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Lodgify Launches Lite Plan With No Monthly Subscription Fees

Thinking of starting your own vacation rental business but worried about investing a lot of time and money before knowing whether your property will even attract a single guest?

If these thoughts have been holding you back, you’ll be happy to learn about Lodgify Lite – our latest vacation rental software plan offers new owners a risk-free way to dip a toe in the water.

Yes, you’ve read that right: our Lite plan has no upfront fees, which means you can kickstart your short term rental business from $0 per month. You only start paying when you get bookings.

It’s a catch 22, we get it: If you don’t try you’ll never know whether your vacation rental has got potential to be profitable. On the other hand, in order to give it a decent go, you need to ensure your getaway meets guests’ expectations and will be seen by potential customers. You also need to be able to manage bookings and payments efficiently.

And this is where the new Lodgify Lite plan comes into play.

So, what is Lodgify Lite?

Lodgify Lite is the solution you’ve been waiting for. As mentioned above, our latest plan offers you everything you need to start, run and grow your business, without the added commitment and risk – from $0 per month!

This way you get to test the water, check out the market and figure out if the property, location and industry are right for you before you decide if you want to sink your life savings into your new venture.

This plan offers new owners the freedom and confidence to manage and grow their vacation rental business through cutting-edge digital tools, including a booking engine and reservation system without any upfront costs. That’s right… Nothing. Nada. Zilch!

The bottom line is you’ll save money upfront and you only start paying once you start getting bookings, in other words, you pay as you grow. It’s totally risk-free. You will only pay a percentage (3.9%) for each booking made if you use our API connections.

How will Lodgify Lite help grow your business?

By subscribing to Lodgify Lite, you can create your own professional vacation rental website with all the bells and whistles.

Show off your short-term rental’s best features, showcase your own distinctive brand and online customer reviews with our stunning, modern templates. No technical skills are needed!

Wondering how you’ll find guests for your new vacation rental? Our tools will jump-start your direct bookings, reducing the need for costly marketing campaigns.

Starting a new business can be a massive time drain, particularly if you’re doing this as a side hustle while trying to figure out if it will be profitable enough to become a full-time gig.

Luckily, through Lodgify Lite, you’ll have access to our powerful tools to help you manage your day-to-day tasks, shaving hours off your week.

Lodgify Lite Plan

Lodgify’s vacation rental channel manager allows you to manage all your reservations from your website or external channels from one single platform. We partner with all the major channels in the industry, including Airbnb, Vrbo, and Expedia.

Our software also allows you to securely collect, process, and manage your payments in all currencies by using a booking engine that meets all your business needs. It really couldn’t be easier!

What does the Lodgify Lite plan include?

Our Lite plan includes all the main features you need to run a professional and profitable vacation rental business.

  • Bookable Website
  • Property Management System
  • Channel Manager
  • Reservation & Payment System
  • Guest Messaging
  • Instant Booking

Which features are not included in the Lite plan?

As a subscriber to Lodgify Lite, you won’t have access to some of our premium features, including a lower booking fee, a free domain and priority support.

The good news is you can upgrade your plan at any point as your business grows, becomes more profitable, and you need more support.

How to know if Lodgify Lite is the right plan for you?

If you are a private individual with up to 5 rentals who are just getting started and want to run a successful rental business, this is the right plan for you.

Click here to compare the complete list of available features for all of our plans.

If you’re undecided whether the vacation rental business is right for you, you really have nothing to lose by signing up for Lodgify Lite and giving it your best shot. It is a no-brainer. We’re confident your getaway will soon be bringing in bookings and making you money.

Ready to start making money with your vacation rental? Try it out today!

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