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Cover All Your Guests’ Luggage Storage Needs With Stasher

As a host, we want to do everything possible to ensure our guests have a positive experience during their stay. But, does a guest ever ask you if they can leave their luggage in your vacation rental either before or after their reservation period?

It’s a tricky situation because letting them keep their bags on your property would really make them happy, but having the extra items lying around while preparing for a new stay can come as an inconvenience between cleaning the space and organizing bag pickup or drop off times.

With Lodgify’s new partner, Stasher, you won’t ever have to be in this situation again.

What is Stasher?

Stasher is a luggage storage app that allows guests to search for and book a trusted and convenient place to hold their bags for them. Stasher has over 3000 vetted storage locations in over 600 cities and 50 countries worldwide and is actively expanding their presence.

Using Stasher won’t break the bank; it’s up to 50% off from traditional luggage storage lockers, and your guests can stash their bags for a whole day for as low as $5 per bag. There are no size restrictions for storage either, just a flat fee per piece of luggage.

All of the hotels and stores listed as available for storage on Stasher are vetted by the platform to ensure you that your luggage will be safe. And if by odd chance something does happen, then each bag is insured up to $1,000.

Stasher Luggage Storage App

Why Stasher?

You may be wondering how integrating Stasher into your vacation rental will help you as a host, but in fact, there are many reasons why offering this service will benefit your business. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Provide amenities for your guests

When creating your online listings, you’ll notice that every OTA will have a giant portion saved for highlighting amenities. It’s no secret that guests love to see all the perks and services that a vacation rental has to offer, and the more you provide, the more bookings you are likely to get.

Stasher is another useful and attractive service that you can offer your guests on top of everything that you already have listed. Baggage storage is the last thing on your guests’ minds when it comes to enjoying their vacation, so they will be thrilled to see that you’re offering such storage as a part of your vacation rental package.

Time and space between bookings

Preparing for your next stay is a very stressful time period, especially if an arrival and departure come back to back; that’s why you set specific check-in and check-out times on your listing. Even if your guests follow the exact set times, everything has to go smoothly in order to have your rental ready for the next guests.

Stasher App

Having some extra luggage laying around can really get in the way of your preparation schedule. Because not only do you have to navigate cleaning around the bags, but you also need to organize a new drop off or pick up time with those who are leaving their suitcases.

By offering Stasher to your guests, they can find a different place to store their luggage for cheap, leaving you alone and clutter-free to complete your preparation duties.

Better reviews and more bookings

Reviews are an important part of every vacation rental business. The better reviews you receive, the more likely you are to get more bookings. Reviews build up trust between your rental and your guests, so that’s why it’s a must for hosts to do everything they can to build up their reviews profile.

You only want the happiest, most satisfied guests to leave reviews, so imagine the gratification of guests who received an easy and inexpensive option for luggage storage. Stasher can really be both the icing on the cake and the cherry on top when it comes to starting or finishing their vacation at your short term rental.

They will be able to start or end their travels on a high note by not having to worry about dragging their suitcases and backpacks around town with them. A happy traveler leaves positive reviews, and positive reviews lead to a booked calendar.

How does the Lodgify partnership with Stasher work?

Joining the Stasher x Lodgify affiliate program is completely free for you and offers a great solution for you and your guests. To start using Stasher in your vacation rental business, you first have to join the Lodgify x Stasher affiliate program to receive your own personal affiliate link.

Once you have this link, you will have to set your currency preference and then add it to your booking confirmation email or any pre-arrival communications with your guests; that’s it! This link will direct your guests straight to the Stasher website. Whenever someone books a place to store their luggage on Stasher through your personal link, you will receive 10% commission from the total luggage booking amount.

Guests Luggage

Joining the Lodgify x Stasher affiliate program is a win-win situation. You and your guests will both benefit from this offer by getting to have your time baggage-free.

Start using Stasher for your guests today

Take your vacation rental to the next level by offering Stasher to your guests. We’re very excited to see how this unique opportunity will help you grow your business, please your guests, and give you back your time and space.

If you have any questions about using Stasher with Lodgify, please check out this integration article here, or reach out to Stasher at

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