5 Simple and Effective Ways to Uplift the Guest Experience

The term guest experience is used frequently in the hospitality industry these days.

Much like the term “customer experience” is used to describe customer usability in other industries, the guest experience is used to describe the guest’s interaction and satisfaction with your vacation rental.

It begins from the moment the guest even considers reserving your property, until the moment they check-out (and beyond!).

But providing an outstanding guest experience is not without its challenges. Here are five simple ways to keep your guest experience in check.

1. Contact your guests before arrival

There are particular uncertainties around booking a vacation rental, various details such as arrival, check-in, and even housekeeping standards may vary from one rental to the next.

Contacting your guests well before they arrive and communicating your standards will reassure your guests and allow them to arrive stress-free. There are many things to worry about when traveling, so having all the information to hand in their inbox will go a long way with your guests.

Contact them confirming the reservation and make sure to include as much information as possible ahead of time.

2. Make check-in a quick and painless experience

Contacting your guests before check-in is the first step in guaranteeing they have the most positive guest experience as possible. The next step is assuring the check-in process is quick and easy.

Your guests may be checking-in after a long flight or ride, tired and anxious to start their vacation. The last thing they feel like doing is signing documents and listening to instructions.

The optimal solution is sorting out all the finer details ahead of time. 

3. Provide a house manual

While staying at your vacation rental, guests will be needing utilities and there is nothing more frustrating than struggling with the AC remote or searching endlessly for extra towels.

Things that may seem obvious to you may not be so obvious to your own guests, which is why you should be providing them with an organized, easy to access house manual or house rules, including all the details they need to know about your rental.

Having all this information readily accessible for incoming guests will not only make it easier for your guests, but it will also reduce questions and save you time.

4. Offer early check-in or extended check-out

Your guests may need to stay longer than your regular check-out hours or possibly arrive earlier than your listed check-in time. If your availability allows it, offer your guests the opportunity to add an early check-in or late check-out.

These extra hours can potentially make a significant difference to your guests who are looking to make the most out of every vacation time they can get.

It might save them from waiting inconveniently at the airport or train station, or even allow them to sleep in before a long drive home.

These services have the potential to do more than uplift your guest experience – by offering these extended hours you can generate more revenue from every guest

5. Recommendations

Your guests have booked with you for a reason, they are looking for an experience that your rental can provide, so why not complete that experience with additional recommendations?

Providing your guests with further information about the area, everything from scenic spots nearby to food or attractions around your rental will allow them to have a wholesome experience and will place your rental at the center of their vacation. 

A guest experience-oriented approach will put hospitality at the forefront of your guests’ vacation. These recommendations are simple to execute and will bring significant added value to your guests, making the experience you offer an unforgettable one.

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Wishbox is a guest experience platform that allows hosts to tap into the true potential of guest communication, save time and increase revenue. Wishbox solutions include online check-in, guest app, up-sells and more.

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