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Explore the Future of Guest Communication with Our HostAI Integration

Great guest experiences are the bread and butter of any successful short-term rental business. However, delivering exceptional guest experiences while simultaneously (and efficiently) managing operations is a tall order for most hosts and property managers.

Luckily, there are tools and innovative solutions that can help remove the complexity of management so you can focus on providing excellent hospitality. At least, that’s what HostAI does as an AI-powered messaging tool that automates communication with guests.

Learn how our latest partnership with HostAI can help you revolutionize your guest communications while saving you precious time to re-invest in other areas of your vacation rental business.

What is HostAI?

Imagine having a smart assistant who knows your property inside out and can chat with your guests, answer their inquiries, handle bookings, and even follow up after their stay—all on autopilot. That is, in essence, what HostAI offers.

From the moment an inquiry is made to post-stay follow-ups, HostAI leverages advanced AI technology to generate precise, relevant, and personalized responses based on your property’s unique information.

By training an AI specifically for your rental setup, HostAI not only saves you a ton of time but also ensures your guests are well taken care of, making their stays memorable and your life a whole lot easier.

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What advantages does HostAI offer?

Each of HostAI’s features aims to optimize different facets of your short-term rental management.

AI messaging

Imagine never having to worry about missing a message from your guests, whether it’s 2 pm or 2 am. HostAI’s AI messaging feature makes that possible.

From the first “Hey, is your place available?” to their last “Thanks for an amazing stay!” it covers every step of your guests’ booking and stay, making communication smooth and personal. This means happier guests and better reviews, all with less work for you.


Not only does HostAI make having great conversations easier—it can also help you boost your income through personalized upsells.

Imagine knowing exactly when to offer an early check-in or suggesting an extra airport ride, thanks to a clever system that checks your schedule for you. It’s like having a little business advisor nudging you on when and what to upsell, making each stay as profitable as possible.

HostAI Upsells


With HostAI’s workflows, you can automate those tiny (and often tedious) yet essential tasks that add up to big-time savings.

Whether sending out a welcome message as soon as a booking is confirmed or gently reminding guests to book directly next time, these smart triggers ensure you engage guests at just the right moment without lifting a finger.

Maintenance tracking

HostAI turns feedback into action. When guests mention that the WiFi’s acting up or the coffee machine has seen better days, for example, it doesn’t just note it down—it turns these into tasks and alerts your team.

This feature means you’re constantly improving your place based on real guest feedback, ensuring your property stays profitable and your ratings stay high.

Urgency tagging

Not all guest messages require the same attention. HostAI knows this and helps you know which messages deserve immediate attention by differentiating between a message stating, “There’s a leak in the bathroom,” and a simpler one saying, “Just saying hi!”

Basically, it flags the really important stuff so you can jump in when needed. The rest? Handled automatically.

HostAI Urgency Tagging

Unified inbox

Like Lodgify’s unified inbox feature, HostAI’s unified inbox brings all your messages from SMS, WhatsApp, OTA platforms, and even calls into one centralized place.

Urgent message about a late check-in? You’re on it in a flash because it’s all there, clear and sorted. This central hub means quicker responses, happier guests, and a much simpler workflow for you.

VoIP integration

Integrate your current phone line or opt for a free HostAI business line to manage calls with the same ease as you do messages. This means every guest interaction, whether a call or a message, gets the same level of attention and efficiency.


Listing audit

When you sign up, HostAI first ensures it understands your listings back to front. During this audit, they’ll check for any gaps in information, ensuring the AI is as informed and ready as it can be, setting you up for seamless automation right from the start.

How much does HostAI cost?

Pricing starts at $6/month per property. Visit HostAI’s website or reach out directly for more information about what is included in their plans.

Integrating Lodgify with HostAI

Combining Lodgify’s comprehensive vacation rental software with HostAI’s cutting-edge messaging automation creates a powerhouse tool for STR managers.

HostAI Signup Process

The integration process is straightforward, enabling you to seamlessly import your listings from Lodgify to HostAI. Here’s how to get started:

  • Sign up for HostAI: First, you need to create an account with HostAI. You can sign up on HostAI’s homepage or book a demo for more information.
  • Connect Lodgify: Start your setup by selecting your PMS from HostAI’s list of platforms. Choose Lodgify, then paste your Lodgify API directly into the provided box.
  • Import your listings: Directly import your Lodgify listings into HostAI’s platform. This step is crucial for leveraging property information to craft personalized guest communications.
  • Customize your settings: Toggle the responder status on or off and tailor HostAI’s features to match your specific requirements.

Through this innovative partnership, Lodgify and HostAI are committed to removing the complexities of short-term rental management, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—providing outstanding hospitality.

Ready to take your rental business to the next level? Sign up for HostAI today and enjoy smart, automated guest communication benefits.

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