8 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Vacation Rental For Summer

Each new season is an opportunity to update your vacation rental, and you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time or money to do so. As you head into the summer season, use these simple ideas to spruce up your rental home and give guests a memorable summer getaway. Best of all, they are suitable for almost any budget!

Add a Porch Swing or Patio Set

Make it easy for your guests to enjoy the outside area of your rental by adding a table and chairs, lawn set or porch swing. Even a small patio can be improved with a few comfortable chairs, allowing guests to drink their morning coffee while enjoying the sunrise or soak up every last drop of a hot summer night.

Mount the Television(s)

Mounting televisions around your rental creates extra space for guests to keep their belongings, both in the main living space and bedrooms. It also ensures that no one is moving the TV – avoiding any potential damage from guests. If you’ve done this before, avoid making television mounting mistakes, including mounting it in drywall (not strong enough) or choosing a wall mount that makes it impossible to reach the ports or buttons.

Re-stain the Porch

Guests will be spending a lot of time on the porch – if you have one – in the summer months. Take some time to update it by re-staining the wood before guests arrive. This gives the outdoor space a fresh look without adding any new furniture or decoration. Plus, you can easily do it without the help of a professional.

Bring Green Plants Inside

Fresh greenery inside the home has been found to lower stress levels, which means adding plants may be just what your guests need to really sink into a relaxing vacation. The good news is, plants are also inexpensive, and adding just a few in the main areas of the home can make all the difference. Add plant watering to the weekly vacation rental cleaning checklist to keep them alive and help your guests relax.

Declutter Bookshelves

Bookshelves become a go-to space for any new knickknacks, photos and items that don’t otherwise have a home. This means they can quickly and easily become cluttered, making an otherwise clean and comfortable space feel busy, messy and dusty. Perform a quick clear out of the bookcases and other similar spaces and eliminate anything that’s not necessary.

Swap Out the Curtains

Curtains can often be an afterthought, but they frame the most important areas of each room – the windows. This means they affect the look and feel of your rental and swapping them out can completely change how the space feels. Not only do curtains determine how much light comes into the room, but they also affect the style of the room. To replace your curtains, Wayfair suggests the following process:

  • Lighting: How much light do you want to let in?
  • Measurements: Do you want long or short curtains?
  • Material: Will they be lightweight and sunny or heavy and dramatic?
  • Style: What works best with the color palette and other patterns in the room?

Add an Accent Wall

Repainting the walls can give the space a refreshing look, but adding an accent wall takes that one step further. An accent wall is a single wall painted with a bold or complementary color, or wallpapered with a unique pattern. This makes the area stand out from the rest of the room and is a great way to also highlight a unique furniture piece. It can also help make your property even more instagrammable! There are plenty of accent wall examples to help you find inspiration.

Paint the Front Door

Make the front of your home pop with a freshly painted door. Start by choosing a color or texture (i.e. woodgrain) that contrasts with the color of your home, allowing you to boost your curb appeal and make your rental stand out. If you’ve never done this before, Lowes has a great tutorial to use as a guide.

Give guests the best stay this summer by updating your rental. Use these simple ideas to improve your home’s interior design. You can easily transform the space so it feels fresh, clean and stress-free, regardless of the time or budget you have to work with.

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