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10 Thoughtful Items Your Vacation Rental Guests Will Thank You For

We’ve all been there – packed our bags, checked and double-checked we have everything, only to arrive at our vacation destination and discover that something essential is missing.

As a host, you want to make sure your guests feel at home from the moment they step foot in your vacation rental and ensure they have a pleasant stay overall.

There are many ways hosts can uplift the guest experience. Anticipating any issues by kitting out your vacation rental with some extra special items will help make a truly comfortable stay each time. Especially if you are aware of what guests truly desire and value.

So what should you stock up on? Here is a list of items for your vacation rental that your guests will be thankful for:

1. Cell Phone Chargers

An inexpensive investment that can really save the day – a phone charger. Picture the scenario: your guests have arrived late and are exhausted after a long day traveling. They find out they left their phone charger behind, and it’s too late to go to any stores to buy one.

list of items for vacation rental

This small gesture will cost you as little as $10.85 on Amazon, can be a real savior in times of need. It’s a good idea to purchase a multi-cable charger, as not everyone owns an iPhone. In the unlikely case that chargers accidentally go missing, you’ll already know it won’t break the bank to replace them. Alternatively, you can always use funds from the security deposit to do so.

2. Universal Adapters

While some of your guests might only travel from an hour outside of town, others may come from a different country and even a different continent. So in the event that they forget their travel adapter, similar to the cell phone charger, it can leave them feeling upset.

With how much we use laptops, cameras, and phones nowadays, it’s a given that international travelers are going to bring various chargers with them. Give guests a hand when they need it most by providing at least one universal adapter plug at your rental. It can go a long way in saving their vacation!

3. Eye Masks

If your vacation rental is lucky enough to be flooded with natural light in the mornings – that’s the best kind of wake up call guests can receive! However, if a streetlight illuminates the master bedroom all night long and you don’t have a blackout curtain, this may keep them up all night.

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Prevent any complaints by addressing the issue head-on and give guests an eye mask to help them sleep. You could even think about customizing these with your brand’s logo – so that wherever guests travel after your rental, they’ll always take their eye mask to help them sleep.

4. Earplugs

Even the deepest sleeper might struggle to nod off in a new destination, particularly if your vacation rental is in a noisy location. There’s a simple solution which your guests will really appreciate – provide earplugs for everyone!

Earplugs are fairly cheap to buy in bulk and will make all the difference for a guest who just can’t get some rest. As they’ll come individually paired and wrapped, you can leave out the right number for each reservation party. They’ll love that you’ve been so thoughtful! You can even add some chocolates alongside the pillow as well.

5. Postcards

In a world where email and texting are more popular than handwritten letters, you’re probably wondering why on earth you’d include postcards on your list? Though the trend of sending postcards has undoubtedly declined, many holidaymakers still like to send a postcard memoir to their loved ones at home.

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Leaving a small selection of postcards in your rental could encourage guests to get back into the habit. What’s more – if you brand the postcards with a stamped logo beforehand, that’s free publicity for your business! Or if your rental is situated in a popular destination for tourists, you can include postcards from the area, acting as a souvenir for them to send or take home.

6. Slippers

Some guests may not like the idea of walking inside the property with their shoes on. Likewise, walking around barefoot may not be appealing either, especially if the tile floors are cold.

Slippers aren’t typically on the top of the traveler’s packing list. But by including slippers in your vacation rental, you’ll let your guests relax and unwind and give them the home away from home feeling. In addition, slippers will keep your house clean, meaning less mess for cleaning when your guests check-out. Win-win for all!

7. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Brushing teeth is one of the last things people do before leaving the house, and that’s probably what makes a toothbrush so easy to leave behind! Save your guests the discomfort and keep hygiene levels up when you provide a pack of toothbrushes and toothpaste for each group of guests.

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In any local supermarket, a multipack will only set you back a few dollars, and you can assure this “hotel-style” level of service will make a world of difference.

8. Sewing Kit

A sewing kit acts as a quick fix when it comes to fixing wardrobe emergencies. Whether it’s sewing a hole, tear or a button back on, guests will be grateful for the solution you’ve provided them.

What to include in your sewing kit: threats in various colors, thick and thin needles, needle threader, measuring tape, small scissors and safety pins.

9. Items for Kids

When it comes to traveling with children, families tend to choose a vacation rental that is more suitable and better adapted for their children. Rather than being enclosed in a hotel room, children can openly play in the living area and backyard.

vacation rental amenities

To give kids an even more homey stay, include some coloring books, crayons and pencils. Even some paper and paint will do! For older children, provide board games such as Monopoly and Scrabble, the whole family will love it too!

10. Treats for Pets

If your vacation rental is pet-friendly, and you know some dogs will be staying in your property, you can provide some treats for the pets! Such as bone treats, dog biscuits, and even some toys for them to chew and play on! The guests will appreciate it, as well as the pets of course.

Pleased pet owners are also far more likely to become repeated guests in the future and spread the word to other travelers looking for pet-friendly accommodation options.

Guests appreciate small and personal touches. After all, that’s why they’ve chosen a vacation rental over a big corporate hotel. Your guests will value and recognize all the effort you’ve put in, which will result in a positive review, them recommending your rental and even returning in the future!

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