Twitter Chat Recap: Facebook Marketing for Vacation Rentals

In our very first Twitter chat, we all shared our insights and ideas around Facebook marketing! We discussed the value of integrating Facebook into vacation rental marketing plans, tips on how to optimize Facebook Pages, tools for managing posts, and much more.

Read on to discover all of the amazing ideas and thoughts that were shared during the chat!

Integrating Facebook with your marketing strategy

Question 1 for Vacation Rental Twitter Chat

  • “When you want to attract past guests and connect with your rental brand over the long term.” – @BuildUpBookings
  • “When you’re updating a product or venue, #Facebook allows customers to see in real time progress being made” – @CapterraHotel
  • “Facebook is great to connect with your community and start a discussion” – @_HunterWilson_

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Creative Facebook strategies

Question 2 for Vacation Rental Twitter Chat

  • “If you’re just looking for more followers, share photos of your destination and encourage others to tag their friends.” – @BuildUpBookings
  • “Cross-promotion is great. If you have a strong following on another platform, let your followers know about FB” – @_HunterWilson_
  • “Create a specific #CTA, + offering discounts – @CapterraHotel
  • “Contests! Anyone have experience of attracting VR guests / building FB followers with this method? – @Yoomondo
  • “Inspire new users adding good images / videos about destinations focusing to increase the main personas for your FB” – @Vipv

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Engaging Facebook posts

Question 3 for Vacation Rental Twitter Chat

  • “Genuine conversations and engagement with members is often over-missed. Video is a great way to engage them but simple wins” – @Willpreston
  • “Images and videos of your destination, for sure. The more beautiful the better!” – @BuildUpBookings
  • “Facebook’s video metrics have been brought to question. But video is still the best way to enrich your story on FB.” – @Louise_Brace
  • “Pictures of employees or “behind the scenes”. Also videos tend to get more interaction.” – @_HunterWilson_
  • “Also I do “vote” posts with success. Example: which restaurant (in the destination) is better A or B. Comments = ????” – @BuildUpBookings

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Best times to post on Facebook

Question 4 for Vacation Rental Twitter Chat

  • “Word to the wise: Don’t overpost. Try to do a post in the morning and evening daily.” – @CapterraHotel
  • “FB Insights will give u d best idea abt ur audience engagement timing so better to take idea from there” – @UpReports

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Tools for managing your vacation rental Facebook Page

Question 5 for Vacation Rental Twitter Chat

  • “Scheduling is king! And my absolute essential tool for that is CoSchedule” – @Louise_Brace
  • “Hootsuite / Buffer (for posting) Canva (for design) and your imagination for developing creative posts!” – @CapterraHotel
  • “Post planner can also help with scheduling and comes with an algorithm for finding relevant posts to share” – @Yoomondo

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Examples of great vacation rental Facebook Pages

Question 6 for Vacation Rental Twitter Chat

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Resources for learning about Facebook marketing

Question 7 for Vacation Rental Twitter Chat

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Thank you so much for participating and sharing all of your wonderful insights!

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