The Truth About Property Inspection Software: Pen and Paper vs. Digital

Technology has completely disrupted the world as we know it. We check bank statements on our smartphones, read the news on our laptops, teach our kids maths with iPads and even download books for our Kindles!

Despite technology evolving around us, property managers are still arguing that the real estate industry is safe from technology disruption and continue to use pen and paper to carry out inspections.

In some ways, the lack of technology acceptance within the property industry has been positive as it has opened a massive door for new organizations to drive change.

Read on to discover the benefits you and your vacation rental company will experience when switching out pen and paper for digital inspections.

Leave your competition behind

Unfortunately, property managers are still holding back business and personal growth by using inefficient means to complete inspections. From age-old methods of using pen and paper to relying on clunky Excel spreadsheets – managers all over the world are struggling to keep up with change.

By simply engaging with technology advancements and integrating property inspection software into your companies’ operations, you place yourself ahead of the competition. The guest experience improves massively when you use this type of tool to complete your practices. Plus, you can access any information you need at any time. Instead of trawling through filing cabinets, you search your software exactly how you would a Google search. Instead of loose bits of paper clogging up your office, you open your web app on your laptop and get working.

In every aspect of management, integrating your company with property inspection software instantly propels you above the competition.

Skyrocket efficiency with property inspection software

If you could spend 30 minutes doing an inspection that usually takes three hours to complete, would you? Of course, you would!

Using an inspection tool to its highest potential can save you up to 75% of your time. This means you have much more time to communicate with your incoming guests, answer inquiries and of course, more time to spend with your family. Essentially, more time means more opportunity for your company to grow.

Completing an inspection the old way used to consist of:

  • Formatting an inspection checklist
  • Printing that checklist onto paper
  • Adding notes and comments with a pen as you inspect
  • Using a camera to take photos of the property
  • Taking that information back to the office and typing it out into a professional format.

Sounds fun, right? Wrong! Well, at least we didn’t think so.

With property inspection software, you have everything at your fingertips. You:

  • Pre-load inspection checklists onto your smartphone
  • Carry out the inspection
  • Take photos in-app and they automatically load onto your inspection report
  • Bring up previous reports to compare a property’s condition
  • Can even take signatures for tenant proof in-app.

And, the best part? As soon as you walk out of the property and upload your report, you never have to give the inspection another thought.

This means that a manager could be on-site doing an inspection, uploading photos via the software’s mobile app and you could be sat at your desk in your office viewing them as soon as they are taken. Not only does this increase productivity, it also means that everyone is kept in the know at all times – building a stronger business for you.

Build your brand

Would you trust a mechanic with a broken car? No. So why would you trust a property manager that still uses a piece of paper and a pencil to conduct inspections and manage your property?

Standard property inspection reports do nothing to help build your company’s brand. Specialized inspection software, however, allows for customization of reports with logos, headers, contact information and photos. This creates a polished, professional look every time you send or generate a report.

Property inspection software enables businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition and place themselves as change leaders within the property industry.

The verdict

Technology is vastly underestimated within property management but has proven its potential to drive your brand to the next level.

Property management is a tough gig which requires multiple skill sets. Using property inspection software allows you to keep yourself and your staff accountable, while still maintaining a high level of service. Currently, there is only a small portion of property managers that have seen the value property inspection software adds to their practices and have begun to use it.

Will you be one of the next property managers to embrace change, take control of your future and implement property inspection software within your business?

About the Author

Marcus King is the lead content writer for SnapInspect. SnapInspect is a property inspection software that saves users 70% of inspection time. SnapInspect aims to eliminate any tedious back-office work by making your entire inspection process online and digital.

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