Top 11 Facebook Groups Every Vacation Rental Owner and Professional Should Join

Joining Facebook groups with other vacation rental owners, property managers and industry professionals can help motivate and guide you.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs who took the plunge to manage short-term rental businesses before you, as well as many are on the same journey as you. Joining these groups is a great way to network with other professionals and learn from others – anything from revenue management tips to online marketing.

Here’s a list of the top Facebook groups that every short-term rental professional should join:

1. Say No to VRBO Service Fees

Say No to VRBO fees Vacation Rental Facebook Group

Vacation rental owners who are trying to gain more independence from listing sites such as Vrbo will find a like-minded community here. This Facebook group exclusively welcomes discussions about this topic and vacation rental issues in particular. Owners are offered a platform to share their frustrations regarding listing sites and advice about alternative channels for vacation rental owners to market their property. The group already has over 6,300 members and dozens of new posts shared on the daily offering practical business advice.

Admins: Annie Switzer and April Salter

Number of members: 7.015

Link to group:

2. New to Short Term Rentals, Airbnb and Hosting

New to short term rentals, airbnb & hosting Vacation Rental Facebook Group

This Facebook group is for owners and hosts to share their expert knowledge and help inexperienced newbies who are just joining the vacation rental industry. All advice and constructive contributions around the topic of hosting are welcome and everyone is encouraged to partake in discussions and contribute to the community. The group has a proud number of almost 4,500 members and new, helpful posts are published every day.

Admins: Mike Bayer, Tyann Marcink Hammond and Alanna Schroeder

Number of members: 6.604

Link to group:

3. Instagram Huddle for AirBnBs, Tour Guides, Travel Bloggers etc.

Instagram Huddle Vacation Rental Facebook Group

If you’re looking for some tips and tricks on how to upgrade your Instagram game and engage more guests you are sure to find them here. This Facebook group is open to anyone who is involved in the vacation rental industry and interested in sharing their advice on how to tackle vacation rental Instagram marketing.

Admins: Catharine Redden

Number of members: 2.788

Link to group:

4. Holiday Rental Owners Network

Holiday rental owners network Vacation Rental Facebook Group

At almost 800 members, this group is a bit more intimate and personal compared to the others mentioned. It is exclusively for holiday property owners who are searching for tips on how they can generate more bookings for their vacation rental and want to debate the advantages and disadvantages of using booking sites. Within this network, owners can freely support each other, ask for advice and share their own opinions and knowledge.

Admins: Sue Erricker

Number of members: 898

Link to group:

5. Airbnb Hosts UK Chat Group

airbnb uk hosts Vacation Rental Facebook Group

At the time they created the Facebook Group, there weren’t any other groups for Airbnb hosts in the UK. That’s why they decided to create this group! Users will find posts with tips for UK Airbnb hosts.

Admins: Mario Peters and Sandy Bee

Number of members: 3.090

Link to group:

6. Short Term Rental University

Short term rental university Facebook Group

This is a public group for Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO hosts and all Short Term Rental entrepreneurs. The purpose of this group is to help each other grow our short term rental business by sharing ideas, best practices, and asking questions for fellow members to answer in a positive and constructive way.

Admin: Richard Fertig

Number of members: 20.912

Link to group:

7. Hospitality Community

Hospitality Community Vacation Rental Facebook Group

Created by Mark Simpson (Founder of, this group is a place for support and to chat about all things hospitality.

Admins: Mark Simpson

Number of members: 4.466

Link to group:

8. AirBnB / HomeAway / Vacation Rental MasterMind Group

Airbnb mastermind Vacation Rental Facebook Group

This group is a place where vacation rental owners, managers, and service personnel can collaborate, share ideas, and improve their businesses and services.

Admins: Barbie Wilkins, Greg Ory, Denise Curran, Claud Aguirre, Debby Brown and Casey Jones

Number of members: 23.540

Link to group:

9. The Business of Short-Term Rental & Property Management

business of short term rental and property management Facebook Group

This group has been set up for vacation rental owners and managers interested in learning more about starting a property management business and growing it professionally! The goal of their Facebook group is for managers and would-be managers to work as a community and share information.

Admins: Mike Bayer, Heather Bayer, Jason Beaton and Ankita Kaushal

Number of members: 976

Link to group:

10. Vacation Rental World Summit

Vacation Rental World Summit Facebook Group

It’s a private group for VRWS attendees (but it’s also open to other vacation rental professionals) to ask questions, seek help, share thoughts, give feedback and support fellow peers.

Admins: Antonio Bortolotti

Number of members: 820

Link to group:

11. Rental Scale-Up

Rental Scale-Up Vacation Rental Facebook Group

Private Facebook group for the Rental Scale-Up community. They urge users to ask fellow rentalpreneurs, share their own tips. Whether you’re an Airbnb management company, a vacation rental manager, a serviced apartment operator or a homeowner, you’re welcome to join their group.

Admins: Thibault Masson and Baron Jamesson

Number of members: 688

Link to


We’re constantly on the lookout for helpful vacation rental and short-term rental Facebook groups, and we’ll keep sharing them as we find in the future. Have a favorite group or run a group of your own? Share them in the comments below!

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