Unlock Seamless Guest Experiences with our Latest Integration, Charge Automation

In our relentless pursuit of enhancing your short-term rental business, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest integration partner, Charge Automation. This software is designed to redefine the way you interact with your guests, ensuring their experience is nothing short of exceptional while establishing a unified and simplified process to handle payments and check-ins.

Meet Charge Automation

This innovative app seamlessly handles contactless check-ins, payment processes, and security deposit collections. It goes the extra mile by offering personalized upselling opportunities and interactive digital guidebooks, delighting your guests at every step of their stay.

As soon as Charge Automation is integrated with Lodgify, all of your properties and booking data are imported into the system of our new partner. You can easily configure auto payments, including reservation fees and security deposits, aligning the process with your specific preferences.

What are the benefits of using Charge Automation?

Seamless check-ins

Charge Automation simplifies operations, making contactless interactions the norm. Guests can now swiftly enter your property through the smart lock by using the app, instantly feeling at home. For Lodgify users, this means reduced workload, while maintaining a seamless and hospitable experience.

Customized connections

Charge Automation delivers personalized experiences, by providing a digital portal tailored to your property. Depending on your preferences, you can include nearly everything from local recommendations to property FAQs, ensuring your guests have instant access to essential information.  You will be able to offer curated experiences and leave your clients with fond memories.

Boost revenue with upselling

Every booking can be turned into an opportunity for additional revenue. Through the integration of upsells, property owners can offer airport transfers, local experiences, or special amenities, enhancing your guests’ stay while maximizing your profits at the same time. Lodgify users can create customized packages, ensuring every guest enjoys a unique and memorable stay.

Fortified security

Establishing secure financial transactions is paramount. Charge Automation supports over 120 payment gateways and offers 100% chargeback protection, guaranteeing peace of mind for both you and your guests. Trust is the foundation of client loyalty, and with this feature, you can build it securely.

How much does Charge Automation cost?

Explore the variety of plans tailored to meet your needs: The Basic plan, ideal for starters, is not only free but also provides access to a wide array of all our exceptional features, from self-check-ins over automated payment processes to upselling opportunities.

Should your requirements grow, there is always the option to upgrade. The Essential plan, priced at  $39/month, and the Professional plan, available at $99/month, offer increased user capacity and expanded storage to align with your evolving needs perfectly.

Regardless of the plan you opt for, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our outstanding features, enhancing your guest experience every step of the way.

Get started with Charge Automation

If you don’t have an account with Charge Automation yet, creating one is a breeze – simply click here. The user-friendly self-onboarding process ensures a smooth setup, but if you need extra guidance, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with the support team.

Once you’re logged into your account, head to the settings section, choose ‘Lodgify’ from our list of compatible systems, and paste your unique API key to establish the connection. Voilá! Your properties and bookings will seamlessly synchronize.

Ready to redefine hospitality? Dive into the seamless world of guest experiences with Charge Automation and Lodgify. Effortless check-ins, personalized stays, revenue growth, and secure transactions await.

Click here to sign up for Charge Automation and embark on a journey toward operational efficiency.

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