101 Content Ideas for Your Vacation Rental Blog

A simple blog with a few fresh posts every month is vital to keeping steady traffic and good search engine rankings on your vacation rental website. Why is this? Well, search engines care about putting good content in front of their consumers, and a blog is the best way to accomplish that.

This doesn’t have to be a daunting task! You don’t need to write super long posts, and there doesn’t even need to be a new one every week. A blog post can be simple: two or three paragraphs with a nice photo. You don’t have to be a great writer or a social media professional. Just try posting something helpful and relevant for your audience (who are most likely to be potential vacation rental guests – but maybe also some spying owners!) a couple of times a week and start sharing it on your social media.

If you don’t know where to start, here are 101 blog post ideas for your vacation rental website – that’s enough content to last you a very long time!

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Feature Your Vacation Rental


1. Brief photo tour of your vacation rental home(s)

This would make for a great series of blog posts over time. You could even highlight an individual property or room of a property every month.

2. Post a video of your rental property

Instead of using pictures, you could film your property and give your audience a virtual house tour! Just make sure you don’t film areas that would make it easy for anyone to find your place like the front of the house or building. You want guests to see what they’ll find inside your rental, but you don’t want to lure in the wrong type of attention, either.

3. Feature a few guests’ highlights from their trip

Leave a form for your guests to tell you one thing they loved about their trip (a sightseeing activity, playing games, morning coffee with a view, etc.), request that they include it when leaving an online review or set up an email autoresponder right after their stay. Let them know they could be featured on your blog – and collate a top selection of these into a quick and easy blog post.

4. Share photos of recent guests enjoying your vacation rental

Along with idea #3, invite your guests to share photos to be featured on your blog. If you get a lot of responses to this idea, you could easily combine this with their trip highlight and feature one guest or family per post and spread them out over more time. You could even use this user-generated content for your social media channels!

5. Feature your rental property staff

Depending on the size of your rental business, you could turn this idea into another series to spread over a few months. These staff features can include anyone from the property manager to the gardener or the housekeeper or the plumber.

Post a photo of your staff member and a brief description of their job around the property. Share a few quick details about things they love and areas they are skilled in. If you are a family or self-run rental property, then share a little introduction of your family instead.

6. Top reasons guests should stay at your vacation rental

Give your guests a few good reasons why they should really come and stay at your property. Make it about the local area as much as about why your place is so fantastic!

7. Share a few reasons that you love hosting guests at your vacation rental

The goal here is to express something about you as a host – let your guests know the type of warm, welcoming and caring person you are, and this will help convince them your rental is right for their vacation. 

8. Post a descriptive story of how your rental property began

Dive into the past for this one, after all, storytelling is one of the best ways to share with your renters.

9. Post a descriptive story of how you built your own website

Share your story and explain how you got into vacation renting and how you managed to create your own website – if you used a software solution, be sure to name them! Make it relatable by sharing your failures as well – they’re the best way to learn.

10. Share before/after kitchen renovation photos

Everyone loves before and after pictures! Show your guests what your kitchen used to look like before you decided to renovate it. You could even build a story around it to generate several blog posts and/or videos out of this single idea.

11. Share before/after bathroom renovation photos

Impress potential guests by showing them pictures of your bathroom before and after renovation. Be sure to make it as impressive as possible!

12. Share before/after bedroom renovation photos

Show your guests how much work you’ve put into making your vacation rental a perfect pad.

13. Share before/after backyard landscaping photos

Did you turn your garden from dull to lush? Show pictures of the transformation to wow your guests.

14. Feature your best reviews

Show potential guests how much other travelers have enjoyed staying at your property by combining your best reviews into a blog post or even a video.

15. Feature how your home looks in Spring

Homes take on a different personality throughout the year: show your guest how enjoyable your home can be in the spring by using pictures featuring fresh bouquets of daffodils and tulips and showing off your blossoming garden.

16. Feature how your home looks in Summer

Entice guests by showing them the amazing time they could have in your home during the summer, using pictures of the pool, the outdoor dining space and the colorful garden.

17. Feature how your home looks in Fall

Show off your home’s beautiful colors in the fall: share pictures of the red and orange leaves in the garden, a gorgeous fall wreath on the door and the cozy blankets on the sofa.

18. Feature how your home looks in Winter

Show how cozy your home gets in the winter: feature pictures of a working fireplace, a snowy garden, warm blankets, fairy lights and a gorgeous Christmas tree.

19. Write about the top amenities of your home

Tell your guests about the best amenities available in your home: it might be an infinity swimming pool, a super efficient dishwasher, a gorgeous vintage bathtub or an authentic fireplace.

20. Write about additional services

Do you provide additional services, like transport from and to the airport? Let your guests know by writing a list of all the additional services available at your rental!

21. Feature piece about each bedroom

Write a piece about each bedroom, showing their specific characteristics, including views, light, mood, type of bed, linen, furniture, etc.

22. Feature piece about the backyard

Shoot a video or write a specific piece about your backyard and its charms. Show potential guests what a great place it is to relax in the shade of the trees or take a swim in the pool.

23. Feature piece about the master bathroom

Write about the master bathroom: show off the vintage bathtub, gorgeous tiles, beautiful natural light, and luxuriously soft towels.

24. Feature piece about the kitchen

Write about your kitchen, how practical it is and the amenities your guests can use to prepare delicious meals.

25. A day in the life of your employees

Whether you have five or 50 staff members, write about what your employees do on a daily basis, following them around the house and explaining how valuable they are.

26. A day in your life

Write about what you, as a VR owner, do on a daily basis and how you manage to juggle all your different tasks.

27. Confess your biggest failure as a vacation rental owner or property manager

Share a relatable story about your biggest failure as a vacation rental owner or manager. Plus, explain how you solved it and learned from it!

28. Boast about your biggest success

Now do the opposite and brag about your biggest achievement as a VR owner or manager, what you’re most proud of.

29. Write about the worst review you’ve ever received

You could write an interesting (or even humorous) post featuring the worst comment you’ve ever received and how you managed to turn it into a positive experience.

30. Celebrate your vacation rental’s milestones

Celebrate your website’s birthday (or your own!), your 100th guest, first $10,000, etc. Share your successes and talk about what your appreciate the most about being a VR manager or owner.

Feature the Local Area


Not only will featuring the local area position you as an expert about all things [insert city name here], it will also help boost your website’s local SEO!

31. Post a tourism video featuring local attractions or towns

Next time you’re visiting your rental, make a short video about what you love about the area. Failing that, share one that the local tourist board has already made and write your own description to go along with it. Ta-da! New blog post.

32. Feature fun family activities nearby

Tell your guests about the exciting family excursions in the area such as zoos, amusements parks or kid-friendly festivals.

33. Feature romantic date ideas nearby

You might not even need to do a lot of research for these, as you probably have a few ideas in mind already. Make a list of the best nearby family activities or date ideas and you’ll soon see you have a couple of new posts to share.

34. Share local hikes

If your area is known for its walking spots, show it off by revealing your favorite routes.

35. Share interesting and seasonal events in the area

Big sports game coming up? Famous band coming to town? Whatever the occasion, we’re sure you can squeeze a couple of paragraphs out about it.

36. Highlight unique local attractions

Consider anything remarkable that your surrounding location offers: a local antique shop, a special kind of wildlife, a beautiful view you can hike to at a nearby mountain… what is your region known for? This has the potential for a great series, as well.

37. Share a yearly concert calendar

Let your guests know what’s happening in the area by sharing a yearly concert calendar.

38. Share an annual sports fixture calendar

Local runs, cycling events, football games… Sports lovers will be thrilled to see what they can get up to in the local area.

39. Share your best photos of the area with a few sentences explaining each one

Give potential guests wanderlust by sharing your best pictures of the local area and use it as an opportunity to talk about the landmarks of your city, town or region.

40. Feature local events in the area

Create your own “What’s on” guide so potential guests will want to visit the area – and rent your property!

41. Local superstitions

Write about old local superstitions, a particular favorite around the Halloween season!

42. Local urban legends

Everyone loves to know about urban legends, so create a list of local myths to intrigue your future guests.

43. Local traditions

Tell visitors about what is traditional to do, eat or drink in the area. People like to do what the locals do when they visit a new place, so help them out by sharing your knowledge.

44. Share your favorite local bike rides

Share your knowledge of the area with potential guests and let them know of the best areas to cycle around. Add information about where to rent a bike locally.

45. Pick a worthy local cause or charity and write your views about it

Help a local cause or charity out by telling your visitors about it. This will help them understand the local community a bit better, and might even encourage them to make a donation.

46. Local lingo

Teach guests how to speak like a local by telling them about the special idioms and words locals use, as well as their hidden meanings.

47. Bust a myth

Is there a famous (or less famous) myth about your town, city or region? Try busting that myth! This will make for an intriguing and, surely, interesting blog post or video.

48. Publish some little or unknown facts

Travelers love a good list of unknown or obscure facts! Tell them about what isn’t usually covered in the classic tourism guides.

49. Most important dates in local history

Write about the history of the area, city or town and list the most important dates to remember – especially if there are events or activities based around these dates!

Create “Best of” Lists


These are pretty much what they say on the tin. Nothing more complicated to it, just a real insider’s view of the best things to do/see/eat and visit nearby.

50. The best coffee shops nearby

You could sort them by categories, e.g. trendy, family-friendly, dog-friendly, vegan, etc. to make sure everyone can find something suitable.

51. The best bars nearby

Tell your guests about the atmosphere, the decor and the drinks. Don’t forget to mention any special offers or happy hours!

52. The best places to eat nearby

You could even create multiple pieces of content by creating themed lists: gourmet, vegetarian and vegan-friendly, low-priced, traditional, etc.

53. Things to do for free in the area

Always a good one! Vacations can turn out to be very expensive, so help your guests save a few bucks by suggesting fun things to do for free in the area.

54. Things people always forget to bring on vacation

This can make for quite a funny blog post! Packing tips are always useful and they’re even better with a humorous twist.

55. The best games to bring on family vacation

Going out with the family is great, but your guests should also enjoy your property. Suggest a list of board games they should bring to make their stay even more fun!

56. The best books to vacation with this winter (or spring, summer, or fall!)

Make a list of the top five fiction and non-fiction books of the season. Check out a website like Goodreads.com for current best-sellers.

57. The best countryside walks

Invite your guests on a stroll by suggesting the best countryside walks in the region. Bonus points for walks that feature a place to stop by for a drink along the way!

58. The best sunset spots

Locals know where to see the best sunsets. Let your guests know the best places to admire a beautiful sunset from. Perfect for a Valentine’s day or honeymoon trip.

59. The best views of the city

Everyone loves a good selfie in front of an outstanding view, so let your guests know where they can get the best view of your city or town.

60. The best high-season beaches

Going to the beach is the typical holiday experience, but overcrowded beaches can be very unpleasant. Share your knowledge and tell your guests about the least busy beaches around, and the best time to get there.

61. The 5 best [traditional food] in [your area]

e.g. 5 best Gumbos in Lousiana, 5 best key lime pies in Florida, 5 best apple pies in Vermont, 5 best bagels in New York, etc.

62. The best kid-friendly restaurants

If your home is family-friendly, you should create a list of kid-friendly restaurants in the area so your guests can enjoy going out for a meal all together.

63. The best activities for kids

Help parents keep their kids busy and entertained during their stay by offering a list of activites for kids in the area.

64. The best activities for retired travelers

Retired travelers don’t have the same requirements as parents traveling with their kids or young people traveling on their own; make sure to suggest some fun activites for them, like country walks, museums, local markets, etc.

65. The best activities for group travelers

Traveling as a group isn’t always easy! Tell your guests of the local activities they can participate in as a group, and list local restaurants and bars that welcome big groups.

66. The most romantic activities for honeymooners

If your guests are planning a romantic stay for their honeymoon, you should suggest some romantic activities. These could include a walk on the beach at sunset, a tour of a park in a horse-drawn carriage or simply a romantic restaurant in town.

67. The best museums

Show off the cultural side of your area by listing the best museums available. Provide opening times and other practical information to make it super helpful to your guests.

68. The best art galleries

Art lovers will be delighted to find a list of galleries to visit in the area. Add all practical information to your blog post to make it even better.

69. The best surf spots

Surfers will be glad to know of the best spots and times to ride the waves, so share your local knowledge with them to entice them and enhance their experience.

70. The best ski spots

Winter sports make for a great family holiday. Tell potential guests about the best places to go skiing or snowboarding in your area.

71. The best fishing lakes

Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted if you can provide them a list of the best lakes to go fishing around the area.

72. The best ice cream parlors

Enjoying a tasty ice cream on a sunny day is one of the best things about going on holiday! Let potential guests know about the best ice cream parlors around.

73. Compilation of the best comments you’ve ever received on your blog

Share the lovely compliments you’ve received from guests and website visitors by creating a compilation of the best comments left on your blog.

74. Top achievements as a VR owner/property manager so far

Give yourself some kudos and list the things you’re proudest of as a vacation rental owner or manager. This could include helping newlyweds have an unforgettable honeymoon at your property, renovating your kitchen or providing a tailored holiday experience for a family with children with additional needs.

75. Best secret family recipes

Share a traditional family recipe with your guests to make them feel special and a bit more local. They are sure to appreciate the personal touch.

Share Family Vacation Tips


76. Tips for family road trip entertainment

Got experience trying to keep the kids from fighting or being bored to tears on long journeys? Share it with your readers! Topics like these that draw on your own experience make for great quick and easy blog posts that you can whip up in no time.

77. Tips for photo/video documenting your family vacation

Provide tips on how to take outstanding vacation pictures or videos. Mix photography tips with knowledge of the local area, and tell your visitors where to get the nicest view in town.

78. Tips to keep a vacation low cost

Give your guests tons of examples they might not have thought of before: cooking their own meals in the evening instead of eating out every night, bringing snacks to sightseeing outings, and free activities in the local area.

79. Ways to keep kids entertained on rainy days

Rainy days can be disappointing for kids who love to play outside, but there’s always something fun for little ones to do even on a wet day, whether it’s taking them to an indoor playground, playing board games with the whole family or drawing at home.

80. Quick and healthy summer snack ideas for children

Eating is an essential part of a holiday, especially for people who travel to a different region or country. Help your guests stay healthy by suggesting wholesome snacks that are quick and easy to make.

81. Tips for poolside safety

Pools are divine in the summer, but they can be dangerous, especially with young kids around. Tell your guests about the precautions they have to take to stay safe near the water.

82. Top 5 family-friendly theme parks nearby

Theme parks are a great way to spend a day out with the whole family. List the best family-friendly theme parks around so guests can pick their favorite.

83. 20 things to do with kids in [your city]

It can be a tough job to find suitable activities for kids in a place you don’t know. Help parents out by creating a list of 20 (or more!) things to do with kids in your city, town or area.

84. Top child-friendly parks nearby

Parks make for a great day out throughout the year; make a list of child-friendly parks nearby so families will know which ones to choose from.

85. Tips for multigenerational travel

When traveling with the whole family, from toddlers and teenagers to great grandparents, it can be hard to accommodate the needs of everybody. Offer some tips on multigenerational travel so your guests will feel confident about traveling with their whole family.

86. Tips for traveling with toddlers

Toddlers have specific needs, and new parents might be stressed about bringing their young child with them, so reassure them by giving some general tips on how to travel with toddlers. You could also highlight the fact that your property is perfectly safe and suitable for children of all ages, including the youngest ones.

87. Tips for traveling with kids

List your best tips on traveling with kids to take some of the stress out of planning a family vacation. Your guests will be very grateful!

88. Tips for traveling with teens

Teens can be very demanding so traveling with them might be tough. Share your tips on how to make sure they enjoy themselves during the holiday so parents can remain stress-free.

89. Tips for traveling with grown-up children and their kids

Help your guests make the most of their stay by providing tips on traveling with your grown-up children and their own kids. Offer general tips as well as advice on how the whole family can enjoy the area.

90. Let your guests write a guest post on your blog about best things to do

Offer your guests the chance to contribute by letting them write their own blog post about the things they’ve most enjoyed doing in the area. They will be flattered and potential guests will appreciate having the point of view of another guest.

91. Share organizing/packing tips

Help your guests prepare for their trip by suggesting what to pack and how to do it as efficiently as possible. This would make a great video!

Share Discounts and Giveaways


This is a great way to get new guests booking or to draw returning customers back to your property! Share a blog post with a discount of some kind, preferably during your low season. Make sure to post it on social media and email it to your client base for the best response.

92. Post special discounts for new guests

Offer special discounts for new guests to attract more guests. Share your offer widely and ask your regular guests to share the offer with their friends and followers.

93. Post special discounts for returning guests

This is a great way to drive loyalty and show your guests that you’re a considerate host who appreciates repeat visits.

94. Give away one free night or a weekend getaway for two

Giveaways are a great way to boost your website’s visits and your vacation rental’s visibility on the market. Make sure to promote the offer far and wide to reach as many potential new customers as possible.

95. Run a competition for best photo

Hold a competition and ask your guests to send you their best picture of the area. Publish the best ones in a follow-up post that you’ll be able to send to all those who submitted pictures.

96. Run a competition for best vacation story

People love telling their own stories. Ask your guests to share their best or funniest vacation story, select the best ones and feature them in a dedicated blog post.

97. Share special offers for Valentine’s

Valentine’s day is a great opportunity for a romantic weekend getaway. Entice potential guests with special offers and make sure to promote them.

98. Share special offers for Christmas

Christmas is a fantastic time of year to travel, and for you it’s a great occasion to gift your customers with special offers.

99. Share special offers for Halloween

Halloween can be such a fun time of the year to travel, especially for families with little monsters! Offer them incentives to come visit your area and stay at your property.

100. Share last-minute offers

In need of both new content and more reservations? Why not share some last-minute offers to push potential guests over the line? It’s a win-win situation!

101. Share bachelor/bachelorette party deals

Bachelor/ette party trips are a great opportunity to drive more guests to your property, so sweeten the deal with a special offer to further tempt them, and write a blog post about it.

Creating quality content is an excellent way to boost your SEO and add value to your website by providing useful information to potential guests. The best thing is that creating content doesn’t have to be a laborious task.

Thanks to this list, you can already add 101 content ideas to your content calendar. Most of them can turn into blog posts while some of them could make for beautiful videos, infographics or even interactive maps. Not only that, but some of the content ideas listed can even be split into many more posts!

So pick your favorites and start writing, taking pictures, filming and compiling. Once you begin and establish a content calendar, you’ll soon become an expert content creator and produce even more ideas easily.

As your business grows and you meet more and more guests, you’ll be inspired to freshen up your content and create even more posts. Remember, the key to crafting good content is to ask yourself what would truly add value to your guest’s experience. Be creative, give yourself a break, and get started on your vacation rental blog!

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