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In the Spotlight: Meet Lodgify’s Finance Team

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to keep the financial engine of a thriving tech company running smoothly, you’re in for a treat. We recently caught up with a few members of the Lodgify finance team to give you a front-row seat to the financial operations of a progressive and innovative company that’s shaking up the vacation rental market.

Although our finance team may be small in size, Lodgify is one of the fastest-growing companies in the travel industry, so don’t underestimate their analytical prowess and attention to detail. They are the backbone of our company, helping us stay focused on our promising future.

But being a member of the Lodgify finance team isn’t just about crunching numbers and analyzing data (although they do plenty of that!). It’s also about being part of a tight-knit community that values collaboration, open communication, and a positive work-life balance. We believe in creating a supportive and inclusive workplace where everyone’s ideas are heard and valued.

So, let’s jump in and take an inside look at what their day-to-day responsibilities entail, from managing budgets and forecasting revenue to analyzing data and developing financial strategies. It’s time to meet the unsung heroes of Lodgify’s financial success story!

Morning energizer: Coffee and collaboration

As the sun rises over our city-center office in Barcelona, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, energizing our finance team for the day ahead.

“Like every day at the office, it begins with a good breakfast; diverse, healthy, and delicious. I enjoy it so much,” begins Paola Valencia, a Lodgify accountant. “Also, during this time, I take a few minutes to socialize with other departments.”

Josefina Vivo, Accounts Payable Specialist and the newest member of the finance team, says, “A typical day for me starts with a good cup of coffee from our amazing coffee machine that we have in the kitchen.”

Lodgify kitchen

They then kick-start their morning with a team huddle, where they exchange ideas, discuss ongoing projects, and align their efforts. Collaboration is the name of the game, as they work hand in hand with other departments, ensuring that our financial strategies are seamlessly integrated into the company’s overall vision.

We work in the finance team as a group to help Lodgify analyze the past, manage the present, and plan for the future.

In my day-to-day, I like to collaborate with other Lodgify departments and understand how they work so that I can help as much as possible.” – Marta Orrutia, Senior Financial Analyst

Mastering the financial universe: Crunching numbers with purpose

Once the morning buzz settles, it’s time to dive into the fascinating world of numbers. Our finance team meticulously manages financial operations, analyzing data, and making strategic decisions to drive growth. They review budgets, track expenses, and ensure that financial processes are streamlined for maximum efficiency.

Working in Accounts Receivable within the financial department gives me the opportunity to analyze and manage different collection processes in different payment platforms.

In turn, billing management requires a close relationship with other departments. It also gives me the opportunity to have a global vision of the company and its complete financial cycle.” – David Rodriguez, Accounts Receivable Specialist

Unleashing creativity: Identifying growth opportunities

At Lodgify, we believe that innovation is the heartbeat of success. Our finance team is not just focused on counting money, they are also keen to identify growth opportunities. Once the daily accounting tasks have been taken care of, they collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop innovative strategies that propel Lodgify forward.

Savoring connections: Fuel for success

Ah, lunchtime, that moment when stomachs growl in harmony and colleagues gather to refuel and recharge. Our team knows the importance of taking a well-deserved break and using it as an opportunity to foster connections and camaraderie.

Lodgify lunchtime

Whether we’re trying out the newest local food hotspot or organizing a quick ping pong tournament, our lunchtime tradition brings us together and strengthens the bonds that make our team so cohesive. Plus, who doesn’t love swapping travel stories, trading restaurant recommendations, and enjoying some friendly competition?”

When we go to the office, we lunch together, and we try to talk about everything except our job. We enjoy spending time together.” – Marta Orrutia

From time to time, I disconnect by playing a ping pong match. Having a ping pong table in the workplace provides a fun and social outlet.” – David Rodriguez

Lodgify ping pong table

Continuous learning: Sharpening our financial arsenal

In the fast-paced world of finance, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. At Lodgify, we foster a culture of continuous learning and growth. Our team members are encouraged to attend workshops, industry conferences, and online courses to sharpen their financial acumen.

We believe that investing in our team’s knowledge and skills not only benefits us individually but also translates into better outcomes for our company and our clients.

Lately, many new tools have been implemented in the finance team. It’s been great to be a part of it and to be able to provide my input to the many teams involved in the projects.” – David Rodriguez

As the finance team continues to grow, we have implemented different tools such as Netsuite, and we have brought value to the company with our reports, analysis, and insights.” – Marta Orrutia

Being new at Lodgify, I am learning all the time. I go to the onboarding sessions and take part in the training activities to get to know my daily tasks as quickly as possible.” – Josefina Vivo

Building bonds: A supportive and inclusive culture

What truly makes the Lodgify finance team successful is the tight-knit community we’ve built. Lodgify, as a whole, values open communication, respects diverse perspectives, and celebrates individual achievements. Whether it’s collaborating on a challenging project or celebrating milestones together, each team thrives on the support we all give each other.

We believe that a positive work environment fosters creativity, boosts productivity, and ultimately leads to the achievement of our collective goals.

I love being part of the finance team because it is a very cool, diverse team where I learn from each person. They allow me to work on challenging projects that keep me interested and engaged in my work.

In finance and throughout, Lodgify supports and encourages diversity and inclusion.” – Paola Valencia

Lodgify Finance Team

Beyond the numbers: Exploring passions

When it comes to our finance team at Lodgify, they know how to work hard, but they also know the importance of a well-rounded life outside the office. Lodgify understands that a healthy work-life balance fuels our productivity and creativity, so we encourage everyone to take the time to enjoy their passions.

Our finance team members are a diverse bunch, each with their unique interests.

Outside Lodgify, I really like arts and crafts like macrame and painting. I also love walking and finding new specialty coffee shops to try!” – Josefina Vivo

I love photography and discovering new places to explore.” – Paola Valencia

I love doing an array of activities in the great outdoors. I’m also a huge fan of live music and a bit of a foodie.” – David Rodriguez

My biggest passion is cycling and mountain biking. I also love live music and going to gigs, as well as just hanging out with my closest friends.” – Marta Orrutia

Finance: A team you can count on

The Lodgify finance team is a dynamic group who are always busy managing financial operations, identifying growth opportunities, and improving processes. They encourage their team members to share their ideas, take ownership of their work, and continuously learn and improve. This inclusive culture is perfect for seasoned finance professionals and those just starting out on their career paths.

However, although their role is critical to the company’s success, and they take their work seriously, they also know how to have fun!

If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career in finance, the Lodgify finance team may be just what you’re looking for. Check out our open positions here!

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  1. It’s always interesting to get an inside look at the workings of different departments within a company, and the recent glimpse into the Lodgify finance team provides valuable insights. The finance team is often seen as the backbone of a company, responsible for managing budgets, analyzing data, and driving financial strategies. But there’s much more to their role than crunching numbers.

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