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Lodgify Releases its Brand New Mobile App for Hosts

Managing a vacation rental business doesn’t stop when you decide to take a break from sitting in front of the computer screen.

Our first app included the basic tools that every vacation rental host needs, but we don’t want to settle with just the basics. At Lodgify, we’re always aiming to offer the best features to our customers so that they can succeed at their job.

Hosts need an app as dynamic as they are, so that’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new and improved version of our mobile app, bringing you both the mobility and software you need to run your business.

Our product journey in developing the new mobile app

A lot of hard work and analysis went into improving the Lodgify mobile app. Our goals were to listen to what our customers wanted while creating a modern and intuitive user experience.

We’ve gathered your feedback over the last couple of years to know where we needed to make improvements. This was the backing of our decisions going forward because our user expectations come first with the developments we do.

Anila Hasaj Lodgify Mobile App PM

Anila Hasaj, Lodgify’s Mobile App PM, carried out multiple qualitative surveys during the development journey.

In design, we reviewed and analyzed different market-leading apps before settling on a new technological base that would allow us to execute our design goals as well as iterate different and new concepts for users.

You will notice in this new app that we’ve moved away from overcrowding a small area of the screen in order to ensure you an easy and intuitive experience. We’ve also improved upon our included features and added new mechanics, which will allow us to develop at a rapid pace to make any necessary improvements going forward.

Exciting new features

The app of course provides owners and managers with all the features they need to run their businesses. Let’s take a look at what you’ll have access to from the app.

App walk-through

Not sure how to use the new app? That’s no problem because when you enter the app for the first time, you will be offered a story-style walk-through tutorial on how to use the features and navigate around the app.

No more clicking around aimlessly to learn the structure of the app; you will be a pro at managing your business from your mobile phone starting from your first login.

User dashboard

Get a quick snapshot of your scheduled bookings and guest information right from your user dashboard.

If you need to check when you’re expecting guests, no problem. The booking agenda widget gives you access to all of your upcoming bookings and allows you to contact your guests directly through WhatsApp or through our unified inbox.

Unified inbox

The update you’ve all been waiting for. Our highly anticipated unified inbox is now at your fingertips.

This all-in-one messaging system makes communication easy, and we all know how crucial communication is in our line of business. Users can send messages and emails, create automated responses, and view reservation details to simplify guest management and hospitality.

Lodgify Mobile App Unified Inbox

You can continuously talk and interact with your guests to improve your response rate time and fix any issues that may arise instantaneously.


We know that the calendar is one of the most interacted with features for any host, so when designing the app, we made sure to be calendar-obsessed in order to create a highly user-centric experience on your mobile device.

As always, you are able to perform all duties as usual on your mobile calendar, such as creating reservations, blocking dates, or editing bookings with a tap of a finger. The biggest difference is the user-friendliness you will gain on such a small screen.

Lodgify Mobile App Calendar

This posed a challenge for us due to the visual confinements of a mobile device, but we think we’ve finally perfected the calendar design in this new version of the app!


You can enjoy the same functionality of the desktop reservations system but in the palm of your hands: accept new bookings, look up guest details, request payments, check transactions and create new bookings and quotes.

On top of this, we’ve also added an interactive flow that will guide you through creating a quote for your guests with or without their email addresses.

How the new mobile app will help your business

Being able to take managing your business with you everywhere you go has to come with some added benefits, right? Your guests will be sure to recognize the extra effort that you’ll be putting in with the mobile app.

Your CMS, on the go

With the app, you can manage your rentals, edit information and adjust rates. You can easily adapt your rentals to fit any guest requests, discounts, or improvements to your property, so there will be no surprises for guests when they arrive.

Lodgify Mobile App Rentals CMS

Quick updates for guests mean higher satisfaction and a boost in ratings for your vacation rental. Once people see that others love staying with you, you will be sure to receive more bookings and welcome more guests in the future.

Boosted speed and performance

Your performance can only be as good as the software that’s backing it, so that’s why we’ve developed the new app to have a major boost in speed and all-around performance.

No more waiting for updates or messages to buffer, losing you time and money. Be attentive to your guests the moment they need anything or when there are any changes, bringing your hospitality from good to amazing.

How to download the app

The Lodgify app is free to download on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. If you are currently a Lodgify customer, simply follow these steps to get Lodgify on your mobile device.

  • For iOS devices, open this iOS App Store link and tap on the blue “GET” button. Enter your App Store credentials, use Touch ID or Face ID, and the download will begin.
  • For Android devices, open this Google Play Store link and tap on the green “Install” button to add the Lodgify app to your device.

If you are not yet a Lodgify customer, you can start a free trial or purchase a subscription before downloading the new mobile app.

The new Lodgify mobile app gives you the power to manage your vacation rental business from anywhere. We hope you make full use of all the new features and possibilities with the app.

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    1. Hi Wayne,
      We are thrilled to hear you are enjoying the app!
      To re-arrange the mobile rental order in your calendar, click on the filter icon available above your multi-view calendar.
      Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions 🙂
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