Vacation Rental Inventory Checklist Every Host Must-Have
vacation rental inventory checklist

Vacation Rental Inventory Checklist Every Host Must-Have

Your vacation rental is important in delivering a high-quality service to your guests. After all, they picked your property over someone else’s or even a hotel, so you need to do everything you possibly can to prevent them from regretting their decision and leaving a negative review.

At times, this can be quite stressful, as you have other responsibilities such as managing check-in and check-out, cleaning, and advertising your property. After each guest turnover, you need to ensure that everything was left as you expected it to be and that nothing was damaged.

So how do you guarantee that everything is left intact for the next guests? With a vacation rental inventory checklist of course!

Make certain that nothing is ever overlooked or missed. This is the best way to avoid any complaints from your next guests, as you know for a fact absolutely everything was revised!

What is a vacation rental inventory checklist?

A vacation rental inventory checklist is a list in which you go through every item and piece of furniture in your rental to evaluate its condition after your guests have stayed. It allows you to never forget about anything and double-check that nothing has been damaged. By analyzing the state of each item, you’ll feel reassured that nothing has been broken and your next guests will have a pleasant and comfortable stay.

vacation rental inventory template

Picture this scenario: your guests have checked out at 12:00pm, and your next guests arrive at 3:00 pm. That gives you exactly 3 hours, provided that the guests don’t check out late and your next guests won’t arrive earlier. In those 3 hours, you have to not only leave your rental spotless clean, but also check that nothing has been damaged. With the limited time comes pressure, and you don’t want to rush. That’s why having a vacation rental inventory checklist will enable you to go through everything step by step.

The importance of having an inventory checklist

If you’ve experienced theft from guests in the past, or are worried about leaving your home in the hands of a complete stranger, then the vacation rental inventory is essential. Even more so if you’ve had troublesome guests at one time. By having an inventory of all the items and amenities available to your guests, if something goes missing or wanders off, you’ll notice straight away. No more sleepless nights!

This vacation rental inventory checklist is signed by the owner and the guest. Each party acknowledges the list and has an original copy. Both parties must agree to the terms of the document, evidenced by the signatures. If the guest has acknowledged that damage was done, then it will be an easier process in making an insurance claim to replace some items or furniture.

vacation rental inventory list

Similarly, if you charge your guests a security deposit, then the vacation rental inventory checklist is crucial to ensure that nothing has been damaged and your guests can get their deposit back with no problem. You never know what could have actually been damaged at first glance, that’s why the checklist enables you to go through everything thoroughly. Sometimes owners overlook the simple items such as the TV remote or alarm clock. All in all, you need to verify that everything in your rental is faultless.

When it comes to cleaning your rental, as well as going through a cleaning checklist, if something was left dirty, you will be able to differentiate it quicker and clearer from the other things with this checklist. For example, if the towels were stained, you know they need to have a deep clean, or in the case that the stains won’t come out, you know that you have to replace them.

Vacation rental inventory template

Lodgify has created a vacation rental inventory checklist for your property. In this checklist, we have divided the list within the following categories:

  • Kitchen (coffee machine, cutlery, oven, etc.)
  • Dining Room (table, chairs, storage cabinet, etc.)
  • Rooms (pillows, bed sheets, baby crib, etc.)
  • Living Room (Coach, lamps, TV, etc.)
  • Bathroom (towels, WC, bathroom mat, etc.)
  • Others (for you to add yourself)

As well as having categories by room and items, we’ve included ratings in the evaluation form. You can rate each item from very good, good, ok and bad. We’ve also left a space for comments per item, so if something was damaged, you can specify how or which part was destroyed. For example, a coffee jug handle broke off.

Never miss a thing again in your vacation rental! Check if your vacation rental and its amenities are in good condition before and after every guest’s journey with this free printable vacation rental inventory checklist.

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