10 Reasons Why You Need Lodgify’s Vacation Rental Website Builder

When you decide to create a website for your vacation rental business, one of the first things you are likely to do is compare different website builder tools.

There are, of course, certain things you need to bear in mind. More than anything, the website builder you go for needs to support all your business’ individual needs. That means getting a good understanding of what features it boasts – long before signing up to create your site!

Let’s make things easier for you. In this article, we’re going to take a look at 10 reasons why you need Lodgify’s vacation rental website builder.

1. It has customizable templates

While there’s a chance some might be, overall, most vacation rental owners aren’t professional web designers. That’s why using a template-based website builder can be the simplest solution for your vacation rental website.

Ensuring the template is 100% customizable – like all of Lodgify’s – means that you still achieve the personalized site design you are aiming for, without having to code for hours and hours to get there.

Lodgify’s templates also come with features designed specifically for vacation rental businesses. For example, the ability to showcase each property with unlimited photos, highlight its location on a map and display up-to-date availability calendars.

2. It allows you to create a mobile-friendly website

Increasingly, travelers are booking all aspects of their trips via mobile devices – so your website needs to be compliant. Choosing a website builder that automatically optimizes your site to fit smartphone screens will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. It will also help get you more bookings from day one!

Because of this, all Lodgify templates are already mobile-responsive – so you won’t have to do any extra work to make your vacation rental website adapt to any size device. Furthermore, mobile-friendliness is now also an important factor for Google’s search algorithm, so having an optimized site will ensure your website doesn’t get buried in search results.

Not sure if your existing website is mobile-friendly? Use a tool like ready.mobi to check!

3. It encourages you to take online bookings

With more and more people reserving vacation transport and accommodation over the internet, the ability to book online is becoming more important than ever. That’s why it’s so essential you pick a vacation rental website builder that allows for this.

All Lodgify templates come with a powerful booking engine seamlessly integrated into the website design. No matter whether you’re a book-it-now kind of host, or prefer to manually accept each booking request, your website will be ready to take online bookings from the very moment you press “publish”.

4. It’s easy to edit your website design

If you decide to change something about your website design – whether that’s its colors, background, logo or anything else – you want to be able to do so instantly, without delay, and without needing help of a specialist web designer.

For that reason, Lodgify’s intuitive website design editors allows all our users, technically skilled and otherwise, to personalize and change their site at any time. Even if you want to change template later on there are no restrictions. No decision is final with Lodgify’s website builder.

5. It’s simple to add new and edit existing content

When it comes to the content of your website (property descriptions, list of amenities and so on), you should also be able to edit this as and when you like.

A website builder like Lodgify already has an in-built, step-by-step CMS (content management system) where you can input as much data as necessary to generate your vacation rental website. Plus, you can edit it whenever you want – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

6. It’s already optimized for search engines

If you’re new to building websites, getting to grips with SEO (search engine optimization) might be the last thing on your mind – but it goes without saying that it’s hugely important. Following best practices for SEO will help your website to show up in the top results in search engines like Google, so more guests find it and make a booking.

With Lodgify, you can rest assured knowing the template you choose is already optimized to take these stringent SEO rules and regulations into account. What’s more, we automatically submit your sitemap to search engines to further help with SEO positioning.

7. It integrates with social media

Social media is a must for any modern vacation rental business. More than ever, prospective guests are turning to social media channels to check previous guests’ photos, reviews, or even to contact owners with questions before booking.

Lodgify’s vacation rental website builder makes this easy for you – our social media integrations mean you can link your website to your social media pages and vice versa with total ease. Furthermore, our integration with Facebook Messenger helps you communicate with guests directly from your Lodgify account.

8. It lets you showcase reviews

Nowadays, reviews are one of the most powerful tools for persuading more travelers into booking your rental home. So not only is it vital you ask each and every guest for a review upon departure, it’s also super important to publish these somewhere!

At Lodgify, we know all about the power of reviews, so we’ve designed our built-in review system with this in mind. Collect and publish all your guest reviews onto your website in little more than a few clicks using our website builder. These will help you build credibility and a good reputation for your business, as well as make it more likely that other guests will book your home!

9. It boasts multilingual features

Adding translations of your website in multiple languages can help you reach a more international audience – fact. So choosing a website builder that allows for this can be your secret weapon when it comes to securing more global guest bookings.

When you create your website with Lodgify, we’ve already translated the amenities and navigation bars in more than 25 world languages. All you have to do is activate the languages that are relevant to your business audience in the Lodgify back office, and wait for those international bookings to start rolling in!

10. You’ll have a free domain name and unlimited hosting

Last but not least, you need to read up on the terms and conditions of each website builder to see if it allows for a custom domain name. Plus, you’ll have to find out if there are any web hosting restrictions or associated costs.

We know how important a catchy domain is for getting traffic and bookings – so all Lodgify plans include a personalized domain name, free of charge. What’s more, our plans include unlimited hosting, so you’ll never be billed on how much traffic comes to your site. For further peace of mind, we perform daily backups so your website data will never be lost.

Now you’ve read the 10 reasons why you need Lodgify’s website builder, all that’s left to do is try it!

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