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Lodgify Lowdown (May ’23): Make Room for AI and Sustainability

We get it – as a short-term rental manager, you face an array of challenges when navigating the ever-changing landscape of the vacation rental industry – everything from regulations to technological innovations.

To help guide you along, we’ve curated the top vacation rental news for May, and analyzed what they mean for your business, so you don’t have to.

This month was packed with exciting announcements. We saw some big changes over at Airbnb, as they launched their Summer Release, while here at Lodgify, we participated in the highly successful Book Direct Show and the Scale Rentals Show in Barcelona. The presence of AI in the short-term rental industry expanded further, and AirDNA revealed the most popular short-term rental cities in the U.S. for 2023.

So, let’s take a closer look at May’s STR gossip, evaluating how these may affect your vacation rental business and how you can make the most of these changes.

Airbnb’s Summer Release: go to your room!

On May 3, Airbnb officially unveiled 25 enhancements for hosts, and according to Airbnb’s co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky, these upgrades were carefully designed to simplify the hosting experience, taking into account valuable input from customers.

Undoubtedly, the most significant were the introduction of the “Rooms” category, which aims to promote private rooms to cost-conscious travelers, and the “Host Passport”, which is found in the Rooms category listings. The passport serves as a comprehensive tool that offers essential information about the host, such as ratings and interests.

Guests can effortlessly swipe up to delve deeper into their host’s work experience, language skills, and other entertaining details they willingly share.

With this move, Airbnb is hoping to foster a sense of security and transparency while helping to build stronger bonds between hosts and guests.

Is there more to Airbnb’s strategy than meets the eye?

Well, there are a number of potential reasons for Airbnb’s new strategy.

They could be catering to Gen Z travelers by promoting wallet-friendly options without sacrificing the essence of a genuine travel experience. This creates a unique opportunity for hosts who are looking to open up their doors to individual rooms, or who don’t have the resources or desire to rent their entire property.

In addition, by championing affordable room stays now, Airbnb could be laying the foundation for a long-term plan. By nurturing a loyal customer base through their budget-friendly offerings, Airbnb is paving the way for future bookings of entire properties, which promise greater profitability. It’s a strategic masterstroke that aims to build lasting relationships with travelers, ensuring they keep coming back for more unforgettable adventures.

But there’s another motive driving Airbnb’s focus on room stays: the ever-growing web of regulations surrounding short-term rentals across the globe. While stringent laws often target the renting out of entire apartments and houses, the leasing of individual rooms is frequently permitted, provided the host shares their living space with their guests.

In light of this, Airbnb’s innovative Rooms strategy comes to the rescue, assisting hosts in navigating the complexities of these regulations while keeping their rental business thriving. It’s a win-win situation where hosts can continue to earn income and contribute to tackling the housing crisis by making efficient use of available space.

If you’ve ever found yourself constrained by tightening short-term rental regulations, this strategy offers a lifeline to hosts in need.

AirDNA reveals America’s hottest investment destinations

Step aside, traditional vacation hotspots! The 10 most profitable short-term rental locations have been revealed by the data wizards at AirDNA.

Leading the charge is the Lone Star State, Texas, with not one, not two, but three sizzling cities: Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. What makes these Texan cities stand out? New job opportunities and affordable housing prices have made them a safe bet for vacation rental investment and profitability.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Also included in the list is the vibrant duo of Phoenix and Scottsdale in sunny Arizona, St. Louis in Missouri, and Columbus, Ohio.

And let’s not forget the near-misses! Denver, Nashville, and San Diego may have just fallen short of the top rankings, but their allure and potential for STR success are undeniable.

You can check out the official rankings and further insights here.

Meet Ludwig, your personal interior designer

Introducing Fülhaus, the groundbreaking Canadian design and furnishing platform revolutionizing the world of hosting. Fülhaus has just unveiled its AI-powered service exclusively tailored for short-term rentals across North America – Ludwig.

By simply providing an image of the interior you want to decorate, Ludwig can look through millions of items within the Fülhaus marketplace to help you design your property.

ai interior designer

Stepping into the spotlight, Andria Santos, the CEO of Fülhaus, shares her bold vision: “Our goal is to change the way furniture is sourced and help provide a better guest experience through intentional design.”

This can save hosts time and money (and maybe even settle a few arguments), when it comes to the big decisions regarding your short-term rentals’ interior.

Why not check it out today and see how Ludwig can inspire you: https://ai.fulhaus.com/

Airbnb and Special Olympics Berlin 2023: a winning partnership

Over 7,000 extraordinary athletes from 190 nations and territories will come together to showcase their talents at the Special Olympics 2023. With more than 300,000 passionate spectators anticipated to flood the city, Berlin will transform into a hub of celebration and unity.

Airbnb and the Special Olympics have joined forces to invite the locals of Berlin to be part of this momentous occasion.

If you’re a host with a property in or near Berlin, why not welcome some visitors to your home and earn some extra €€€ on the side?

For more information, click here.

Rent Responsibly new report: sustainability meets hospitality

Rent Responsibly, the platform empowering short-term rental owners to embrace eco-friendly practices, has unveiled their groundbreaking sustainability report, filled with captivating traveler trends and tips on going green.

If you’re keen to see your business become ecologically sustainable, you can download the report, which was launched during their epic two-day virtual conference, the RR Summit: People, Places, Planet.

For top tips and advice on becoming eco-friendly, download the report here.

Lodgify represents at the Book Direct Show and Scale Rentals expo

Lodgify book direct show

On May 16, we shared our expertise and supported our colleagues at the Book Direct Show in Barcelona, an invaluable experience for short-term rental managers who want to boost their direct bookings.

The next two days after that, we rocked up at the Scale Rentals Show to meet and greet our customers, future customers, and partners, showcasing our vacation rental software and offering free SEO website consultations.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the organizers and everyone who came by to say hi. Only 348 sleeps until the next one!

Lodgify’s world-class team: celebrating over 50 nationalities

Lodgify is celebrating having over 50 different nationalities in our team after our latest hires were incorporated.

lodgify nationalities

Embracing diversity isn’t just about numbers; it’s about building an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and empowered to contribute their best. By actively encouraging diversity, we strive to create a space where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive, exchange knowledge, and inspire one another.

Our diverse community also enables us to better understand the needs and preferences of our customers, who hail from different corners of the world, meaning our customers can enjoy a more personalized and inclusive experience.

Key takeaways

May has been an exciting and positive month in the short-term rental industry, with plenty of reasons to be optimistic. We’ve seen Airbnb adapting to changes in society and regulations by making hosting a more accessible business through their new (but not-so-new) Rooms category.

The use of AI is becoming more and more involved in day-to-day hosting, and promises to make property management easier, less time-consuming, and a little more Sci-Fi. Meanwhile, the industry is coming together to support diversity, the Special Olympics, and the quest for sustainability. What’s not to like? Seriously, let us know in the comments below!

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