Use These Outdoor Amenities to Attract More Travelers to Your Vacation Rental

The nice weather is almost here and for many owners, this is the peak season for their vacation rental business.

But how can you take advantage of the climate and attract new tourists?

It’s quite simple! By offering the best services to enjoy the exterior parts of your vacation rental.

Whether your property is in a beach area, in the mountains or in the city, having an outdoor space where guests can enjoy pleasant temperatures could make a difference when comparing and choosing which accommodation to book for their next trip.

Because a vacation rental is not just a place to spend the night – it’s much more than this. It’s a place where you rest and relax, a place where you reconnect with yourself, or just a place where you have a good time with family and friends.

The right outdoor amenities will win over your guests and convince them to choose your property!


Before starting, it’s important to stop and think about the difference that there will be between the interior and the exterior part of the house.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking of them as two completely separate parts of your property.

In fact, the exterior has to be in line with the interior design and style. Plus, you especially need to focus on the transition from interior to exterior.

Some owners install floor-to-ceiling windows that allow guests to see the garden and let the sunlight enter – so they can even enjoy the outdoor space while they’re still inside the property.

Others build a covered front porch that protects guests from the rain or the harsh midday sun.

Now, let’s take a look at the amenities that you could apply to your property’s exterior.



Installing a swimming pool in your property will help make your vacation rental resemble a resort.

A survey on vacation rental amenities showed that 81% of the guests said that having a private swimming pool at the property is a key element that affects their choice. And this is true for both foreign and national travelers!

Be creative. Give it an original shape, add a diving board and play with the immediate surroundings: a few sunloungers to dry on after a dip, a nice floor to step on with wet feet and a shower to get rid of chlorine.

Don’t forget to provide your guests with other items they could use in the swimming pool, like goggles, floats, etc.


Families will likely be the type of guests who will be eager to rent properties with an exterior space where children can run, play and get dirty.

So why don’t you offer them something unique?

Make your exterior as attractive and fun as possible for the little ones – their parents won’t be able to resist to the face they will make when they see the treehouse or the swings available in your backyard.

If this is too much effort and does not fit into your budget, you can simply invest in some outdoor games and show them in the property pictures that appear on your website.


Did you know that every day more and more travelers are bringing their pets with them during a trip?

According to a survey by TripAdvisor, 53% of the travelers interviewed confirmed that they travel with their furry friends, and 52% would only stay in a property if they accept animals.

Make sure that at least a small part of your exterior is fenced and safe for animals, and provide them with all the basic services they could need.

This way you will be showing guests that you care about the safety of their pets and that your property is suitable for them. You’ll open the door to much more reservations from pet lovers!


Is there anything better than a movie night where you can also enjoy the great outdoors?

An open-air cinema is something that everyone loves and that provides a private and unique experience to your guests – all with the comfort of staying on the sofa at your home.

It doesn’t have to be a huge investment, but it’s certainly something which will set you apart from all other properties. The unforgettable experience of watching films outside will be hard to compete with!



A large barbecue is one of the top amenities that most attract those guests who are looking for accommodation with a private, spacious outdoor area.

There is nothing like preparing a feast with family or friends and enjoying a great barbecue together. These are the memories that guests want to bring home from their stay.

But be careful. Before buying and installing your grill, talk to your neighbors and let them know about your plans.


Travelers choose to book a vacation rental, among other things, because of the possibility and the freedom of cooking that it provides.

The difference between a barbecue and an outdoor kitchen is that guests can use it in order to cook whatever they want.

It’s a complete space for cooking, with a fridge, sink and countertop that allows guests to prepare their favorite meals at any time.

This amenity is becoming very popular, especially in luxury vacation rentals, since cooking has become an entertainment activity in itself.



For many, going on vacation is synonymous with relaxation.

When people leave their everyday life, they want to put their routine on hold and allow their body and spirit to enter a state of relaxation that they do not have during the rest of the year.

Show your guests that you can give them what they need by adding a hammock between two trees, outdoor sofas, soft and warm lightings and a parasol to spend the day laying in the garden.

Ensure that these items of furniture are made from durable materials which will withstand rain and all-day exposure to the sun. As well as this, it’s important the garden is tidy and trimmed – there is nothing worse than clutter and dirt when guests want to rest and relax!


Although it may seem too luxurious for some, a jacuzzi can be a great option for owners who don’t have a large garden or can’t install an exterior swimming pool at their property.

If you can afford it, a hot tub is a perfect solution if you want to offer your guests a place where to relax and let off some steam.


For the ultimate experience in cozy outdoor settings, set up a fireplace with a few armchairs at the outside of your property.

As soon as guests see in the photographs of your property that you have this amenity, they will imagine themselves enjoying it with their loved ones, creating unique moments and an unforgettable vacation.

We know that not all of these elements are available to all owners in terms of budget. But even the least expensive options will make your property unique and boost your reservations!

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  1. Hey Giovanni, great tips. All of these certainly make rentals more appealing. From experience, I would add that owners should make sure their guestbook provides information on how to safely use these amenities, that safety signs are displayed and health and safety regulations are followed (e.g. jacuzzi maintenance). Check your insurance covers public liability for guests using these and if an accident does happen – don’t admit liability. Let your insurer deal with everything.

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