Lodgify & Revyoos Join Forces To Boost Vacation Rental Bookings

Reviews have quickly become an essential part of modern-day travel and accommodation. In the vacation rental industry, the unknown is not exciting and can often lead to a ruined vacation. To avoid this, travelers rely on the reviews of others to help shape their opinion and to navigate the abundance of options that they’re faced with.

However, if you’re listing on multiple online travel agencies and your own vacation rental website, having great reviews on just one channel means you’re missing out on a lot of bookings and revenue. 

Let’s take a look at an example. Say you have a collection of positive reviews on Vrbo and Airbnb and you’ve just launched your very own website because you want to take ownership of your business. Despite having plenty of genuine reviews on two popular channels, potential guests scrolling through your website won’t be aware of it and might choose a competitor because of it.

We’re thrilled to announce our recent integration with Revyoos, the perfect solution for property managers and owners that are putting in the work to provide the best vacation rental experience but not seeing results. With Revyoos, you can automatically gather reviews from different listing sites to one digital platform, showcasing them on your direct booking website and building an outstanding reputation.

What is Revyoos?

Revyoos is the only all-in-one review aggregator for vacation rentals. It allows hosts to collect reviews from OTAs (such as Airbnb, Booking, Vrbo, and TripAdvisor) and platforms like Facebook. Reviews can be updated both automatically and manually, with the option to also request direct reviews from guests. 

Property owners or managers with their own website can use the Revyoos widget, improving credibility, SEO, and direct bookings. They can analyze, filter, and keep track of all past reviews to understand trends and key issues within the business. 

Lodgify Revyoos Integration

How does the Lodgify-Revyoos integration work?

With Revyoos, you can display reviews on your Lodgify website as an expandable or embedded widget (or both!). 

Expandable widget

Revyoos’ expandable widget shows a preview of the overall review score and the number of reviews on a tab at the bottom of the website. Guests can click it to expand and get a better look at the reviews. 

Lodgify Revyoos Integration

Embedded widget

The embedded widget shows up as its own page on the website, with an overview of the rating score on each channel.

Revyoos module on Lodgify website

Benefits of the Lodgify-Revyoos integration

The benefits of using Revyoos with Lodgify include building your reputation, improving your SEO and ranking higher on Google, getting more direct bookings, and keeping track of your performance. 

Revyoos dashboard integrated with Lodgify

Build trust and credibility

According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, almost 70% of consumers say they question the authenticity of reviews. With Revyoos, verified reviews are automatically collected and displayed on your website from sources like Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, TripAdvisor, and Facebook. 

Improve SEO

Using Revyoos can improve your clickthrough rate on Google by 35%. The widget also allows you to show your star ratings and total number of reviews on Google’s Search Engine Results page through a rich snippet, which will multiply the direct traffic to your Lodgify website.

Revyoos' rich snippet

Get more direct bookings

Studies by the Spiegel Research Center show that having genuine and positive reviews on your website can increase your conversion rate by 270%. The Lodgify-Revyoos integration helps you to convert potential customers by creating a trustworthy reputation for your business.

Track your performance

Revyoos allows you to filter, search, and analyze your reviews to get a better understanding of your performance. By keeping track of both the good and bad, you can detect patterns and areas for improvement. 

Use your general review score as a KPI and grow your business over time. Even if you stop using an OTA, Revyoos keeps a back-up copy of every review so that you can always access them. 

Revyoos reviews dashboard integrated with Lodgify

What does it cost?

Revyoos offers two types of customizable plans: Premium and Business. Both plans offer features like automated review collection, direct review requests, a property review widget, widget customization, a central dashboard, and a backup of all reviews. The Business Plan also includes rich snippets, a general review widget, massive property upload, and manual review uploads. 

The price for each plan depends on the number of properties you have. To try it out, Revyoos offers users a 14 day free trial with no credit card required. 

How can I set up Lodgify and Revyoos?

To get started with Revyoos, you will first need to create an account here. Once you’ve successfully created your account you will need to follow the following steps in our Knowledge Base article.

If you have any questions about the new Lodgify and Revyoos integration, please get in touch via the comments or by sending an email to help@lodgify.com.

There you have it! With the Lodgify-Revyoos integration, you’ll quickly see that guests are more comfortable booking your vacation rental. The hard work that you’ve put into building a collection of reviews will finally pay off and your business will grow as a result. 

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