving direct bookings?

At Lodgify, we’re all about empowering hosts and property managers worldwide to get started and grow their businesses through technology – including direct booking websites.

Yes, OTAs like Airbnb, Booking.com, and Vrbo offer great visibility, especially if you’re just getting started. But they also come with strings attached and adhering to their rules can be a demanding task for some. By creating your own vacation rental website, you can eliminate the extra expenses you incur, and you can keep your pricing competitive while also keeping 100% of the profits.

Boostly Homepage

How can Boostly help?

In a nutshell: with free resources and their customized website templates.

The Boostly community consists of over 7,500 vacation rental hosts offering support and experience, helping you navigate through the short-term rental industry. Boostly gives hosts the tools, tactics, and training to boost their profits through direct booking, offering invaluable marketing tips and tricks that you can implement to make sure your business is a success and that your guests turn into repeat customers.

Boostly also offers the option to create and design a website for you. Forget about all the hard decision-making and rest easy knowing your online presence is in the hands of their expert designers. Boostly will create a stunning website, fully integrated with Lodgify’s WordPress booking system and which will allow you to get direct bookings, process payments and manage your whole business from one place.

Mark Simpson Boostly Academy

What is a Boostly website like?

Boostly websites are created on WordPress, an open-sourced content management system, and have created a website format that’s easy for guests to find and navigate, which translates into more bookings for you. Plus, Boostly does all the design work for you.

With the Boostly x Lodgify integration, you can export your property information and your reservations to your Boostly website in real time. This means that all your rates and reservations in your Lodgify account will automatically appear on your Boostly website, so your guests see updated and accurate information. Your guest will be able to see the correct quote, book a reservation, and realize the payment directly on your website; then all the information will be captured in your Lodgify account, just like with your other connected channels.

How can I get started?

To take advantage of this new partnership, you will need to sign up for a Boostly website, then provide your Boostly account manager with your Lodgify API key. With this, their team will be able to get started creating your new direct booking site, and you can sit back and relax, knowing your business is in expert hands.

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