5 Tips to Write a Successful Vacation Rental Marketing Plan

With more and more prospective travelers looking to squeeze unforgettable weekend memories between busy work weeks, the market for on-demand hospitality proves profitable as ever.

Given that your property exists as one in an ever-increasing portfolio of travel accommodations, you’re looking for ways to separate your vacation rental from the rest. Maybe it’s professionally managed, maybe it sports awe-inspiring views from expansive windows. But with so many getaways competing for the attention of the travel demographic, it’s time your vacation rental became the high standard vacationers decide upon.

For those seeking to maximize the potential of their vacation rental, look over these easy-to-follow guidelines to increase bookings, decrease the time between renters, and even boost your average review rating! Set yourself up for long-term success with these founding tips for a profitable vacation rental marketing plan.

1. Understand the market

You’re not going to break into the vacation rental market before you understand it. Studies show that up to 31% of prospective travelers prefer to book professionally managed vacation sites. These travelers also gravitate toward vacation rentals with impressive amenity portfolios: fast wireless internet, television, laundry provisions, comfortable bedding, and stocked kitchens are virtual must-haves for successful vacation rental enterprises. It never hurts to have a novelty on site – whether that’s an expansive indoor fireplace, complimentary breakfast, or bike/kayak availability, anything to give travelers one more reason to book with you.

Travelers also want personality. Let your dedication to world-class hospitality characterize your vacation rental listing; establish a professional persona to close on bookings more frequently. When a prospective guest understands that the inherent value of a rental outweighs its asking price, you’ve likely earned yourself a new renter.

It sounds rudimentary, but you’re also going to want to include a healthy selection of hospitality buzzwords. Referring to your home as “world-class” will help, and feel free to name-drop when it comes to accreditations or local landmarks.

Put the highlights of your vacation rental at the forefront of your promotional efforts. It’s your job to provide more than other vacation rentals can afford to risk.

2. Rock your listing

It starts with the pictures. Use high-resolution, dynamic images, photos that leave something to the imagination but, nevertheless, tempt guests to delve deeper. More effective than your travel headline or even your guest ratings is the image portfolio. You’re going to want to provide an impressive, non-blurry series of photos, and it’s never a bad idea to selectively filter for lighting or clarity.

Your headline must deliver. A concise headline, one that offers a singular invitation to the traveler, is often the quickest distance between yourself and increased bookings. Refrain from including specifics, such as the number of rooms or individual amenities. This is a chance to hook your client from the get-go, not to begin your sales pitch. Your headline sets the stage for the feature presentation.

Your description needs to sing. It shouldn’t ever offer a potential guest the chance to click away, instead offering attractive reasons why your vacation rental deserves their investment. Whether the difference between your vacation rental and your competition is price, proximity to local attractions, or the allowance of pets or social gatherings – this is your chance to show you’ll go the extra mile.

3. Effective advertising

No one said you have to break the bank when it comes to marketing your vacation rental, but the establishment of a successful vacation rental marketing plan does require the promotion of your offerings. Put your understanding of the modern traveler to work, and give consumers exactly what they’re looking for in a winning stay, courtesy of a winning advertisement.

Now it’s time to put your name out there. Trust the quality of your vacation rental, build your own professional website, and use platforms like HomeAway, VRBO, and Airbnb to get in front of thousands of guests. Develop an approach to social media marketing that proves aggressive yet tasteful, and you’ll soon have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as additional avenues for revenue.

4. Streamlined payments

Don’t let guest payment problems stand between you and vacation rental success. A profitable vacation rental marketing plan includes allowing travelers the capacity to book online, via a variety of mediums. To a certain extent, the more channels a guest is allowed for payment, the better.

Credit card acceptance is a must. You’re offered protected payments with zero wait time, and travelers always love earning rewards through card payment. The vast majority of guests who book online will look to pay via credit card.

Be sure to accommodate those individuals less inclined to provide you with credit card information. That’s were e-invoicing comes in: this method allows an invoice to arrive directly in a guest’s email, where they can input their information without your involvement.

5. Maintain a big-picture focus

With regard to maintaining a successful vacation rental, time is of the essence. Ensure equal distribution of your hours, between branding, confirming reservations, market research and active promotion to avoid spending undue time in a single field.

Keep the end-goal in mind, and understand that your goals may fluctuate as your vacation rental gains momentum. A big-picture focus also requires you to admit to faults or weaknesses: what can you improve? Where might you require additional assistance or advice? The answers to these questions allow you to honestly assess your standing among other vacation rentals.

It happens in stages

Make no mistake: establishing a profitable vacation rental takes both time and energy, and could soon turn into a full-time job of its own. Your successful marketing plan means nothing without your willingness to work, and your dedication to the brand.

However, don’t be surprised if you find yourself having some fun! You’re allowing modern travelers to realize their vacation dreams! That’s something to feel proud about. Work smart, put in the time, and employ the included vacation rental tips, and you’ll find yourself on the fast track toward establishing a successful vacation rental brand. To find out more about the best vacation rental recommendations and destination guides, check out Trip101.

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