10 Vacation Rental Podcasts That Will Turn You Into a Pro

As a vacation rental owner or property manager, you’re probably often on the lookout for tips and tricks which will help improve or optimize many aspects of your business. That’s why you subscribe to the right industry blogs, you belong to all the relevant LinkedIn groups and you follow the leading influencers to constantly build on your knowledge.

But, there is something else you could be doing at any time to further your understanding of vacation rental best practices. It’s something you can do at home, on the go, on your commute or even in the bath (if you want to).

That is – listen to podcasts.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are to your ears what blogs are to your eyes. They’re recorded audio shows, which often take the form of a series, and usually centered around specific topics and themes – such as vacation rentals. Best of all, they’re downloadable, meaning you can listen to them offline and from just about anywhere. In short, it’s like having a radio station that you’ve personally curated at your fingertips.

Top 10 vacation rental podcasts to subscribe to

As the industry is growing and changing, there are an increasing number of vacation rental resources readily available for up-and-coming professionals, such as podcasts. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular podcasts for budding industry experts of the moment!

1. Vacation Rental Success

One of the most well-known podcasts in the industry, Heather Bayer’s Vacation Rental Success podcast never fails to deliver. In the weekly podcast, you’ll find interviews with industry influencers and booming business owners alongside interior design tips, marketing ideas and event roundups. This podcast is bursting full of useful tricks that can be put into action right away. Read the useful summaries of each podcast before downloading the ones that interest you most!

2. Holiday Let Success

Covering everything from vacation rental events to copywriting, the best apps and tools to building your rental portfolio, the Holiday Let Success podcast is another must-listen for any aspiring owner or manager. Elaine Watt’s UK-based podcast is committed to educating owners to build successful businesses, while focusing on sharing industry knowledge and creating lasting guest relationships.

3. Get Paid for Your Pad

It’s with good reason this podcast has such a heavy focus specifically on Airbnb – its creator, Jasper Ribbers, is a long-time Airbnb Superhost and his whole website is dedicated to helping other hosts achieve the same success. The Get Paid for Your Pad podcast teaches hosts how to make the most income from their Airbnb listings, all the while providing listeners with actionable tips, Airbnb news stories and personal anecdotes.

4. Unlocked

Matt Landau took a year-long hiatus from his Unlocked podcast and came back with a bang. In this series, he interviews and chats with professionals from different areas of the industry. There is a lot to learn from the wide-ranging experience of his podcast guests, with recent interviews featuring  Megan McCrea, Terry Whyte and Steve Milo.

5. BiggerPockets

As the website itself describes, the BiggerPockets podcast is just like “grabbing a beer with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs”. While not necessarily vacation rental-focused, these “casual chats” about the ups and downs of the real estate industry, personal learning curves and talks about how to achieve big results are a great source of information for any ambitious owner.

6. Shampoo and Booze

This funnily-named podcast takes its inspiration from the two most frequently left-behind items in this couple’s Airbnb – Shampoo and Booze. The hosts of this podcast are Ryanne and Jay who own a popular rural vacation rental. Through their recordings, listeners can track the couple’s renovation progress, as well as hear their thoughts on long and short term renting, how to improve rentals and running Airbnb businesses on the road.

7. Hosting Your Home

Debi and Rob Hertert are the married team behind the Hosting Your Home podcast. As owners of four vacation rentals themselves, they’re experienced in everything that comes along with opening up your properties for business. While many of the stories are Portland or Oregon-based, owners from all over can relate to the topics discussed.

8. The Property Podcast

Though it started from humble beginnings with a single half-an-hour long recording, the Property Podcast now has over 100,000 listeners each month for its twice-weekly sessions. Its contents boast news stories and resources, wedged between advice and discussions regarding all things property investment – including vacation rentals.

9. The Hosting Journey

Evelyn Badia of The Hosting Journey is an Airbnb Superhost who has a lot of experience with the platform. From difficult guests to Airbnb updates, and even general hosting recommendations like “which WiFi door lock is right for me?” – Evelyn can help. Besides this, in the podcast episodes, she aims to answer all the questions that come in on her Facebook group of the same name!

10. Sarah and T

Hosts of the Sarah and T podcast, Sarah Bradford and Tim Cafferty, have many years of vacation rental experience between them – Tim even grew up in the industry – and respective portfolios of 150 and 400 rentals. Their podcast is unique in that the topics they cover are specifically for the professional vacation manager. They provide property managers with all the tips, tricks and insights they need to improve their business operations and make it a success.

Which vacation rental podcasts do you listen to? If we’ve missed any of your favorites that deserve a mention here, let us know in the comments!

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