How to Market Your Vacation Rental for the Fourth of July

The holidays are a great time for traveling thanks to extra time off and a buzz of excitement in the air. There are many different US peak travel season events you can take advantage of to make your vacation rental stand out from the crowd. The Fourth of July – Independence Day – is one of them and you can capitalize on that by marketing the most holiday-specific aspects of your rental.

So, how exactly can you make the most of this US tradition for your vacation rental? Take a look at the following suggestions and consider adding those details to your listings temporarily.

Ideas to attract vacation rental guests for July 4th

The Fourth of July is one of the biggest events for US travelers. This year alone, a record-setting 48.9 Million Americans are expected to pack their bags and take to the road for the occasion. With a number like this, scoring a booking for your own vacation rental during Independence Day should be easy pickings.

If you include these points in your listings, you will definitely have more than one reason to celebrate this year.

1. Provide routes to nearby fireworks

Vacation rental fireworks show for the Fourth of July.

Everyone wants to catch a memorable fireworks show on the Fourth of July, so promote how well your property is situated for easy enjoyment of this favorite summer past time. Be sure to include distances to the location via car, bike, and foot – if possible! In addition, mention any times to be aware of, your own local tips (i.e. free parking lots), and suggestions for nearby dinner spots.

If there are numerous shows that happen nearby, list them all to give potential renters a variety of options. If your guests are staying for multiple nights and can catch more than one show in the surrounding towns, they may be more likely to choose your property over a competitor’s.

2. Highlight room for big groups and families

Vacation rental with space for families and big groups during Fourth of July.

The Fourth of July is a holiday where people want to surround themselves with their loved ones. That means they will be looking for properties to rent which can host all of their family members and closest friends.

If your vacation rental has an abundance of space to offer, you should emphasize and advertise this in your listing. Having plenty of room for a larger number of guests is one of the biggest advantages you hold over hotels and smaller rentals and you should fully exploit that.

Targeting traveling families or bigger groups with your listing will definitely be worth your while for this holiday season.

3. Offer outdoor gathering space

Vacation rental barbecue for the Fourth of July.

Next to Labor Day and Memorial Day, the Fourth of July may be one of the most popular holidays for gathering with family and friends for a barbecue to remember. Include whether or not you have a grill and outdoor table, and don’t forget to mention any other outdoor amenities including a pool, benches, fire pit, string lights or tiki torches, and a kid-friendly playset or outdoor toys.

Include high-quality photos of the outdoor area, if you don’t already have them posted on your listing sites. Remember to remove clutter and clean up the space before taking and posting any photos. You want potential renters to see themselves hosting their friends there or spending a relaxing afternoon with their family.

4. Go all out on security

Smart Lock for vacation rental home security during the Fourth of July.

As with any big national event, July 4th can have it’s downsides – particularly when it comes to petty crimes. Each year on July 5th, the “crime recap” of the night before will often include home robberies – as everyone is gone with family and friends to watch the fireworks or barbecue for the day.

Use this as a perfect opportunity to remind potential renters that your property is their best bet by promoting the security measures you have in place. Mention specific features and why they’ll help keep your renters safe.

For example, if you have outdoor security lighting, highlight it in your description. David Artman, CEO of The Home Security Super Store confirms, “Night gives the illusion of security and safety, the ability to move undetected no matter the intention. Outdoor security lights offer a simple, yet effective way to protect the home by literally shining a light on the problem”.

Other security features that will catch people’s attention include a wireless security system, window and door sensors, and keyless entry or smart locks. This is especially true for families who want to keep their kids safe, as well as their belongings.

5. Incentivize travelers with last-minute deals

Last minute vacation rental deal for the Fourth of July.

Encourage late planners to choose your rental by running a deal for those who have last-minute time off or a change of plans. If you have a large social following, this makes for an ideal social media post. Use hashtags like #flashsale and #lastminutedeals to attract people who are scouring social channels for opportunities. Pair your post with an epic, eye-catching shot of your backyard or the local fireworks show to drive interest and engagement.

So there you have it! Five great ideas to ramp up your marketing before the Fourth of July to make the most of that “weekend getaway” mindset. Use these suggestions to catch last-minute planners and remind them why your rental is the perfect spot to celebrate the classic US holiday this year.

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