Lodgify Partners With Jervis Systems

Lodgify’s New Integration with Jervis is the Key to Automate Check-ins

Lodgify is thrilled to announce our new integration partner, Jervis Systems. Jervis Systems is an access management platform that allows you to control and automate your remote locking systems all from one place. Create a convenient, smarter, and more enjoyable stay for your guests, and save some of your own time in the process.

What is Jervis Systems?

Jervis Systems is an access management platform that allows you to remotely manage and automate rental property access. For each reservation, Jervis Systems creates a unique PIN code for smarter, contactless check-in, and property access.

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This generated PIN code will be sent to your guests before their check-in and will be automatically disabled after they check-out. Have a scheduled cleaner after every booking? No problem, Jervis Systems will create a new code for your cleaning or maintenance crew and automatically send the code to them too!

With our new integration, your property listings and rental reservation details are instantly imported into the Jervis Systems platform and the codes automatically sent to guests, cleaners, or maintenance personnel for every reservation.

How can Jervis Systems help my business?

You can use Jervis Systems to easily set up secure, keyless access, create a more automated check-in process, and remotely monitor and manage property access from one spot.

Maximize Security with Keyless Access

With Jervis Systems, you can forget about handing out keys, setting up lockboxes, and reusing codes for multiple guests. They’ll help you and your guests feel safer with automated, keyless access you can monitor from anywhere. No more worrying about lost or mishandled keys or someone entering your rental without your knowing.

Automate Your Check-In Process

You have a lot on your plate when it comes to managing your rental properties, and commuting to your rental for check-in can be a slight inconvenience, especially if you live far. Jervis Systems takes over in delivering PIN codes and access details to your guests for every reservation. You’re free to do more with your time!

Manage Everything From One Place

Dealing with multiple apps is a headache. By working with top-rated smart lock and device brands, Jervis Systems provides the option to conveniently manage all devices from a single, user-friendly dashboard. Check here to see all supported devices.

How much does Jervis Systems cost?

Jervis Systems offers three different plans, with monthly and annual pricing options. The three tiers are the Property Management System (PMS) Plan, the Standard Plan, and the Professional Plan. The pricing for your vacation rental will depend on the plan you choose and the number of smart locks and devices you have.

Jervis pricing

With each tier, you get access to different levels of the Jervis Systems Simple Entry Technology (SET) features. For example, the PMS Plan offers automated access management with SET PIN code support. The Standard Plan includes Jervis Systems IOS & Android mobile app access, and the Professional Plan offers a number of remote, keyless access options via SET PIN Code Support, Text, Call, and Voice, alongside the Jervis Systems mobile app.

All plans include rapid response email support and come with a 14-day free trial so you can experience firsthand the benefits of using Jervis Systems.

The Lodgify x Jervis Systems integration

You can get started with Jervis Systems by signing up for an account here. You can find more information about the Jervis Systems integration here. If you’re ready to connect, check out the Knowledge Base Article here for a full list of steps on how to automate your vacation rental access now.

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