Lodgify Update: Major Speed Improvement and Funding!

Today we are super happy to announce a massive speed update that allows all Lodgify hosted websites to run 10x faster than before. We have optimized our architecture enabling quick browsing without hardly any loading time.

You may have also already read that we have closed our first funding round. We’ll be using this funding to enhance our software and unveil additional features in the upcoming weeks and months. Read on for more about our milestone updates.

Speed Update

Our latest speed update is a true milestone for Lodgify. We have managed to significantly increase the performance of Lodgify websites, enabling your website visitors to have a super fast and beautiful browsing experience.

This update is mainly due to a new Publish button and procedure which we have implemented to the Lodgify system. Now, whenever you make changes that are related to the design of your website, you need to publish these/put them online before they are visible on your live website. Before you publish any of your changes, you can see how they’ll look in a Preview Version. It’s just two additional clicks in your backend, but it has a massive effect on the speed of your frontend website.



  • Changes that you make to the availability or to the rates of your property do not need to be additionally published. Here the procedure remains unchanged.
  • The preview function is not suitable to store a different version of your website or for test editing purposes. Note: after completion of important system updates or bug fixes, your website may be automatically published with the latest version in order to reflect those updates.

For a detailed explanation on the new Publish button, please take a look at our Knowledge Base article here.

We’d love to hear your feedback on whether this update meets your expectations. So check out your websites and let us know what you think by commenting below!

Lodgify Funding

Finally, we are very happy to share with you that Lodgify has closed a €600,000 EUR funding round last month. The funding will allow us to aggressively expand our product development operations and launch additional updates for you in the upcoming months.

We’ll also be expanding our product team, which allows us to launch these new features at faster pace. Read more about our funding round here: Barcelona Startup Lodgify Raises €600k To Become the Shopify For Vacation Rentals

Our product pipeline is already filled with some innovative updates. One of these will be the launch of a new exciting website template and checkout system which we are introducing in July. So stay tuned and let us know if you have any questions!

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