Best Vacation Rental Blogs 2020

Lodgify’s Top Vacation Rental Blog Posts of 2020

To say 2020 has been a chaotic year would be an understatement. However, while it wasn’t the year that we expected, the vacation rental industry has managed to adapt despite the circumstances. By catering to new trends like staycations and workations, owners continue to attract new guests and keep their businesses afloat. 

Even after enduring months of heavy restrictions and a drop in travel, opportunities continue to arise in the hospitality industry. With an increasing interest in niche accommodation and those looking to disconnect from busy city life, we believe that lodging preferences will continue to transform in the future. That said, if we’ve learned anything from this challenging year, it’s that the vacation rental industry is incredibly flexible and capable of adapting! 

With the new year around the corner, we wanted to take a moment and look back at our top blog posts. Whether these resources have helped you run your vacation rental business during this difficult time or have simply inspired you to keep going, we’re glad to have helped.

In case you missed any, here are Lodgify’s top vacation rental blog posts of 2020:

Coronavirus: Cancellations Policies for Your Vacation Rental

Now more than ever, knowing how to professionally manage cancellations can really help your vacation rental business run smoothly. Whether your property is listed on an OTA or your own website, it’s important to be prepared and know what steps to take in the case of a cancellation.

How to Prevent Airbnb Guests from Bringing Extra Visitors

As a vacation rental owner, it’s inevitable that you will deal with guests who don’t follow the rules. By clearly mentioning your guest limit, taking a deposit, and providing a rental agreement, you can enforce these policies and save yourself a lot of stress. 

How to Get Your First Direct Booking in 30 Days

Best Vacation Rental Blog

It can seem intimidating to start your own vacation rental website if you’ve never done it before but there are plenty of resources to make the process easier. Spoiler alert: using a vacation rental management software that provides website templates is a great place to start! If you’re implementing the best strategies to drive traffic to your website, you’ll receive bookings in no time. It’s not an easy task, but that’s why we’ve created a blog post to guide you through the process:

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Your Vacation Rental

We can’t stress enough how important a good marketing plan is. From knowing your target audience to writing the perfect listing descriptions, these strategies will help your business thrive. If you’re human, it’s likely you’ll make some mistakes along the way. But no worries – that’s why we’ve highlighted some of the most common vacation rental marketing mistakes here so you can avoid them:

20 Short Term Rental Courses to Gain Expertise During Lockdown

Along with quarantine came an abundance of downtime and opportunities to learn new things. Thanks to the Internet, there are enough resources online to keep us learning for a lifetime. Whether you’re eager to learn about revenue management, SEO, or social media marketing, there’s something for everyone. Check out this list of short-term rental courses that can help any vacation rental owner maximize their potential.

6 Common Excuses for Not Creating a Vacation Rental Website

Despite the fact that creating a vacation rental website leads to more visibility, higher bookings, and a stronger marketing strategy, many people still come up with excuses as to why they don’t have one. Here are the most common excuses that vacation rental owners have for not creating a website:

How to Market Your Vacation Rental to ‘Workationers’

As a result of the pandemic and the sudden shift towards remote working, the rise of ‘workationers’ has presented a wonderful opportunity for vacation rentals. From creating more workspaces to upgrading to a better internet plan, owners can cater to the needs of this new guest type and continue increasing bookings. Read this blog post to learn how to advertise the changes you’ve made to your property:

7 Tips on Reopening Your Vacation Rental Business

Preparing to re-open your vacation rental after a few static months? It’s important to know how to safely and effectively start up your business again. By focusing on the necessary cleaning protocols, providing a flexible cancellation policy, and updating your website, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for your guests. Remember to always stay up-to-date with government regulations regarding travel!

5 Email Templates That Will Improve the Way You Communicate With Guests

Communicating with guests 24/7 can be exhausting and repetitive for any vacation rental owner. However, whether you like it or not, it’s one of the main factors that lead to a good guest experience. By using email templates to keep in touch with guests, whether it’s for booking confirmations or wishing them well after their trip, you can minimize the chance of human error and ensure high-quality emails every time.

How to Take Professional Photos of Your Vacation Rental

If you’ve ever tried taking photographs of your vacation rental and wondered why they never end up like the ones you see online, we’ve got a few tricks to help you change that! You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get some high-quality photos, all you need is a little patience and guidance. Check out our tips here:

6 Ways Your Vacation Rental Can Use Text Messaging

Best Vacation Rental Blog

With millennials being one of the biggest demographics of US travelers, it’s a good idea to add text messaging to your communication strategy. Not only will this help you appeal to a broader audience, but it’ll also set you apart from your competitors and help minimize your workload.

11 Facebook Groups Every Vacation Rental Pro Should Join

You’d be surprised at how many helpful resources you can find on Facebook related to vacation rental management. These Facebook groups are filled with vacation rental owner and property managers that are eager to share their experiences with you. You can even communicate directly with industry professionals that are willing to help guide you through challenges! No matter what questions you may have – someone will be there to answer them.

How to Increase Vacation Rental Bookings Despite the Outbreak

Enjoy this thorough article on ways to increase bookings despite the current COVID-19 situation. From finding the right software for your business to offering promotions, you can attract new guests while always prioritizing and respecting government guidelines and regulations.

Preparing Your Vacation Rental for the Rise of Traveler Confidence

Best Vacation Rental Blogs

It’s no surprise that people are excited to start traveling again. After months away from family and craving the adrenaline of visiting new destinations, people are looking forward to the future of travel. That said, you can prepare your vacation rental so that when the time comes, you can be fully prepared!

Why Guest Satisfaction Surveys Are Important For Vacation Rental Property Owners

Feedback is always an extremely valuable tool when it comes to managing a vacation rental property. Not only does it help you encounter issues that you might have missed but it also helps to understand the expectations of your guests. By creating a guest satisfaction survey and encouraging your clients to take it, you can prioritize certain changes over others depending on the feedback you receive. Read this blog post to find out more:

How to Market Your Vacation Rental to Domestic Travelers

With international travel on hold, vacation rental owners can keep their business going by targeting domestic travelers. There are different ways to target this audience, such as adjusting your prices, optimizing your content, and offering the right amenities. Find out more about how to market your vacation rental to domestic travelers here:

How To Manage Discounts In Your Vacation Rental Business

You don’t always have to drastically drop your prices in order to offer discounts. There’s an endless list of ideas that can help your vacation rental stand out from competitors without compromising your income. We’re talking coupon codes, free gift baskets, and special packages that can attract those looking for a deal. Take a look at these tips on how to manage and offer discounts:

10 Ways to Build Trust from Guests When You Have Zero Reviews

Building trust from your guests when you don’t have reviews can seem like an extreme sport. While getting a nice collection of positive reviews can take time, there are other steps you can take to gain the confidence of potential clients in the meantime. Read about our top 10 tips here:

How to Hire the Perfect Vacation Rental Cleaners

Best Vacation Rental Blog

It’s not easy finding the right cleaners for your vacation rental property but it’s one of the most important factors leading to happy guests. Hiring the right team can help you save time and provide the best possible experience for your guests, especially in a time where cleanliness is prioritized over everything. Read this blog post to find out how to hire the perfect cleaners:

2021 Travel Trends: What Will the Travelers of the Future Look Like?

Last but certainly not least, we think it’s crucial for all vacation rental owners to know what trends to look out for in 2021. By having an idea of what the future holds, you’ll be able to prepare your business accordingly. Whether that means renovating your home or re-thinking your marketing strategy, it’s always better to be ahead.

There you have it, our top vacation rental blog posts for 2020! We hope these resources have served you well and we look forward to continuing to share our top tips on the industry. Despite experiencing a whirlwind of restrictions and changes this year, we have high hopes for vacation rentals in 2021! 

What was your favorite Lodgify blog post of 2020? Let us know below!

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