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How to Market Your Vacation Rental to Groups

In one way or another, throughout history, vacation rentals have always been a top choice for group getaways. Not only can private rentals be a fairly inexpensive option for vacation accommodation, but they also provide a comfier and more communal vacation experience – especially when compared with traditional hotel stays.

If your vacation rental is already suitable for big groups, don’t miss out on appealing to this huge market. Not sure how? Get full occupancy with group renters when you follow these top six tips!

Decide which vacation rental groups to focus on

It may sound obvious, but having a clear picture in mind of who you are trying to entice (and who you are not) can also help groups to make their decision about your property.

So sit down and have a think about which groups are best suited to your vacation rental. They might include some of the following:

  • Multi-generational family reunions/get togethers
  • Groups of close friends visiting for a specific reason (e.g. skiing)
  • Corporate teambuilding trip
  • Sports teams
  • Adrenaline hunters
  • Groups of retirees (local organizations or clubs)
  • Festival fanatics
  • Bachelor/ette parties.

Once you know who your target groups are, consider how you can word a few phrases into your descriptions to appeal to them directly.

Write a great headline

Let your guests know from the outset that your place is perfect for hosting groups, especially if you’re advertising your property on multiple listing sites where there’s lots of competition.

Use the most descriptive language you can – without going over the top. That means adjectives like“spacious” and “expansive” instead of “large”, and any special details that will resonate with group travelers. They’ll love that you’ve gone to the effort to personalize your headline and description to attend to their needs specifically.

Show them how their stay will be

No matter who you’re marketing to, one thing all owners and managers have to do is properly stage photos to show off your home’s amenities and best features.
When you’re doing this to attract group guests, however, you need to step into their shoes and really imagine what they’ll want to see. That might be a photo of the kitchen table set for 12 people and a fresh hamper of breakfast goodies, or another showing enough sun loungers for everybody dotted around the poolside. Taking the time to stage these images will make it much easier for your guest to imagine themselves at your home!

As many groups opt for rentals as a way of saving money when vacationing, the added extra of being able to cook meals at home makes for an even better guest experience. As 87% of guests choose rentals over hotels because of their fully equipped kitchens, this is a market well worth catering to!

Offer irresistible incentives

Anyone who’s ever booked a vacation will know, money-saving deals and special offers can be the decisive factor in choosing one type of accommodation over another.

We’re not saying you have to do this all year round, but offering incentives in the low season can be a great way to secure bookings when you’d otherwise have very little demand. Whether that’s money-off coupons, “kids go free” initiatives or a voucher for a complementary activity nearby included, these can truly help persuade visitors into staying with you over your competitors.

Advertise where your target groups are

Sometimes, the best way to attract your target market is by going directly to the source. Want to attract more families? Then kid-proof your home and list it on niche, family-friendly sites like Clanventure. Want to get more sports teams staying at your place? Pair with local venues and stadiums, get a copy of the fixture calendar and find groups on social media who travel to these events.

There are plenty of innovative ways to get these renters to your home – you may just need to be a little creative!

Publish testimonials from past groups

What better way to convince more groups to visit than using first-hand experiences of past guests. Not only do more travelers than ever rely on online reviews more than personal recommendations, but they can also make or break an opinion about a rental.

Showcasing your best group guest experiences will let future guests know just how perfect your home is for their vacation. And as a result? They won’t be able to resist booking!

It’s easy to get groups booking your rental when you know how! Which groups do you regularly host at your vacation rental? Let us know how you target them in the comments!

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  1. I think, these steps help to find the rental groups easily. Very well said, I agree with all the points and helpful for all the renters who actually looking for this.

  2. Hello, is it possible to limit a Lodgify website to a specific group of people, for example a group defined by Facebook, or a group limited to a professional organization with its own membership rules?

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