For property managers, taking care of all your different units is only half the work – you also need to ensure you stay in the loop with any new rules, regulations and trends that come into effect regarding your properties and their locations.

If you’re not sure where to find up-to-date information, this list can help! We’ve narrowed down some of the best resources available for property managers. Be sure to bookmark these top 11 property management blogs.

1. Property Manager

The clue is in the name with this first blog on the list! Unsurprisingly, the Property Manager blog covers articles from a whole range of topics – from bed bugs to millennials – and even has a handy curated “best of” section where you can find the top articles of all time.

2. Multifamily Insiders

As well as providing informative content, the Multifamily Insiders blog is a space for property managers to discuss all kinds of issues relating to their business. Their mission is to share knowledge and exchange ideas on the future of the property management industry.

3. Zillow

While not strictly property management, Zillow’s blog is a great resource for anyone in real estate. From home renovations to new year predictions, celebrity pads to the perks of renting – there’s something for everyone on this blog.


If you’re still deciding on the right property manager for your business, or want help when it comes to dealing with the different decisions that need to be made for your properties, the blog is one to bookmark.

5. BiggerPockets

For those who are interested in real estate investing as well as property management, the BiggerPockets blog is for you. Neatly organized into categories ranging from “Starting Out” to “Flipping” and “Investor Stories” – there’s plenty of material to keep you informed.

6. Updater

A bit of a cheat entry, Updater is actually an innovative tech tool to help users when they move house. Their blog explores plenty of different themes related with moving, however we think the property management section is super useful for any budding property managers.

7. Buildium

As well as being an award-winning solution to help simplify property management, Buildium’s blog also provides users with a weekly round-up of breaking news and trends, as well as cover stories on changes in state laws, taxes and the like.

Bonus entry: 7 ½. All Property Management

Acquired by Buildium in 2015, the All Property Management blog features many of the same writers as Buildium’s, with a wide variety of articles added each week.

8. Property Management Insider

On the Property Management Insider blog, you’ll find research, strategies and analytics paired with everyday topics such as pest control and bathroom trends.


With a strong focus on online marketing, the blog will not only teach you about content, SEO, social media, PPC and the rest, it will also help you with the very basics of starting a property management business in the first place!

10. Let’s Talk Property Management

Besides plenty of quality articles on Let’s Talk Property Management’s often-updated blog, this free network for landlords and property managers also provides an active discussion space by way of a forum.

11. First Light Property Management

From kooky design ideas to low-cost, energy-saving tips, the First Light Property Management blog will help you with all your maintenance, renovation and general property management-related needs.

These are just 11 of our favorite property management blogs of the moment. Know another that should be added to the list? Leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to add it in!

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Top 11 Property Management Blogs to Bookmark Now
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