Top Tips to Take Advantage of 2024’s Summer Travel Trends

The summer solstice is right around the corner! Is your vacation rental prepared to make the most of peak season?

If you feel anything but 100% ready, this blog post is for you. We recently published a report on the top lodging destinations and travel trends of the summer, and now we’re back with tips to help you make the most of our findings.

Keep reading for straightforward, easy-to-implement tips to help you stay booked and maximize your revenue this summer.

1. Stock up for summer

Our report revealed that destinations with easy access to water and outdoor spaces are trending this summer, and that comes as no surprise. After all, who doesn’t enjoy spending time outdoors once the weather turns?

Help your guests enjoy nature—and maximize your bookings and ADR—by stocking your vacation rental with amenities they can use outdoors and on the water. Specific amenities will depend on the kinds of outdoor activities available in your area and the type of guests you want to attract, but some good options include:

  • Maps of local trails
  • Guidebooks on local flora and fauna
  • Trekking poles
  • Bicycles and helmets
  • Kayaks, paddleboards, canoes, or inflatable rafts
  • Beach equipment, such as chairs, umbrellas, towels, sand toys, and coolers
  • Pool toys, floaties, and towels
  • Life vests
  • Outdoor sports equipment, such as for volleyball, badminton, frisbee, or cornhole
  • A picnic basket and blanket
  • Outdoor seating
  • A first aid kit

When guests seek out your area specifically because of its surrounding natural attractions, they’ll be pleased to know they don’t have to bring or rent equipment to make the most of them.

2. Be family-friendly

School’s out for the summer, so it’s no wonder that family-friendly destinations are trending this season as well.

So, how can you capitalize on this trend and appeal to families planning trips? By being as family-friendly as possible, of course.

For example, you may want to:

  • Make sure your rental is safe for kids. For instance, remove fragile and sharp objects, store cleaning products out of reach, protect sharp corners, and install stair gates.
  • Offer family-friendly amenities, such as a crib or Pack ‘n Play, high chair, car seat, board games, and—of course—lots of toys (including some specifically for the beach or pool).
  • Highlight local family-friendly attractions in your listing description, such as beaches and parks, zoos and aquariums, water and amusement parks, arcades, mini golf, and go-kart tracks. Families may also want to know about affordable local restaurants or places that offer discounts for kids.

When families see that your vacation rental has everything they need to have an unforgettable summer vacation, they’ll be that much more likely to book.

3. Let your small-town charm shine

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to summer vacations. In our report on the top 15 summer lodging destinations, more than half (9 out of 15) of the destinations we identified had populations of less than 10,000.

So, if your vacation rental is in a small town, don’t assume it won’t be a popular destination. In fact, you should go out of your way to highlight your area’s small-town charm.

For example, you could add details to your listing description about:

  • Unique local shops, such as quaint boutiques, antique shops, and artisanal stores
  • Historic landmarks, as well as museums and notable architecture
  • Local eateries such as cafes, bakeries, and family-owned restaurants with home-cooked meals
  • Farmers’ markets with fresh produce, local crafts, and community events
  • Seasonal activities such as local festivals, parades, or fairs
  • Local history and traditions that make your town unique
  • Outdoor activities, including nearby parks, hiking trails, and natural attractions
  • Insider tips on best times to visit certain attractions or hidden gems only locals know about
  • Personal recommendations with your favorite local spots

These kinds of details will go a long way toward attracting travelers looking for a quiet trip with more of a local feel.

4. Get the word out

So, you’ve followed the above tips by stocking up on amenities for the outdoors, water activities, and families. Maybe you’ve even updated your welcome book with details about family-friendly attractions and your favorite local spots.

That’s a great start, but remember that none of these initiatives will make any difference if you don’t let potential guests know!

This starts with updating your listings. First, include any amenities or details you want to highlight in your listing descriptions. Then, consider going a step further by updating your photos as well.

You could include photos of your summer amenities, your rental’s exterior on a summery day, local attractions for guests looking for small-town charm…the list goes on. Whatever you think might attract guests in the summer, whether based on 2024’s summer travel trends or your own knowledge of your area, is a great candidate for a photo.

Of course, your listing isn’t the only way to get the word out. You can also carry out any number of marketing initiatives—including social media posts, newsletters, and blogs—to share why your vacation rental is a great summer vacation destination with your existing audience. Who knows, you might just get some repeat bookings!

5. Use dynamic pricing

Our final tip is key to ensure you’re maximizing your revenue and bookings after implementing the above tips, and that’s to use dynamic pricing.

Think of it this way: If you add to your amenities, make your vacation rental family-friendly, and offer helpful information about outdoor activities, attractions for families, and local favorites, your rental is sure to stand out from the competition. You’re now more competitive than before, and your rates should reflect as much.

On top of that, it’s summer—this is likely your peak season, when demand is highest and you can charge the most.

Dynamic pricing tools can help ensure you’re getting the best rate possible by using an algorithm that analyzes millions of data points comprising listing attributes, market conditions, and local trends. They then recommend an optimal nightly rate that helps you maximize your revenue while still remaining competitive.

Especially for vacation rentals that see demand drop off significantly after summer, dynamic pricing is crucial to help you make the most of this busy period.

Want to try out dynamic pricing? Lodgify Dynamic Pricing is incredibly easy to implement, lets you set minimum rates so you remain in control of your pricing strategy, and generates an average revenue increase of 20%.

Make the most of the summer

Have any of these tips stood out to you? We hope you’ve identified at least a few simple updates you can make to help your vacation rental stand out this summer. After all, what makes sense for your business will depend on your goals, location, and the kinds of guests you want to attract.

One thing’s certain for any vacation rental business, though: that a channel manager and property management software (PMS) will be crucial to run your business effectively during this busy season. If you haven’t tried Lodgify yet, sign up for a free 7-day trial today to see how our software can help you efficiently scale your business this summer and beyond.

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