Update: Increase Revenue with Lodgify and Outswitch Yield Manager Integration

Update: Increase Revenue with Lodgify and Outswitch Yield Manager Integration

We know that setting up prices and automatically calculating them can be a pain point for many vacation rental property managers. Knowing how to set rates used to be something that came with experience, something you had to work out for yourself through trial and error – but not any longer.

This frustration can easily be solved by intelligent pricing tools such as Outswitch, which do the calculations for you (based on multiple factors) to ensure an optimized and profitable business model.

Until now, automating nightly pricing across multiple channels (including your own website) has been known to leave owners with a headache. But we’re pleased to announce we’ve found a way to solve this issue!

Introducing our latest integration with Outswitch Yield Manager. Now you can integrate your dynamic pricing activities directly into your Lodgify account – no matter which channels you use.

Let’s dive into the details of what this new integration means for you.

What is Outswitch?

Outswitch is a yield management software designed especially for the vacation rental industry.

It helps owners and managers to maximize profits by applying intelligent and automatic pricing variations based on different rules that can be configured by the user.

How does the Lodgify-Outswitch integration work?

Outswitch will import all of the properties from your Lodgify account into their system and initiate the two-way connection. With this integration, any changes you make to your properties in either Outswitch or Lodgify will feed into the other channel automatically and update accordingly.

This means that once you set up the Lodgify-Outswitch integration, all property rates will be managed centrally in Outswitch and exported to your Lodgify account and guest-facing website.

With regards to calendar availabilities, these will continue to be managed centrally in your Lodgify account – but availabilities will be exported to Outswitch to avoid any confusions or double bookings.

Why is the Lodgify-Outswitch integration so great?

The main advantage of this integration is that it will facilitate the connection between your rates across different platforms, and they will be automatically imported into your Lodgify account. That means that the prices generated in Outswitch will show both on your website for guests, and in your software backend when creating quotes for confirmed bookings.

Another benefit of the Lodgify-Outswitch Yield Manager integration is that it can help you to maximize your vacation rental business income. It does this by adjusting nightly prices automatically, based on current market demand.

In addition, it can save you time when managing several properties by organizing them into property groups with smart pricing rules, including Seasonal, Day-to-Day, Last Minute and Length of Stay. Using the smart “Matrix Rule”, prices will be adjusted automatically based on the time of booking and current occupancy rates. In this way, the Yield Manager can help you to increase occupancy levels and minimize gaps in your calendar.

Outswitch not only exports your rates to Lodgify but also, acting as a channel manager, it exports them to other sites such as Airbnb, and Agoda. This means you can benefit from dynamic rates across all your other advertising platforms.

Finally, managers with multiple properties can benefit from using Outswitch for all of their different rentals and easily download performance reports of all properties.

What does it cost?

Pricing starts from $7 per property per month. However, when connecting your Lodgify account to Outswitch, you can benefit from an exclusive user discount to their service. Get in touch with Outswitch directly for a free trial.

How can I set up Lodgify and Outswitch?

At present, to set up the Lodgify and Outswitch Yield Manager integration, you will need to contact us directly. In order to facilitate the connection, you will need to create an Outswitch account and complete at least one property in your Lodgify account.

Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to start enjoying increased rental income, easier multiple property management and higher occupancy rates.

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