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Lodgify Partners with SUPERHOG to Guarantee Host Protection

There’s something so satisfying about that little checkmark next to someone’s username. Whether that’s a social media profile or a guest’s account, verification tells us that the account is legit and can be trusted. In a world of hackers, scammers and unknowns, having a verified profile is a game changer for the vacation rental industry.

To give you an idea of what this verification looks like, just think of what being an Airbnb Superhost or Vrbo Premier host means. There’s a certain standard that these hosts have to meet, such as: maintaining a 90% response rate, 80% five-star ratings, and honoring confirmed bookings. There’s an expectation and consistency that these hosts must meet to receive that coveted badge of verification.

Our integration with SUPERHOG’s technology allows you to gain independence from third-party sites, while maintaining the features you love for your own booking website, like a solid verification system and built-in comprehensive damage protection.

Now, of course, you want the same peace of mind from the people staying at your vacation rental. Understanding what type of traveler you’re hosting and having the satisfaction of knowing that a verified guest will respect your property is priceless.

That’s why we’re teaming up with the experts in the field to provide you with property protection and guest verification. Safeguarding your vacation rental is a must, and we’re here to show you why!


SUPERHOG’s technology provides property managers with intelligent guest screening, automated deposit and damage waiver solutions, and $5m USD of damage protection.

With full white labeling capabilities, their system seamlessly integrates with your pre/post-booking guest journey, allowing you to comprehensively screen your guests, cover accidental guest damages quickly, and have the peace of mind that your properties are protected against larger guest damages up to $5m* USD.

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*(Terms and Conditions apply)

Benefits of using SUPERHOG’s technology

Using SUPERHOG’s technology comes with more benefits than you’d think. Beyond peace of mind, you can increase your confidence in taking more direct bookings, reduce operational overheads and much more!

Verify Guests

A profile picture and a short biography aren’t enough to understand the guests trying to book your property. Most of the reservations you receive come from strangers, so how can you be sure that they’ll treat your home with respect?

SUPERHOG’s verification takes out the guesswork. With their thorough authentication process, you can accept bookings from guests, knowing they are trustworthy and have a clean record with other short-term rentals. You can select guests that you know won’t be a problem for you or your property down the road.

SUPERHOG guest verification

Protect your property

Even if something does happen to your vacation rental, SUPERHOG’s Know Your Guest technology will provide you unrivaled protection. Their host guarantee covers up to five million dollars worth of property damage and 150,000 dollars for your contents if a verified guest damages your rental.

No one wants to think it will happen to them, but if an incident does occur, you’re going to want to be prepared. SUPERHOG’s Know Your Guest makes the process as painless as possible with a straightforward reporting tool that can be accessed through your dashboard. SUPERHOG’s Know Your Guest keeps your property active by reimbursing you for any damages that occur.

It’s not enough to just say that a client is trustworthy. You have to prove it too. SUPERHOG technology provides you with its advanced ID verification software that validates your guests independently from your booking platform

SUPERHOG damage protection

No need for a security deposit

A large deposit hanging over one’s head might be enough to deter potential guests from booking. Deposits come with several hassles, such as an extended period for reimbursement and a chunk of change that’s better spent on holiday activities.

Eliminating the need for a deposit is a massive plus for guests and ultimately for the hosts. SUPERHOG technology can instead facilitate the collection of a damage waiver, allowing your guests to waive their liability for damages up to a certain amount for a smaller non-refundable fee.

Guests can confidently book a trip without having to factor in a large sum of money for a deposit, and you can create a new revenue stream.

SUPERHOG security deposit waiver


Increased bookings

Why would you make any changes to your vacation rental business? To increase bookings, of course! If given a choice between a verified and unverified property, guests are far more likely to choose the more secure option.

Being a verified property takes the unknowns out of reservations which is always a plus for guests. Prove that your property is as great as you claim it to be by getting verified with SUPERHOG today.

Enhance guest experience

A happy customer makes a happy host. When your guests are satisfied with their stay, they leave reviews, tell their friends, and book your property again in the future. Wowing the client is the ultimate goal and using SUPERHOG helps to provide a seamless guest experience.

SUPERHOG’s verification process has been designed to be instant, discreet and painless for your guests, allowing you to know that guests are exactly who they say they are without compromising the guest experience.

Meet their expectations

You want your property to live up to the expectations of your guests. For example, when you order something online, maybe a t-shirt or piece of furniture, and it doesn’t look anything like the advertisement, how do you feel? Probably frustrated and unlikely to buy from that same website again.

Verifying your property not only provides trustworthiness but also sets the stage for what guests can expect from their holiday stay, which ultimately leads to a great guest experience.

Coverage that benefits homeowners

Improve your homeowner acquisition and increase the portfolio of properties that you manage, by including built-in guest screening and damage protection in your services as a property manager. By doing so, you’ll be able to show homeowners that you put the protection of their property at the core of what you do, making you their number one choice to manage their property.

What’s the cost?

Superhog technology offers a variety of pricing options, and is accessible to both property managers and direct hosts. For more information, please get in touch with their Sales team.

SUPERHOG benefits

How does the Lodgify-SUPERHOG integration work?

Ready to make the switch? Integrating SUPERHOG technology into your Lodgify account is super easy. If you’re an existing Lodgify customer, you will first need to create an account on SUPERHOG here.

From there, you’ll schedule a discovery call with a SUPERHOG sales representative, who will guide you step by step through the integration process. You can also follow the steps in our Knowledge Base article here.

Once your SUPERHOG setup is complete, you’ll be able to flaunt your new verification and book qualified guests.

Only select the best by using SUPERHOG to select verified guests. Trustworthy travelers mean that you’ll minimize the risk of property damage. If any damage occurs, you can still host confidently, knowing that SUPERHOG will cover the cost. 

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