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10 Best Squarespace Websites With a Lodgify Widget

If you’re a vacation rental manager looking to create a stunning website that not only captures the attention of potential guests but also streamlines your booking process, you’re in the right place. As the vacation rental market continues to grow and evolve, having a compelling online presence has become more important than ever. A well-designed website not only showcases your property in the best light but also serves as a hub for direct guest communication and bookings.

Squarespace, known for its user-friendly website-building platform, offers an array of customizable templates that are perfect for vacation rental businesses. By integrating the Lodgify widget into your Squarespace website, you can enhance the user experience, simplify your business operations, and elevate your brand to stand out in the competitive vacation rental market.

In this article, we will first discuss the different types of widgets available before showcasing some of the best Squarespace websites that have effectively incorporated the Lodgify widget, highlighting their standout features and how they can benefit your vacation rental business.

Search Button widget

search box widget for wordpress

The Search Button widget emulates the familiar features of traditional OTAs by offering visitors an intuitive calendar tool and a convenient dropdown menu for selecting the number of guests, allowing potential customers to easily choose their desired length of stay.

Book Now widget

book now widget for wordpress

If your goal is to optimize the checkout process and provide the most straightforward option, incorporating the ‘Book Now’ widget could be the ideal choice for your website. Its simplicity, flexibility, and effectiveness make it one of the most popular Lodgify widgets.

Book Box widget

book box widget for wordpress

This option is highly recommended if you wish to promote multiple properties. You can create a comprehensive catalog of all your properties and seamlessly integrate the Book Box into each one individually, regardless of the number of properties you have.

10 Squarespace websites with a Lodgify booking widget

The Blade House, New Mexico

the blade house

The Blade House uses a clean and elegant layout with clear headings for each page. The homepage showcases a gorgeous photograph of their idyllic property in wintertime with two visible book now widgets.

Website: https://www.thebladehouse.com/

Old Pier House, Scotland

old pier house

Based on the banks of the mythical Loch Ness, Old Pier House boasts a stylish homepage with a clean font and a stunning photograph of the property. The simple book now widget is seen in the top right corner, allowing guests to turn their Highland dreams into reality.

Website: https://www.oldpierhouse.com/

Sosta House, Oregon

sosta house

This working winery and vacation rental business offers a memorable and unique experience to their guests. However, they set the scene at the beginning of the booking process by using a close-up photo of the vineyard on their homepage and displaying their nature-themed logo above the book now widget.

Website: https://www.sostahouse.com/

Anam Cara, Michigan

anam cara

When you land on this Squarespace website, you’re met with breathtaking video footage of the property and the surrounding area. Although it’s hard to take your eyes off the video, the book now widget is clearly visible, including the other key pages.

Website: https://anamcaracabin.com/

Base Camp 37, Utah

base camp 37

This incredible glamping site near the Arizona border uses the iconic Utah landscape for its homepage and two book now Lodgify widgets. In addition, the font they use mixed with their slogan gives off a fun-time vibe that can be found throughout the website.

Website: https://basecamp37.com/

Holly Hill Chalet, California

holly hill chalet

This noir-style homepage has a cinematic feel to it, which is no coincidence considering Holly Hill Chalet advertises itself as a film location and a short-term rental. Placing the search button widget in the middle of an epic photograph makes it extra tempting for guests to book.

Website: https://www.hollyhillchalet.com/

The Maiden, New York

the maiden

This boutique inn in New York uses the search widget with great effect by adopting the color palette of their accommodation into the search button. Potential customers can easily input their preferred dates and number of guests, streamlining the booking process for everyone.

Website: https://www.themaidenkingstonny.com/

Tappan Lakeside Resort, Ohio

Tappan Lakeside Resort

Unlike many Squarespace websites with a Lodgify widget, this search button doesn’t use the same color palette as the rest of the homepage. Instead, Tappan Lakeside Resort has gone for a bright yellow button on top of a faded image of a hiker relaxing by the lake, helping the user find exactly what they need.

Website: https://tappanlakesideresort.com/

Loon Cottage, Maryland

loon cottage loon cottage squarespace website

This rustic yet stylish vacation cottage uses a homey color palette for its Squarespace website and has even matched the colors to its search button on the homepage. The gallery shows off the tranquil grounds and large indoor spaces that guests will adore.

Website: https://www.loon-cottage.com/

Revive Vacation Rentals, Vermont

revive vacation rentals

With their slogan ‘Revive Yourself’ and the search button widget in the middle, this website showcases a rejuvenating natural setting with its homepage photograph. You can almost smell the lawn and hear the birds just from looking at it!

Website: https://www.revivevacationrentals.com/

Key takeaways

Integrating a Lodgify widget into your Squarespace website can be a game-changer for your vacation rental business. By showcasing the best of both worlds – the powerful website-building capabilities of Squarespace and the advanced booking management features of Lodgify – you can create a seamless online experience for your potential guests.

With the ability to customize your website and establish your brand identity while offering easy booking functionality and direct customer communication, a Squarespace website with a Lodgify widget can help you stand out in the competitive vacation rental market. The visually appealing design, user-friendly navigation, and comprehensive information provided on your website can leave a lasting impression on potential guests, leading to more inquiries and bookings.

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