Lodgify Websites Are Now HTTPS With SSL Certificates

Lodgify is happy to announce that all our websites are now HTTPS and use SSL encryption technology.

Previously, all our booking engines were already fully secure and SSL encrypted, but we have extended SSL encryption to all the pages of our Lodgify websites.

We’ve issued and set up SSL certificates for every existing and future Lodgify website. They typically cost up to $100 a year but because we know how important this is for vacation rental owners and property managers, it won’t come at any additional cost.  

How can I encrypt my Lodgify Website?

You don’t have to do anything! We’ve already done all the work for you.

All existing subscriptions have been upgraded to HTTPS, and it comes included with all our new subscriptions. This improves the security of our customers’ vacation rental websites and helps boost their SEO rankings.

Google is now discriminating websites that don’t have an SSL certificate, so it’s more important than ever to have a HTTPS website!

If you’d like to learn more about HTTPS and why it’s beneficial for your vacation rental website, check out our article “HTTPS: Why Your Vacation Rental Website Needs SSL Encryption”.

Don’t have a Lodgify website?

Skip all the tutorials and head straight into trialling our vacation rental software. Signing up only takes a couple of seconds, and you’ll be able to fully test all the features before committing.

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  1. Great then, SSL is very relevant to link your website to the web servers. Very useful and important in transferring data securely. Great post.

  2. My Lodgify site currently is showing a security warning likely because the certificate hasn’t been issued. How do I fix that

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