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How to Market Your Vacation Rental as a Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding can be an exciting yet daunting task, with couples often on the lookout for unique and memorable venues to say “I do.” If you own a vacation rental property, you might be sitting on a goldmine for marketing it as a wedding venue. With the increasing popularity of destination weddings and the desire for personalized experiences, vacation rentals can provide a charming and intimate setting for couples and their guests.

However, marketing your vacation rental as a wedding venue requires careful planning and strategic promotion to attract the right guests. In this article, we’ll explore how to effectively market your vacation rental as a wedding venue, from showcasing its unique features to reaching potential customers through targeted marketing efforts. We’ll also take a look at the reasons for doing so and what you need before you start, as well as some examples of wedding venue websites built with Lodgify.

So, whether you’re a seasoned vacation rental owner looking to expand your business or a homeowner considering renting out your property for weddings, read on for valuable insights on how to make your vacation rental the perfect backdrop for a dream wedding.

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Why market my vacation rental as a wedding venue?

Marketing your vacation rental as a wedding destination can be a lucrative business opportunity that offers several compelling benefits. With a robust business plan and strategic marketing efforts, your property can become a sought-after wedding venue, providing memorable experiences for couples and their guests while maximizing your revenue potential.

The main reasons why you should market your vacation rental as a wedding venue are:

Increased revenue

Weddings are often significant events with larger guest lists, multiple-day celebrations, and higher budgets. By marketing your vacation rental as a wedding venue, you can tap into the wedding market and potentially charge premium rates for hosting weddings. This can result in increased revenue compared to traditional vacation rental bookings, making it a hugely profitable business venture.

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Extended bookings

Unlike typical vacation rentals that may be booked for shorter durations, weddings typically require bookings for multiple days. This can result in extended booking durations and increased occupancy rates. Moreover, weddings are often planned well in advance; therefore, you may receive bookings for the next few years, allowing you to plan ahead and giving you long-term financial stability.

Unique selling proposition

Couples are constantly on the lookout for unique and memorable wedding venues that offer a personalized experience. Marketing your vacation rental as a wedding venue allows you to offer something distinctive and different, which can be a significant selling point for couples seeking a one-of-a-kind wedding venue.

Diversification of income

Renting out your vacation rental as a wedding venue allows you to diversify your income streams. This can be especially beneficial if you rely solely on vacation rental bookings and want to reduce dependency on seasonal fluctuations or other external factors that may impact the demand for vacation rentals.

Increased exposure

Hosting weddings at your vacation rental can provide an opportunity for increased exposure and word-of-mouth marketing. Happy couples and their guests can share their experiences on social media, leave positive reviews, and refer your property to others, resulting in free promotion and potentially attracting more bookings in the future.

Long-term relationships

Building relationships with couples who choose to get married at your vacation rental can result in long-term repeat business. Happy couples may choose to return for anniversaries or recommend your property to their friends and family, creating a loyal customer base.

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What do I need to rent my property as a wedding venue?

Renting your property as a wedding venue can be a lucrative business opportunity for those that are able to do it. To attract potential customers and provide a memorable experience for the couple and their guests, there are several amenities and features you may need to consider having in place before you start your advertising. To give you the best chance of being successful, it will help to have as much of the following as possible:

Event spaces

Your property should have ample indoor and/or outdoor event spaces that can accommodate different sizes of weddings. This may include a reception hall, a garden, a barn, or other suitable areas for ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions.

Seating and tables

Provide ample seating and tables for the number of guests your venue can accommodate. This may include chairs, tables, linens, and any other necessary furniture for both the ceremony and reception.


Sufficient parking space for guests and staff is essential. Ensure that there is enough room for vehicles and that it is easily accessible and well-lit to ensure the safety and convenience of your guests.


Clean and well-maintained restrooms are a must. Depending on the size of your venue, you may need to provide separate restrooms for men and women, and ensure they are easily accessible and stocked with necessary supplies.

Catering facilities

Depending on your business model, you may need to provide on-site catering facilities or have arrangements with preferred vendors. This may include a commercial kitchen, food prep areas, or designated spaces for catering staff to work.

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Lighting and sound

Adequate lighting and sound systems are crucial for creating a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere. Consider installing professional-grade lighting and sound equipment, or have arrangements with trusted vendors who can provide these services.

Amenities for guests

Consider providing amenities for guests such as Wi-Fi, air conditioning and heating, a designated bridal suite or dressing room, and other amenities that can enhance their comfort and experience.

What services could I offer?

If you are offering to host weddings at your property, you will also need to think about the additional services needed for the special day – and beyond! By offering a complete experience to your guests with tailor-made services, you are increasing the likelihood of a successful event as well as maximizing your profits. Think about if your vacation rental business can offer the following:


During a wedding, there is a lot of preparation… and traveling. There’s the arrival of the guests, the bride and groom, and then the departure of everyone from the ceremony at the church or the town hall, etc. You can take the lead and contact cab drivers, limo companies, and bus companies in the area to organize the transportation of guests.

Wedding planner and stylist

Organizing a wedding can be stressful. If you want to rent your property for a wedding, remember that wedding planning is something entirely different. Why not offer to put your customers in touch with professionals who can take care of all the logistical details, from organizing tables to the delivery of decorations?

A stylist will curate colors and fabrics, skillfully arrange flowers (or collaborate with a floral designer to bring their vision to life), and attend to every detail that contributes to the overall atmosphere and look of the special day.

Photographer and videographer

Guests will want to remember their day in as much detail as possible and share their memories with friends and family on social media. Team up with local photographers and videographers to offer the perfect souvenir of their wedding.

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Chef and catering

If you’re having a wedding on your property, it’s important to be able to offer different options for the guests’ buffet. Have a caterer in your contacts who can provide a variety of menu options for weddings, as well as professional cooking services to ensure the food is of high quality.

Spa, beauty salon or hair salon

The bride and groom will want to be pampered and look their very best before saying, “I do”. Try setting up a partnership with local businesses and recommend their services. Try to find a talented hairdresser, a makeup artist, and a local spa.

Music and entertainment

When you say ‘wedding’, others hear ‘party’! To make your guests’ experience unforgettable, don’t hesitate to provide them with live music and entertainment options. Remember that you will need electrical outlets available outside or in the reception room. Think about providing games for children such as balls, outdoor games, and board games, or ping-pong and table soccer for the older ones.


As for weddings, we basically provide accommodation and take care of some transfers. Only now and then do I plan whole weddings, 2-3 max. per year. They are very hard work!


Daniela Derin – Skol Apartments Marbella

What do I need to know before I start advertising my wedding venue?

Once you’re confident that your property has what it takes to host weddings, it’s time to take the next step and analyze how you’re going to market and advertise your property appropriately. However, before diving into this niche market, it’s crucial to conduct thorough market research so you can gain valuable insights that will help you stay competitive in the wedding industry.

So, let’s check out the most important areas to focus on for your research.

Identify your target market

Determine the target market for your research. This may include the geographic location where you operate or where your potential guests are located. Consider factors such as demographics, preferences, and budget to narrow down your target market.

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Collect data on pricing and packages

Gather data on pricing and packages offered by various wedding venues. This may include information on rental fees, catering costs, additional services, and any other fees or charges.

Analyze competitors

Research and analyze your competitors. Check out Airbnb wedding venues and Vrbo rentals for weddings to understand their strengths, weaknesses, pricing, and marketing strategies. In particular, try to find rentals in your area and always check their customer reviews for tips and inspiration. This will help you identify opportunities where you can differentiate yourself in the market.

Keep up with industry trends

Stay updated with the latest industry trends, news, and developments in the wedding venue market. Follow industry publications, such as The Knot and WeddingWire, attend industry events, and join professional networks to stay informed about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the wedding venue industry.

What else should I know about vacation rentals for weddings?

You’re almost there! From legal and logistical aspects to guest management and beyond, there are just a few more factors to consider before you’re ready to accept wedding bookings.

Safety measures

Ensure that your venue meets all local safety codes and regulations, including fire safety, accessibility for guests with disabilities, and any other relevant requirements.


Consider obtaining liability insurance to protect yourself and your property in case of accidents or damages during events.

Professional staff

Have a team of trained and professional staff to assist with setup, teardown, coordination, and other event-related tasks to ensure a smooth experience for the couple and their guests.

wedding decorations


Have a neutral, well-maintained backdrop that allows couples to personalize the space with their own decorations. This may include a blank canvas for them to create their own vision or provide some basic decorations that can be used as part of the rental package.

How do I market my rental property for weddings?

If you’ve come this far, you’re ready to put your research into action! Taking on board all the data you’ve gathered, you can now get your hands dirty and start implementing your ideas. In order to make it easier for you, we’ve highlighted the most important steps in marketing and advertising your vacation rental property.

Develop a website

The bad news? There’s more to it than simply listing your vacation rental as a wedding venue on Airbnb. The good news? You can use the Lodgify website builder tool to easily create a website dedicated to your vacation rental.

Aside from being the perfect platform to showcase your property and services, you can also accept direct bookings, allowing you to avoid any OTA commission fees. Make sure your website is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and has all the relevant information about the property.

In addition, you can make your website even easier for potential customers to find by implementing an effective SEO strategy. Target certain keywords, such as ‘wedding venue in (location)’, to try and generate as much website traffic as you can.

List your rental on a suitable OTA

More than 4,400 people in the U.S. search every month for “Airbnb wedding venues,” and almost 600 a month search for “Vrbo wedding venues”, meaning there’s a huge demand out there for vacation rentals for weddings.

List your property on the top OTAs, like Airbnb, Vrbo, and, as well as niche OTAs that specialize in weddings, including Wedding Booking System and Weddingly.

Remember, if you list on various websites, you need a channel manager to help you synchronize and manage your reservations across all platforms.

Use social media

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching potential customers. Create social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for your vacation rental, posting pictures, videos, and information about the property, as well as testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers.

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Network with wedding planners

Build relationships with local wedding planners and offer them incentives to promote your vacation rental as a wedding venue to their clients. Consider offering discounted rates or referral fees to encourage them to promote your property.

Attend wedding conferences

Attend local wedding expos and trade shows to showcase your vacation rental as a wedding venue. Provide brochures, flyers, or business cards to interested couples and wedding planners.

Highlight your amenities

Make sure to highlight any amenities that make your vacation rental a great wedding venue, such as outdoor spaces for ceremonies, ample parking, or on-site accommodations for wedding guests.

Showcase your property with professional photography

High-quality photography is essential to showcase your property’s potential as a wedding venue. Consider hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of the property and use these photos in your marketing materials.

Remember to keep your marketing strategy focused on the unique features and benefits of your vacation rental as a wedding venue. By targeting your marketing efforts to potential customers in the wedding industry, you can increase the visibility of your vacation rental and attract more bookings as a wedding venue.

7 Wedding venue websites built with Lodgify

Planning a wedding is an exciting and joyous occasion, and choosing the perfect venue is often one of the first and most crucial decisions for couples. In today’s digital age, wedding venue websites play a significant role in helping couples find their dream location for their special day. Thanks to the Lodgify website builder, creating a professional and visually stunning website has become easier than ever.

The website builder empowers wedding venue owners and managers to create elegant, functional, and user-friendly websites that showcase their property’s unique features and charm. Let’s explore 7 exemplary wedding venue websites that have been built using Lodgify, highlighting their standout features, design elements, and functionalities.

1. Genteel Farm, Pennsylvania, USA

Genteel Farm

The folks at Genteel Farm have dedicated a whole page of their website to weddings, showcasing their charming outdoor spaces while giving us inspiration with stylish wedding photography. This property presents a one-of-a-kind wedding venue that boasts a serene spring-fed stream, rolling hills, and breathtaking gardens.


2. Vila Vale Mouro, Portugal

Vila Vale Mouro

This website sets the scene and allows customers to start dreaming about their special day at this stunning venue in the south of Portugal. They use a carousel photo gallery to show off their amenities and even have a section on how they can help with wedding planning.


3. Sa Talaia Blanca, Spain

Sa Talaia Blanca

Based on the island of Mallorca in Spain, this gorgeous venue uses its website to highlight how special weddings are here. Using a drone photo of the entire property and showing the outdoor spaces complete with wedding furniture, customers can imagine how beautiful their day will look.


4. Yurali House, Australia

Yurali House

With golden hour photography and chic wedding photography, this website shows off the stunning grounds of this beautiful venue in Australia. It uses two carousel photo galleries, and the text describes how their rental makes for the perfect wedding venue.


5. Bandon Vistas, Oregon, USA

Bandon Vistas

Located on the Oregon coast, this property has vast open spaces to accommodate wedding guests as well as beautiful indoor areas. The carousel photo gallery provides an insight into how weddings look here, along with some fun and unique photo opportunities.


6. Cacao Boutique Hotel, Guatemala

Cacao Boutique Hotel

This rustic chic property in Guatemala offers a memorable wedding experience to its guests. With a whole page dedicated to weddings, potential customers can scroll through the gallery and read about the services offered, including 10% off a local spa and salon.


7. Cortijo Juan Salvador, Spain

Cortijo Juan Salvador

Overlooking the Montes de Málaga Natural Park in southern Spain, this sixteen-acre estate provides a traditional farmhouse setting for wedding guests, and this is reflected in its website, which highlights its main amenities and luscious grounds.


Key takeaways

Marketing your vacation rental as a wedding venue can be a lucrative and rewarding venture. By following the tips and strategies discussed, such as highlighting your unique features, leveraging social media, partnering with local businesses, and providing exceptional customer service, you can attract engaged couples and make their dream wedding a reality.

Remember to showcase the potential of your property as a stunning backdrop for the most memorable day of their lives, and be sure to tailor your marketing efforts to target the right audience. With careful planning, effective promotion, and a commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience, your vacation rental can become an in-demand wedding venue that brings joy, romance, and lasting memories to couples and their loved ones.

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